[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 12

What’s the best way to get a Blockhead to notice you? Knock him in the head of course! This episode is pretty much the episode all fans of the blockhead couple have been waiting for! Enjoy~!

Jong-Hee and Mu-Yeol wait outside the hospital room for Eun-Jae to come out, Jong-Hee looks a bit sad as she thinks back to how Eun-Jae was crying earlier and Mu-Yeol carried her. Mu-Yeol finally speaks and comments how Eun-Jae should have told him he was hurt. Jong-Hee asks if Eun-Jae cried  because she was hurt and her inference is if she cried because of Mu-Yeol. Being the true blockhead  that he is, Mu-Yeol says of course Eun-Jae cried because she got hurt.

Eun-Jae limps out and tells them that she has no broken bones. She mutters a complaint of how Mu-Yeol dragging her to the hospital is just troublesome because now she has to go back and forth. Mu-Yeol goes to support her and asks her if she cried because she was hurt, Eun-Jae said yes, it hurt a lot before and Mu-Yeol mouths to Jong-Hee that he was right. Aish, that blockhead.

Episode 12: Someone has noticed! Appeal Play.

Appeal play – if a player passes a base without touching it, the opponent must appeal it in order to call it an out. Even if a 100 people notice it, but the opponent doesn’t, it’s no use.

Mu-Yeol drops off Eun-Jae and Jong-Hee’s about to open her door to help Eun-Jae, but Mu-Yeol beats her to it. He gives her advice to prevent it from bruising. Eun-Jae still can’t look him in the eye and grumbles what does it matter if it bruises. So true, her heart’s already bruised, Blockhead Mu-Yeol! Anyways, she rushes him to leave stating that there could be trouble if her dad saw him.

Eun-Jae walks home to see Chang-Woo folding the laundry and he asks her to take her clothes in. Can I marry this guy? Look at the way he folds them all so neatly!!

Ahjussi stands out in the cold and watches his ex-wife tend the flowers. He musters up the courage to go in and asks the reason  why she abruptly ended things.

Mu-Yeol helps Jong-Hee carry her new art supplies in and is happy that she recovered so quickly. Mu-Yeol tells her that he would have sent her back to England if she was still sick, even if he had to force her and she would hate her forever. Because he would rather see her angry at him than hurt. Jong-Hee tells him to leave because she’s okay now, but he doesn’t want to. She wants him to because if he keeps treating her like a child, she’ll keep acting like one and they’ll just get tired of each other like last time. Yay, Jong-Hee is maturing! Mu-Yeol leaves, but not without telling her to keep the door locked until Eun-Jae comes.

In the morning, Dong-Ah plays with her pet and Eun-Jae wakes up  to find her Ahjussi and Chang-Woo cooking breakfast. I love how the guys in this family do the housework. Eun-Jae asks Ahjussi when he came home and he asks her if she met with the mom. Eun-Jae asks how he knew and if the mom called him; she tells him not to worry because she won’t ever see her again. That’s not what Ahjussi wanted to hear so he sighs dejectedly.

Eun-Jae walks out and starts conversing with Dong-Ah about Dong-Ah’s injuries and her resurrection. She asks if Tae-Han called yet and Dong-Ah says no. Eun-Jae advises her to call first, but she doesn’t want to. Eun-Jae thinks it’s because she wants Tae-Han to take the initiative, but that’s not it, she’s scared she’ll be attached to him and be hurt when he’s not there. Therefore, she should only get into the relationship when she’s ready. That’s also the reason why she only pets Gom, the dog, once a day. She stops petting Gom and smiles that she petted him too much this time, Eun-Jae knows that there’s still something wrong even though she’s smiling.

Eun-Jae meets with Tae-Han personally and he thinks she wants to talk about Jong-Hee, but she’s actually here to talk about Dong-Ah. He doesn’t seem too happy to be on that topic, but Eun-Jae thinks he misunderstood Dong-Ah. She knows that Dong-Ah jokes around in a serious situation, but it doesn’t mean she’s not serious about it. If she’s serious about it, it becomes too serious and…Eun-Jae can’t really explain it well. She decides to go straight to the point, is he not  going to make up with Dong-Ah? Tae-Han can’t handle her uniqueness anymore and although it was a good thing at first, he doesn’t like it how she kept laughing and talking away even though she was so close to dying.

