July Spreadelicious: Good Friends

With 10 days left until the movie Good Friends‘ premiere on 10th July, the leads: Ji Sung, Joo Ji-hoon, and Lee Gwang-soo, are featured in several Korean magazines to promote their movie. It’s a rare occurrence to see these three stars together on one page, so enjoy this while it lasts!

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15 K-Drama Dream Pairings: Secondary Couples That Deserve OTP Status

[Specially written for Soompi’s 15th Anniversary. Thanks a lot, Susan! ;)]

Hello! I am muchadoboutlove, a blogger at the talking cupboard. I’ve been an avid drama watcher since I was young, thanks to my father. Korean drama is my latest obsession and the blog was created to become my drama watching diary. Soompi is one of the earliest sites I frequented when I first got my very own internet connection  and it’s the first forum site I’ve ever registered with under the name kaeruchan (that is my nickname back in secondary school). It’s not too much to say that I got to learn so many things and meet amazing people through the wonderful site that is Soompi. For the 15th anniversary of Soompi, I feel so honoured and flattered to be given this opportunity to write for Soompi.

Have you ever encountered a couple or pairing in a K-drama or a K-movie that wasn’t the OTP (One True Pairing) or the main couple, but you loved this couple as much, or even more than the main couple? I have a few, or indeed, a handful of these pairings that I really wish to see again, paired together in a drama. Since these actors and actresses, who were once second leads, rise to become the main leads nowadays, it can be hard to see them meet again in dramas, but a fan like me can dream…right?

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Five Fingers: New Teasers

After being silent without any news the drama for a while, SBS finally gave us a new teaser for Five Fingers yesterday. This one shows a darker tone of the drama, although the whole ordeal is still a big mystery to me.

There’s another teaser, probably aired before this. It’s pretty much the same with the one above, but with different starting scenes.

Since A Gentleman’s Dignity will end tonight, it’s been confirmed that Five Fingers will have its first episode premiere on August 18th, as stated in the teasers. Let the countdown begin…and we only have 6 days to go till the day!

[credit goes to the uploaders, thanks to Tarits @soompi for sharing these teasers!]

Upcoming Drama Updates #2

Phew! Managed to sneak in between the test, class, and the upcoming presentation to write this post. It’s a waste not to share these new updates despite the busy schedule I have today 🙂

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