Kim Seon Ho – Harper’s Bazaar October 2019 Interview

One would be looking for his name and searching for his projects after watching him act. That is who Kim Seon-ho is: one who paints, leaves, and shares the biggest trace of himself.

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May Spreadelicious: Wed-Thu Stars

Dramas come and go but some of them stay with us for a long, long time. The previous Wed-Thu battle between Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back, Mister ended in April, and some of the cast are making their appearance on the pages of various magazines this month. I hope this is just the beginning to more pictorials~

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Park Bo Gum and Ryu Jun Yeol for Harper’s BAZAAR China

I don’t really put up pictorials of Korean celebrities featured in Chinese magazines because there are a lot of them (plus I can’t even cover all of those from Korean magazine outlets!) but this time, I’m making an exception for these guys. Both Park Bo-gum and Ryu Jun-yeol enjoyed popularity both in South Korea and China thanks to Reply 1988, so Harper’s BAZAAR China courted them for individual pictorials for the magazine’s May edition. Park Bo-gum couples up with a cat for laid-back shots while Ryu Jun-yeol goes minimalist for a black and white pictorial. Check them out!

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Lee Sang Yoon for Harper’s Bazaar

Not long after Cosmopolitan back in January, actor Lee Sang-yoon is featured on the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar! This pictorial is in anticipation of his upcoming film Insane (the literal translation of the Korean title 날 보러와요 is Come Watch Me) which will be released at the local cinemas on the 7th of next month. It is his first thriller project and from the bleak poster and trailer below, it appears dark from the outset. The movie also stars Kang Ye-won and is about a producer who sets out to find out the truth about a murder case that was made to look like a fire and the sole survivor of the incident.

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Seo Ji Hye for Harper’s Bazaar

This March, actress Seo Ji-hye graces the pages of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine! Donned in various outfits, she shows elegance with class and style 🙂 She starred alongside Jo Dong-hyuk in KBS1 drama Moon and Stars for You which I more or less watched when it aired on the local television. I liked her portrayal as Prosecutor Choi Yeon-jin in last year’s legal thriller Punch – despite having personal ambitions, her unwavering support for the protagonist Park Jung-hwan (played by Kim Rae-won) was admirable and it made me root for her as a character. Now for the pretties!

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