Eun-Jae speaks up that Dong-Ah wasn’t excited about that situation, she was actually really terrified and she didn’t want to think about it anymore so she distracts herself and talks to a person near her. Tae-Han seems speechless. When Dong-Ah’s parents died suddenly, Dong-Ah did the same thing until she collapsed from exhaustion because if she didn’t, she would have gone crazy from grief. This is why she likes books more than real life because if it happens in books, it doesn’t matter. Mr. Robot uses the blockhead jerk combo move! He asks Eun-Jae what can he do? She should get treatment for that kind of trauma and gets up to walk away. It’s super effective as Eun-Jae sits there frustrated.

The housekeeper goes to Mu-Yeol’s apartment to work and while he’s showering, she breaks into his cellphone and looks at his contacts and messages. She flips through his diary and comes upon a sentence he wrote of whether he should send Jong-Hee back to England. She opens the door for Kevin and Mu-Yeol thought it was Jong-Hee. The housekeeper fixes his collar and asks if Jong-Hee’s okay and gives false sympathies. Mu-Yeol tells her that Jong-Hee recovered fast and finds Jong-Hee at the door with Eun-Jae.

Mu-Yeol keeps looking at Eun-Jae through the rear view mirror while he’s driving and he asks her if her leg is okay. Eun-Jae replies with yes and Jong-Hee offers her chocolate, but Kevin discourages Eun-Jae from taking one. Jong-Hee feeds one to Mu-Yeol as Eun-Jae watches this occur. Jong-Hee asks him where they are going and he replies to shop and eat plus he heard some fools wrote a book. As he says the last part, he eyes Eun-Jae with a smile.

They arrive at the mall and at the sight of the huge Seagulls posters, Eun-Jae starts smiling and slightly hyperventilating. The Seagulls are there for the signing of their book: “Standing on the Mound.”  Jong-Hee tells him that she’ll go shopping and Mu-Yeol asks why? He tells them to go to the fan signing together and Eun-Jae encourages that because she wants to attend the fan signing too. Jong-Hee doesn’t want to because it’s not fun. It’s not going according to Mu-Yeol’s plan, but it turns out that way anyways as Eun-Jae tags Kevin in to bodyguard Jong-Hee.

The cameras are flashing rapidly as Mu-Yeol goes to greet and congratulate the players. He introduces Eun-Jae to them and she’s just giggly and happy. She hits Mu-Yeol in joy and Mu-Yeol smiles at her radiant expressions. Meanwhile, Jong-Hee is shopping.

As the Seagulls pitcher is signing something for her, Eun-Jae praises him.

Eun-Jae: You’re so cool.

Pitcher: Thank you.

Mu-Yeol’s thoughts: Where is he cool?

Eun-Jae: Everything about you is so cool!

Mu-Yeol’s thoughts: Aigoo.

Eun-Jae: Next year, we have to win.

Mu-Yeol’s thoughts: Impossible.

Haha! Karma.

The pitcher recognizes her as the Blue Seagull and she’s ecstatic that he remembers her. He offers to take a picture with her and she quickly drags Mu-Yeol in as the camera guy. She happily clings onto the pitcher as she does her cute pose. He purposely takes a bad picture and Eun-Jae tells him to take a second one just to make sure it looks good, but he refuses. He leaves and she has to follow; when she checks her phone, she gets sad over the terrible picture and tries pulling Mu-Yeol back there so she can get a better one. However, Mu-Yeol tugs her away like she’s a little kid as she complains.

Jong-Hee’s looking at running shoes and she sees the interaction between the two with Eun-Jae telling him that she did a cute pose not an ugly one like he said. Mu-Yeol pushes her head and tells her to get away from him in a playful way. She continues to flashback to the night of the whole fight and how Eun-Jae was shoving Mu-Yeol away as she walked.

