Law of the City in New York: Episode 3

The NY Family grew accustomed to their new home and in the previous episode, they got the chance to have real interactions with the people living around them, including the Korean immigrants who had helped them getting hired for the first time in NYC. They were given the opportunity to experience the how of the immigrants were living, working hard while getting used to the foreign surroundings and adapting to the bustling life of the city. New day brings new challenges for them..and a new family member, too! Not to forget, the narrator for today is the future family member, John Park 😀 I like his hearty laugh!

Episode 3 (25.06.2014)

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000043209Episode 3: The Magnificent* Ailee

[*Note: 천군만마 is the Chinese idiom 千軍萬馬, which can be translated as ‘magnificent army with thousands of men and horses’, implying impressive display of manpower.]

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000150049It’s the third day of their stay in NYC and as usual, Kyung-ho started his day with his daily routine of jogging around the neighbourhood. He took a further route today while explaining why he’s so keen on running every morning: rather than feeling that it’s difficult, the routine was still a thrilling experience for him and that made him enjoy it very much. At their house, Chun-hee was the next person waking up,,and he went straight into his work mode, taking out his tools and the planks he picked up with Sung-soo the day before. He’s got the carpenter’s blood running through his veins thanks to his grandfather and he just picked up the skills of making furniture. He enjoyed immersing himself in woodwork, from making drawers to tables, and he even had his own workshop back home! He successfully built a nice table despite the limited resources available.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000178711

Chun-hee was paving his way into the hearts of the ladies (although it remained a fact that he’s a married guy :o) by preparing breakfast for the family, together with Kyung-ho. The menu was cold bibimbap from the leftover rice mixed with various banchan. They added crushed almonds as the substitute for salt but Chun-hee soon thought that they’re crazy to think of a solution like that. LOL! No worries, even John Park was drooling for the mixed rice!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000260360It’s almost noon when they gathered around the new table, so the intended breakfast became their brunch. Everyone was praising Chun-hee for the nice table but then, he reminded them that one side of the table was also the place where the poop was stuck when he found the planks. The side happened to be where Kyung-ho was sitting at but Jin-hee assured him that it had been cleaned thoroughly. Chun-hee made a lid to put the trash underneath the table..but it was open-ended on Kyung-ho’s side. Talk about getting the bad seat at the dining table! They ate their brunch heartily and soon after, Kyung-ho started picking up the rice he dropped on the table…oops! He suddenly remembered what Chun-hee said before and asked whether he’s telling the truth (Chun-hee: You can eat it (the rice that fell on the table)..but I don’t recommend it.”) and he hesitated for a while, but ended up picking every single rice grain he dropped on the table. Hahaha! For someone who lived alone like him, every grain was as precious as gold!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000323022They conducted a morning meeting together with the production team to make plans for the day and the PD highlighted one important thing: in reality, the cast would need temporary worker visa in order for them to apply for jobs and the jobs they secured on their first day were on the basis of documentary purposes, not a real hiring. They would be getting the visas soon and for the time being, they would be provided with daily allowance. It didn’t mean that they could be relaxing around while doing nothing! They checked their email and found out that someone replied to their ads uploaded on Craigslist. They also saw an ad looking for models for a music video. Sounds like a good job! Sadly, they couldn’t contact the person in charge since the person had probably left for work.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000459525Sung-soo wondered if the area had anything like local newspapers and Jin-hee brought out the newspapers she took home the day before. Sung-soo looked through them to find any classified ads for part-time jobs but there were only news in them. The production team teased him, asking if he could understand what’s written there and Sung-soo, in his defense, said that he knew what a classified ads section looked like. Suddenly, they received a message from an author named Kent Nunez and they Googled his name. Instead of asking directly for what type of job he’s offering them, Kyung-ho thought that they should read his books first…for future ‘flattering/bargaining’ purpose. He didn’t really like science fiction and preferred historical novels, but he could work on his smooth talking skills. Haha!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000560293They realized that waiting won’t get them anywhere and it’s better if they headed out themselves for job hunting, but Moon thought of an idea: how about sending some emails before going out? Big hyung suggested that he become some sort of representative agency for them and Moon reminded them that he would have to be paid. LOL cheeky boy, were you trying to negotiate with your elders like Kyung-ho? They all brought out the resumes prepared before they left Korea and uploaded the ads seeking for jobs. They prepared to go out but then, someone called them. It’s a call from a woman speaking Korean, offering them a job at a carpentry workshop. Chun-hee was the most excited person upon hearing the offer but they had to go to the workshop first to see how many workers were needed, since the woman was probably a middle person. They split into pairs: Chun-hee and Kyung-ho were to go to the workshop, Sung-soo and Jin-hee were to search for jobs around the neighbourhood, while Moon was given the task to stay at home, sending emails while waiting for any incoming call. They were so ecstatic to get an opportunity to work at the workshop, but would it be okay to go there without checking with the real boss first?

