Law of the City in New York: Episode 1

So…some of us might have heard about SBS’s variety show Law of the City back in April when the cast traveled to New York. The program caught my attention because Baek Jin-hee is one of the cast included in the lineup and yeah, I adore her to bits. I tried searching for any information about it on the internet but it was basically nonexistent, probably because the only the first two episodes have been aired and there’s no news about any subbing team picking up the project to be subbed. I thought that it’s good for a change to follow a variety program closely and watch the bubbly Jin-hee displaying her charms onscreen, so I’ve decided to provide a summary of the show. Plus, it’s going to take place in New York, a place where I’ve never set foot on even once, so it’s probably going to be a virtual travel for me.

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