Mu-Yeol scolds her for being distracted while being a bodyguard and Kevin takes it seriously and apologizes on her behalf. Mu-Yeol tries to stop him from apologizes and Jong-Hee observes this silently while she tries on the shoes. Jong-Hee tells Mu-Yeol to tie the shoelaces for her – wait, what happened to not acting like a child? I guess girl’s gotta protect what’s her. Eun-Jae tries not to care about how Mu-Yeol treats Jong-Hee like a lady.

When Eun-Jae and Jong-Hee get straight to Jong-Hee’s apartment, Jong-Hee becomes direct and asks how long Eun-Jae has liked Mu-Yeol and why she didn’t confess to him. She asks this banmal (informal speech) which means she likes Eun-Jae. Eun-Jae denies all this once she sees Jong-Hee’s ring and pretends to be ignorant. Jong-Hee tells her to leave it then because if she doesn’t confess, it means she doesn’t like him that much.

Jong-Hee leaves for her art room and Eun-Jae gets up to leave. Before she does, she straightens Jong-Hee’s shoes (a sign that Eun-Jae likes her as well) and comments about what does she know and why Jong-Hee spoke to her informally even though Jong-Hee is younger than her. In her art room, Jong-Hee starts painting with a blank stare on her face.

Reporter Go and Tae-Han go to the bar that Yoon-Yi works at because they should try getting some information one more time even if Tae-Han decides to stop doing this. At the bar, the madam talks about Dong-Ah and how she was weird from the start. She’s annoyed that Dong-Ah didn’t call in to tell them she wasn’t coming. Yoon-Yi plays the good boy and defends Dong-Ah, saying she must have a reason. The madam dotes on Yoon-Yi and leaves. Reporter Go and Tae-Han sit down at the bar and Tae-Han starts with a bit of anger in his expression.

Yoon-Yi denies knowing anything and Reporter Go plays along with him and asks him there must be someone around him connected Mu-Yeol even if he never met Jong-Hee or seen the pictures of the eyes being stabbed out. Reporter Go tries to convince Yoon-Yi to figure it out while Tae-Han stays silent. Reporter Go says Yoon-Yi will have no harm to him, but Yoon-Yi counters that there’s no benefit either. Reporter Go switches to threatening Yoon-Yi with the recording of the bar room incident, but Yoon-Yi doesn’t believe that he has the file. Yoon-Yi asks them to leave because he’s much busier now that the lady in the kitchen quit. This does it for Tae-Han and he gets up to slap Yoon-Yi with the pink gloves. Ooh, it’s a duel!

Tae-Han: It’s war. You, terrible guy.

Reporter Go prevents Tae-Han from doing anything more.

Tae-Han: Is that all you have to say to that woman? She quit suddenly?! Do you know how much you scared her?! Because of you, that woman –

Reporter Go drags him away from the bar. Mr. Robot does have a heart and wow did he raise his voice! Reporter Go, you should have a recording of this moment.

Madam asks what happened, but Yoon-Yi doesn’t tell her, instead, he broods angrily. Reporter Go is a bit disappointed in the way Tae-Han acted because they needed Yoon-Yi’s cooperation. Tae-Han apologizes and Reporter Go uses his sleuthing skills to deduce that the woman he was referring to was Dong-Ah. Tae-Han doesn’t respond and tries to keep himself from overheating.

Su-Young and her mom are going to visit Jong-Hee and Su-Young tells her there’s no point. She also asks why her mom changed her classes. The mom said the director changed it which is the same thing. She’s trying to make it easier for Su-Young and there still seems to be some disappointment left in her mother for her quitting art.

Jong-Hee’s in her room drawing eyes all over the canvas and she has this face that is devoid of any emotions. After sketching them, she starts painting. Eun-Jae greets Su-Young and Su-Young’s mother at the door. Su-Young is surprised Jong-Hee’s drawing again after her proclamation that she wasn’t. The mother says she can’t just quit like that with her talent. The mother takes one look at Jong-Hee’s drawing and knows something is wrong. She tells Su-Young to take note of it. The mother wants to display Jong-Hee’s art that hasn’t been seen in public and Su-Young listens to all this dejectedly. She tells them that she has class and leaves. Her mother is disapproving as she leaves.