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000707840Chun-hee and Kyung-ho were in good mood, positive that they would be hired soon. They looked up for the route to the workshop and realized that it was further than the deli Chun-hee went to on the day before. That didn’t stop them and they walked side-by-side while enjoying the view of the city. Kyung-ho was curious about the stairs mounted outside the building and Chun-hee said that they’re the emergency stairs. As expected, he’s the Brain of the family! He also pointed out that NYC was a city where people of various ethnics and races were staying. It’s estimated that more than 800 languages are being used by about 250 ethnic groups living in NYC. They encountered a guy taking his cute bulldog out for a walk and Chun-hee said that the pet was a carbon copy of its owner. HAHAHA! Chun-hee blurted out his broken English, offering to help with the walk and Kyung-ho chimed in with a perfect English, asking if he need a dog walker. They guy had one already thanked them for their offer, in Korean. I bet he’s a regular at Korean shops around there!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000754787

The two brothers walked further down the road and Chun-hee saw something on the pavement: a discarded fireplace cabinet. It was instant attraction for him and he’s thinking of bringing it home. Kyung-ho didn’t really think of doing so and Chun-hee tried to persuade him into agreeing with his idea. In the end, Kyung-ho gave in and they carried the fireplace together. Then, they saw a vintage shop and Chun-hee got an idea to trade something. The owner was more than willing to do so and she admitted that she really liked Korean fashion. She liked Chun-hee’s woodwork (but mistook his name for Metro LOL) and they managed to trade it with a cup and a clock!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000979345They reached their destination at last: Long Islands Industrial Park, but they were having difficulty to locate the address at first. The went into a building, climbed several flights of stairs, and walked through several hallways before reaching the workshop. It turned out to be a workshop owned by Hispanic people and the boss was glad to know that Chun-hee could do sanding and woodwork stuff, but he only needed one worker. Uh-oh! The boss was about to go out and told Chun-hee to come back at 4. Chun-hee had no other choice but to wait while Kyung-ho decided to go back.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001127459Meanwhile, Jin-hee and Sung-soo were walking around the neighbourhood when they saw a group of people doing street photo shoot. Sung-soo approached them and joined the shoot for fun after the production team explained that he’s also a model. He went straight into his model mode…but it’s kind of awkward as it’s been a while since he modeled for something. The representative of the group handed out her name card to Sung-soo and said that she’s interested in working with him since her company produced the clothes that the model was wearing. Well, that was probably how a street casting was done. She really liked him because he’s hot. Hehehe!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001374573

Unknown to the NY Family, someone had arrived at JFK International Airport…and it’s Ailee! She’s courted to become an official Helper for the family and she’s used to NYC since she’s lived in Colorado. Plus, she’s started doing part-time jobs since she was 16 so she would be a great help to them! Ailee herself didn’t have any clue about where they were staying although the sight of the city was a common one for her and she was asked what would be the best job for the cast. Jin-hee might be cast as a model..Moon might be able to utilize his singing ability..but Chun-hee might be a clueless man in the middle. Someone had been watching Family Outing I think 😉

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001495727Chun-hee was currently taking a stroll near the workshop while waiting for the clock to strike 4 and the next thing he knew, it’s already 3.59 PM. Time to run, mister! He darted towards the workshop, only to find out that the boss had not returned yet and he was told to come again 30 minutes later. Awww…he seemed slightly disappointed but what could he do except to wait? He sat on the pavement and said that the situation reminded him of his early days when he first became an actor, ten years ago. He had to wait like that to be given a chance to act and the life in New York City was somehow a reminder to him about his struggle before he reached his current comfortable state. It’s probably the same for the rest of the family, including Kyung-ho, who used to have people following behind him but was left behind by his VJs, who wanted to cross the bridge before it was closed for boat traffic.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001721319

It was almost half past four and Chun-hee thought that he would go up in a few minutes, but then he realized that his watch was wrong. That sent him rushing towards the workshop but the boss was nowhere to be seen. One of the workers said that he might be back by five and Chun-hee, although thinking that his hope was getting slimmer, was willing to wait. Cheer up, because someone had arrived to help all of you! Ailee was approaching the warehouse aka their house and it was unbelievable for her that they’re staying nearby the factories. HA. She remained bubbly and cheerful as she went up to the third floor to meet the rest of the family. However, Moon was the only one home at that moment, busy sending emails and making calls to people looking for part-timers. He was so engrossed in his task that he didn’t realize someone was there and he was taken aback to see Ailee there. What’s even funnier was he totally thought that Ailee was a blonde American who suddenly came over to the house. LOL! He’s too surprised with her sudden appearance and continued the conversation in English until Ailee reverted back to Korean.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001912710After a short ice-breaking session (Moon was one year older than Ailee), they went out and Moon somehow looked different…because he’s dressed to the nines to match Ailee, compared to the tracksuits he worn before. They walked around asking several places if they’re hiring and got a cleaning job at a shop owned by a Korean. Ailee proved to be a great helper with her friendly and easygoing personality, plus her English skills made it easier for her to communicate with other people. The owner of the shop rewarded them after the cleaning was done with mineral water and the much-sought butane gas, thanks to the production team’s secret hint to the owner. They went back home, thinking that the others would be so glad to know about it. No more rooftop fire for dinner later!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002339570Moon and Ailee were informed that Sung-soo and Jin-hee would be coming home soon and they decided to give them a surprise. Ailee chose to hide in Jin-hee’s tent while waiting for them as the two clueless people arrived and told Moon about their modeling stint earlier. Ailee shook the tent and Jin-hee approached it, thinking that it was Kyung-ho, but Ailee gave her a shock and went out to greet them. Sung-soo was glad to hear that Ailee was born in USA and she would have no problem to help them in their quest to find jobs. He said that her presence was like a magnificent army and explained the idiom to her. Ailee was one year older than Jin-hee and Jin-hee was so happy to have a female comrade in the family full of guys.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002468466The unsuspecting Kyung-ho was the next target for the magnificent Ailee and the other three prepared the stage for the ‘show’. He was deeply engrossed in the money talk initiated by Sung-soo and Ailee suddenly emerged from the hanging clothes, giving him a good scare. He never imagined that she would join them but still greeted her warmly. As for the last person to come home, Chun-hee was still at the workshop and he was in utter disappointment that the boss told him to come again on the next day. Awww..he’s really too sad to go home with empty hands since he was hoping to earn something for the family. At least he got the fireplace for the house. Cheer up, Daddy Chun-hee!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002751849The rest of the family was preparing the surprise for Chun-hee and had everything planned just for him. Sung-soo, Kyung-ho, and Jin-hee made use of their acting skills and greeted Chun-hee like baby birds waiting for the mother bird to come home. Chun-hee felt burdened as he couldn’t buy anything to eat for the family and he’s on the verge of tears because of that 😦 Someone please hug this poor guy! They all consoled him and told him to fetch the rice cakes outside, where Ailee was waiting for him. He was too startled with her presence and absent-mindedly ate the bread given by her. Mission accomplished! Chun-hee no longer felt guilty after seeing the food Ailee bought for them since that meant they got something to eat for the day. Sung-soo then suggested that they took another family picture since the one they hung on the wall only had the five of them. That marked the official entrance of Ailee into the family and John Park wished that he would be able to join them soon.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002904534

Ailee had another surprise for them and revealed the butane gas she received as the pay of the work she did with Moon earlier. They were so happy to get it and Chun-hee almost cried. OMG ahjusshi, don’t cry! They thought that they could have their dinner inside on that night and at last, they got to use the burner, but Chun-hee’s face somehow looked dark…It turned out that the burner didn’t fit the gas can since the burner was meant for a bigger type of gas can, while the one they got was for the portable butane gas stove. They were slightly disappointed but laughed over the happening. In the end, they still had to eat outside on that day!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_002969733

The nighttime was their time to rest and do some preparation for the next day, like Kyung-ho practicing his English speech coached by Moon. Although he could copy the pronunciation, he’s still lacking and told Moon to slow down. Haha! Ailee brought out her Pikachu pajamas and they were amazed at her imitation of Pikachu’s voice. The house was filled with laughter as they made a massage train before going to sleep. Jin-hee got herself a new tentmate and all of them went to sleep, ending their third day in Brooklyn..