Su-Young gets into the elevator, but she can’t contain her exhaustion anymore and gets dizzy. Fortunately…or unfortunately, the housekeeper was on her way to throw out trash so she helps support Su-Young. The housekeeper takes her to Mu-Yeol’s apartment and gives her some water, she starts saying things that strike Su-Young right in the heart. She knows how Su-Young feels, how she wants to blame someone for making her feel hurt when she’s the most wronged one and how it feels to have no one to tell her troubles to. As she says this, Su-Young breaks down into tears and the housekeeper pulls her into a hug with a face that lacks sympathy at all. Kudos to her for trying to reel another into the darkside.

Jong-Hee is still painting her creepy artwork full of eyes as Eun-Jae starts doing sit-ups. She gets a call from her dad who wants her to meet someone tomorrow and Eun-Jae’s excited that she’ll meet her dad’s girlfriend. Jong-Hee runs out of the room and randomly bites Eun-Jae, telling her they should have a party. She calls up Mu-Yeol so the three of them can go grocery shopping and at the store, she tries all the samples (haha).

Mu-Yeol wonders what’s got Jong-Hee in such a happy mood and Eun-Jae tells him that she’s not sure, but Jong-Hee has gotten more aggressive. The proof? Her bite wound that she tries to point out to Mu-Yeol.

The housekeeper is surprised to see them come back with groceries and asks what they are making, Mu-Yeol tells her Jong-Hee will make it all so she doesn’t have to do anything. She watches as Jong-Hee takes on her role of cooking for Mu-Yeol and dons her apron. The housekeeper gets to leave early which she isn’t happy about. Jong-Hee gives Eun-Jae the onions to cut and it seems she really does like Eun-Jae.

Dong-Su is at a computer class, trying to learn how to use the computer and Su-Young is there to pick him up after the class is over. He offers to drive it to Mu-Yeol’s place.

Mu-Yeol is worried about Jong-Hee even in the kitchen and Eun-Jae’s busy crying over peeling onions (hahaa). Jong-Hee asks Eun-Jae to pass the sauce over and Mu-Yeol offers to take it. Eun-Jae doesn’t want to play the weak girl role and struggles stubbornly with the jar until it opens. They watch her continuous struggle and when the jar gives in, she celebrates and Mu-Yeol ruffles her hair. Jong-Hee watches this curiously and with a hint of jealousy.

Su-Young and Dong-Su join them and praise Jong-Hee for cooking this all by herself and Eun-Jae said  that she helped too. Jong-Hee counters that all she did was open a jar and pouts. For once, Eun-Jae joins them in their group (yay!). Eun-Jae announces how she met Son Dong Ryul (the pitcher). Meanwhile, at the housekeeper’s place, she eats alone and watches television in the dark. They play rock-paper-scissors to see who washes the dishes and Eun-Jae loses. Everyone avoids eye contact because they don’t want to do the dishes and Mu-Yeol gets picked by Eun-Jae.

Jong-Hee walks into the kitchen, to see the two goofing around while washing the dishes. She watches this sadly and when the two come back with fruits, she has an announcement. She wants to start over with Mu-Yeol; Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae both don’t look ecstatic about this and the married couple watches this all awkwardly. She was going to think about it longer, but she decided against that and plus she feels a bit anxious, she says the last part while eyeing Eun-Jae who is trying to distract herself by cutting an apple. Mu-Yeol turns to gauge Eun-Jae reaction, but she’s avoiding eye contact. Before he can answer, Su-Young’s stomach starts hurting and so Mu-Yeol takes the married couple to the hospital.

Jong-Hee wants to know what Eun-Jae thinks Mu-Yeol will say. Eun-Jae points out that they are a couple already hence her wearing the couple ring. Jong-Hee tells her honestly that it’s just a ring that she likes and she didn’t even want to give it back when they broke up. She had a hard time finding it again (hahahha!).