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003027457It’s their fourth day and they woke up early to start the day. Ailee was playful from the moment she woke up while Jin-hee looked adorably sleepy. The VJ was trying to capture Ailee’s bare face and she tried to shield her face from the camera. Jin-hee joined her in front of the big mirror and the two sisters did their make up while having a girl talk session. Ailee wanted to see how she looked like in front of the camera..but she was surprised to see her face.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003124888Jin-hee did the same thing, even tilting the camera to get the ulzzang angle but she was also surprised to see her slightly puffy face. They tried to negotiate with the production team about editing their faces but Jin-hee eventually gave in, thinking that she’d have to show that side of her to the person she loved. Awww! The sisters were so glad to have each other there: Jin-hee getting herself a big sister and Ailee musing at how cute and delicate Jin-hee was, compared to her easygoing self.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003177607

Moon suddenly approached the sisters with the intention of using the mirror to do his hair. Chun-hee noticed that it wasn’t Moon’s style to wake up that early and teased him for that reason and Ailee joked that it must be because of her. Jin-hee pointed out that he never did his hair in front of her and she’s ticked off that he suddenly started using shampoo and hairspray once Ailee joined them. LOL maknae was so pissed off that Moon didn’t see her as a woman! Moon defended himself, saying that he was busy getting used to the new life and Ailee came right at the moment when he’s started to pay more attention to his look. The rest of the guys also started to manage their appearance…except for the big hyung Sung-soo, who was rolling comfortably in his sleeping bag.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003320216The atmosphere definitely changed with Ailee’s appearance (even the PD noticed that) and Moon suddenly brought out his guitar, while he had never played it at the house before. Jin-hee didn’t accept his excuse and noticed that his face was red when he was being teased by Chun-hee. Oh my, was he falling for Ailee? This is so going to be entertaining to watch! They ate the breakfast prepared by the youngest sisters and Chun-hee remembered about the promise he made with the workshop’s boss. He brought along packed lunch and headed out with good mood, aiming to work hard together at the workshop. What would happen to him??

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003507303Kyung-ho received his English lesson from Ailee and he seemed to put great effort into practicing his lines. The reason? The manager of the building they were staying in (I thought he was the owner ^^;) approached them the day before and told them that his aunt knew some people that might need part-time workers, so he was willing to help them. Kyung-ho and Ailee were to follow the manager, Anthony, to meet those people. It turned out that Anthony was Ailee’s junior in Pace University and he was deeply interested in learning Korean.

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003574771Ailee brought up SNSD and of course, Anthony knew the girl group. Kyung-ho seemed to know that he would surely get teased for it again and yeah, it totally happened. Ailee said that she’s friends with Tiffany and Anthony was like, “Are you friends with them, bro?”, “Are you in that group?”, and “Don’t you like the girls?”. Ailee was having a good time laughing while Kyung-ho was speechless from all the unintentional teasing. Or maybe, Anthony did know about his relationship. Darn it, I’m laughing so hard right now!

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003637000They walked until they saw a few equipment cars and trailers usually seen around filming locations. Anthony explained about the permits they saw around the place and the roads were actually reserved for filming. He also showed them a place where the actors would hang out. A man invited them to see an indoor filming set and they were amazed at the props there, including a slave ship and a wrecked train. Anthony became their temporary job manager, asking if the place had any job openings while they were exploring the place but there wasn’t any. He then offered to bring them to the set of the popular series The Good Wife. The set was worth a million dollar! New York City was the background for countless number of Hollywood movies and Greenpoint was where a number of shooting studios, equipment companies, and production houses were located. The place where they were staying currently was also the home to Broadway Stages! So that sign wasn’t just a sign…

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_003908271Anthony brought them to a building where a production house was located and they were there to meet Jamie (Cowell), one of the production manager for the series Unforgettable. Ailee and Kyung-ho were ecstatic about the idea of meeting someone that might give them a role as an extra. Who wouldn’t want to have a debut in Hollywood? It’s Kyung-ho’s dream to do so and he really wanted to meet Leonardo DiCaprio (he even tried to ask for one chance from the PD :P), but for now, he was more nervous to meet the manager. He practiced his lines with Ailee while waiting for Jamie, They had to go to another place and waited for another one hour before they could meet her. What would be the nervous Kyung-ho’s fate?

Next week: Greenpoint’s secret unleashed, Central Park marathon…and the maknaes’ love story?

도시의 법칙 in 뉴욕.E03.140625.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_000689088Bye bye for now!

4 thoughts on “Law of the City in New York: Episode 3

  1. Thank you so much for translating and doing a review for LotC!! Thank you so much god bless you. LotC fans really appreciate it and thankful. Keep up the good work and have a great day. 😀

  2. Thanks for your review, the show is great 😀
    So excited for what’s going to happen this week ^^

  3. this episode was so sad. you can see the older cast members starting to dispair as the whole cast became depressed from lack of food, hot water, job, etc.

    i seriously commend these cast members for putting up with all this. if this was some american cast members, they’d have packed up already. they wouldn’t be caught dead picking through trash. i think i would die from humiliation if i had to do that.

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