Dong-Su tells Mu-Yeol the baby will be okay and Mu-Yeol sighs in relief. They sit at the hospital and Dong-Su teases him for being proposed to by a girl and Mu-Yeol replies that what he just said was gender discrimination. Dong-Su wants to know how Mu-Yeol feels about all this and he’s not even sure himself. Mu-Yeol tells him how he and Jong-Hee vandalized a wall with Jong-Hee’s painting. He wrote on there that he was born to meet and love her which causes Dong-Su to laugh at the cheesiness. Mu-Yeol did mean it though and though it was fate or destiny. Even when they broke up, he felt it wasn’t over and now that he met her again, he realizes that they did break up.

Eun-Jae goes to visit Dong-Ah who’s busy reading a book. She asks if Dong-Ah got a call from Tae-Han and she did. I demand to know why we didn’t get to see that part. Anyways, Eun-Jae tells her that love’s really hard. She tells Dong-Ah how confident Jong-Hee is and says she’s like a pitcher who throw a fastball straight at the batter. Dong-Ah says she’s like that too, forward with her emotions, but Eun-Jae thinks she just throws the ball everywhere (hahaa). Eun-Jae changes the topic and excitedly announces how she’s meeting her dad’s girlfriend tomorrow. Dong-Ah wants to go too for the food and Eun-Jae tells her that’s not the point. The point is that a devotional 20-year love can also change which gives her hope. Eun-Jae worries if Dong-Ah is really okay.

The next day, Eun-Jae helps Chang-Woo tuck in his shirt so they can make a good impression on the girlfriend. She’s really nervous about this. Chang-Woo was nervous too since he was scared the girlfriend might have tattoo eyebrows which he has an irrational fear of (pffft). Eun-Jae doesn’t care how the woman is like as long as she lives with her dad (aww). Ahjussi bring in his ex-wife who doesn’t know her kids are here; Eun-Jae’s face drops, but Chang-Woo still doesn’t recognize who it is. He happily greets his mom and compliments her on her beauty.

Eun-Jae runs off with the dad chasing after her. She’s in disbelief that he still meets his ex-wife even after all the trouble and pain she put them through. She wanted her dad to meet someone else and storms off.

Meanwhile, things are a tad awkward back at the restaurant. Chang-Woo tries to make an excuse for Eun-Jae and only realizes that the woman is their mom when she introduces herself as Eun Ji-Sook. Eun-Jae’s at her workplace punching the punching bag to relieve her anger.

Mu-Yeol pictures his life with Jong-Hee: them getting married, having a baby, and living together with more children. It seems like a happy life and he’s wondering why he’s hesitant. He gets a call from Eun-Jae who’s frustrated at how life is not working out the way she wants it to. Mu-Yeol heads over to the office and watches as Eun-Jae works out. She takes out her frustration on all the things that have happened this episode from meeting her mother to Jong-Hee asking Mu-Yeol to start over again.

Mu-Yeol hands her a towel once she finishes and wanted to see her in hopes that he could be simple and ignorant like her. Admit it, you just want to see her (heh). They both don’t what to reveal what has troubled them and they decide to have a little boxing match. Eun-Jae was reluctant at first because she doesn’t want to see him cry after being hit. But after insulting her, the match starts. She wants him to wear a cup (haha) but he flings it away and warns her ahead of time that he won’t go easy.

The loser has to do what the winner wants so they both start taking hits to each other…well more like Eun-Jae is hitting him as he struggles to get her. After a few minutes, Eun-Jae is in his arms after trying to hold onto him and stays there to take a break. She pushes him away and he is about to hit her when he freezes, realizing that he might have feelings for her. Eun-Jae takes this opportunity to strike him and he gets knocked out. Dancing around him aren’t stars, but Eun-Jae as he keeps thinking about all the times he’s been with her.

She wonders what’s wrong with him when he smiles while he’s unconscious. He asks what her wish is and it can be anything that would create a scandal. Her wish is that he would love her back, but doesn’t say it. Instead, she wishes that he’ll tie her shoelace for her. He can’t believe he’s wasting her wish on that, but he does it anyways. Out of curiosity, he asked what he would have wished for and he said that when they play the Blue Seagulls, she would cheer for the Red Dreamers. He doesn’t tie the other shoelace and tells her he’ll do it next time.

Jong-Hee’s eye obsession is still there as she paints more eyes. Su-Young is painting a self-portrait, but at the thought of Jong-Hee’s frivolousness and carefree attitude, she starts getting angry thus painting her self-portrait’s eyes reddish. Woo-Young walks in on this and is scared at the expression his mom had and comforts her with a hug. He tells her to tell him everything so he can make it okay and the baby was scared of her expression just now too. Aww kids are so sweet sometimes.

While Dong-Su’s eating, Su-Young asks what he thinks about living in the countryside. She can teach art at a little school, he could teach kids how to play baseball, and Woo-Hyeon would play there freely. They won’t have to worry about being compared to someone else. Dong-Su misunderstands it as her having a hard time adjusting  to him not being a pro baseball player anymore and he tells her to hang it there, totally missing the feelings of Su-Young. She doesn’t say anymore and just smiles.

In her dark creepy house, the housekeeper starts to write on the back of Jong-Hee’s picture. Su-Young’s feeling under the weather so Dong-Su takes Woo-Young to school. She gets up from bed and pours herself a cup of hot water. She notices a white envelope on the floor and opens it to find a picture of Jong-Hee eyeless. Su-Young steps outside and finds no one  there. Going back inside, she flips the picture over to find the question: “Who’s the bad one now????”

[END of Episode 12]

There she is. The stalker is trying to bring someone onto her side. She must be one of the most fortunate stalkers around, with ability to carry out her ‘mission’ smoothly and easily while talking advantages of people around her subject, Mu-Yeol. But still, she’s a creepy stalker to me. It just satisfies me to see her being upset when Jong-Hee wears her apron and literally takes over her position in the house beside Mu-Yeol. Serves her right.

I’m glad Su-Young is finally given a chance to shine on her own accord. I mean, she’s the second lead alongside Dong-Soo but there are some episodes where they were completely missing from the screen. Her character is somehow lacking in development and I’m happy she’s now back in the focus, just like the earlier episodes.

She’s the model woman on the outside: pretty mother with loving family and amazing skills, but deep down, she’s a normal woman trying to be perfect. I won’t hate her if she decides to do something bad, because that will proves that she’ll change instead of dwelling with the hurtful comments from her own mother who keeps comparing her with Jong-Hee (awful mom! grrr). It’s not because I hate Jong-Hee or anything but I’d like to see Su-Young getting over the jealousy thing.

She keeps too much things to herself and seldom shares them with Dong-Soo or anyone else. When her husband’s career ended, I realize that Su-Young always compare his and her fate with Mu-Yeol and Jong-Hee’s. They’re so close but so different. As much as she tends to be sad and lonely, she also has her son who is always there to comfort her. If she does decide to jump onto the bad side, I hope she’ll not be too engulfed in her jealousy and somehow will return to her cheerful self for the sake of her family.

I do think that this episode is mostly about family and love. Eun-Jae’s unexpected family reunion is a tearjerker,at least for me. The fact that Chang-Ho doesn’t even recognize his own mother is just heartbreaking. Oh, it’s his own mother! He must be so small when she left him. That just makes me imagine how hard it was for their family to cope and it’s probably the reason why Eun-Jae finds it is hard to accept her mother back into the family.

And for the love progress…

I love how they look like husband and wife here, no more looking like buddies or sparring partners. Eun-Jae’s knock on Mu-Yeol’s head is a big help this time. Why she didn’t do that earlier? Hehehe. Now she got him to realize his real feelings and he’s starting to feel what Eun-Jae has experienced before this. There are some nice moments of reversal, for instance when Eun-Jae meets her idol (and his enemy) Seo Dong-Yol and gushes over Seagulls’ amazing skills while Mu-Yeol frets about it to himself.Not to forget, Eun-Jae is pure adorable in every scene. My favorite moment of her? When she hugs the player for the picture. So cute.

Final rant, saved for Mr Robot: I know you still like her, no matter how weird she is. After all, she’s your Battery..so go and grab her soon! 😉

~for those who are wondering, this has been muchadoboutlove writing the afterthoughts. Sorry if I write too long! hihihi..


15 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 12

  1. I have never commented in any blog before but the pure awesomeness of this episode makes me break my “rules”.
    1) manager Gim smacking the bartender- it is so sudden
    2) Chang ho face upon realizing its his mother
    3) and of course any scene between Gullhead & Blockhead

    Thank you for wonderful recap.

    1. Whoo! glad we’re the first blog you commented on!! 😀

      1) that was much needed. finally mr.robot shows some anger! i was waiting for him to explode *dong-ah’s evil laugh*
      2) ahhh that was so heartbreaking!! the poor child!! </333 it probably hurt the mother too that he didn't recognize her or not?
      3) hehehehe the blockhead couple! <3333

      thank you for reading ^^

  2. thanks for the recap. you may marry Chang Ho and never have to do laundry for the rest of your life

    my favorite episode of wild romance!
    Love the book signing event scene. I love how EJ became all giddy and starstruck like a fangirl, And how MY shows tiny bits of jealousy that she is showing attention to somebody else. And how cute that MY planned this outing to cheer up EJ.

    If Mr. Robot didn’t get angry with Yoon Yi, I might be the one hitting his head with something for his earlier statements. But i’m glad his just weird but not a jerk.

    And I love the boxing scene. I kept replaying it and the smile pasted on Lee Dong Wook’s face was priceless. How can he be so damn gorgeous???

    And yey, FINALLY the romance is kicking it.
    Thank you for the recaps, love revisiting ep 12 again while waiting for tonight’s episode.

    1. hahahha i would live like a queen! :DDD

      hehe it’s sooo cute when MY panics after JH says she doesn’t want to stay at the fansigning! EJ and him went into defcon mode hahhaha i was glad that MY finally put on a jealous face, i was hoping for the appearance of the judo senior who liked EJ though. It would have been a hoot to see that since we saw EJ depressed for like four+ eps!

      mhmm! same here! as much as i love the actor who plays yoon yi, yoon yi’s character need a bop to the head! and how awesome is it that mr. robot slapped him with the glove like an old fashion challenge?! hahaha

      hehehehe it was sooo cute! he really needed that wake up call?! seriously! it’s inhuman for a person to be that gorgeous, it should be illegal1 ><

      yup the romance which we have all been hoping for, i hope it doesn't disappear!

  3. thank’s for recaping..I enjoy it much..^^ although this drama in KBSWorld have just been aired until ep.8. But knowing the developement of this drama getting better makes me happy. I like LeeDongWook. So,when I know the drama has bad ratings make me sad..:(
    Btw, It just 3 episodes more..but where’s the Wild Romance?? I want the wildness among MYandEJ..:p
    thank you once again..:)

    1. haha i know how you feel! kbsworld is so lagging it! they should air it the same time as korea does haha! 😀
      the development is amazing, such a shame it gets such low ratings! D:
      i know right? i see the wild, but I don’t see the romance! >___<
      LOLOLLLLL i miss their cute fights, i want that again! D:
      hehe you're welcome and thanks for reading~!

  4. heey 🙂 do you know what the song is called that they use ind the boxing sence when he realize his feelings?

  5. Hi everyone!! Anyone know the song title and artist that plays during the boxing when MY freezes and EJ knocks him out? Sounds a bit like Hongki’s voice and style but someone somewhere commented that they thought it was CNBLUE. I can’t find it among the ones of theirs I’ve heard but their discography is huge so it may be just that I haven’t come across it yet. If anyone recognizes it and can identify it for me I’d be eternally grateful! I really want to learn it! It’s such a ‘happy’ song! If you have an answer or even a good hint can you please drop me a line to: eves_mailbox at yahoo.ca Kamsahamnida

    (yes… I learn to sing all my favourite songs in Korean and no… I’m not Korean… just wish I was! I think I may have lived a previous life in South Korea… 🙂

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