Teenage Joseon F4 – High Cut Vol 70

Please tell me this is not a dream! Yes, High Cut is brilliant enough to attract people through the easiest way: identify what people are addicted to right now and use that for raking in their profit. All of it, thanks to the one who suggested the idea to the magazine, The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘s fans are having their dreams to become a reality! The child (I think it’s more suitable to call them teenage) actors are back, but no longer donning their sageuk garbs.

They are all turning into a ‘real’ flower boys, or boys wearing flowery hats. From the left: Siwan (Heo Yeom), Yeo Jin-Gu (Lee Hwon), Lee Won-Geun (Woon), and young Lee Min-Ho (Prince Yangmyung). This photo shoot are for Vol 70 of High Cut magazine.

Their characters in the drama have all grown into their adult counterparts, but the foundation laid by these young actors are so solid and even giving some stress to the actors who have taken over their roles. Well..I might be one of the fans of the adult actors, but the teenage actors have done a very spectacular job and they deserve the praise and limelight. Sometimes I do miss their presence in the drama, but to have some glimpses of them inside the adult actors and this photo shoot makes me happy.

Jin-Gu! The hair~! And is that eyeliner? One thing for sure, if he’s keeping his pace like this, he’s surely going to be the next sageuk hero and noona killer. Maybe in the next few years, we are going to see him in another sageuk, this time playing the adult version of the hero. If possible..Kim Yoo-Jung as his love interest? I’ll look forward to it.

Dear Siwan…no matter what you choose (or the coordi noona tells you) to wear, you’ll always be adorable. Ahjumma-looking or not, you’re still the pretty boy Heo Yeom to me. I’m not paying so much attention to kpop scene nowadays, part of it thanks to my growing kdrama addiction, but to learn that he’s actually 25 amazes me. That means..I’m younger than him? Yeay! He doesn’t have that much experience in acting, but he proves that he can act. I still find it’s unbelievable that this ZE:A member is 25. He has such a youthful face.

As for Woon (yeah, I like to call him that!) and young Min-Ho, their single shots are not there yet..but I believe High Cut will release them soon! Hihihi~

source : High Cut


9 thoughts on “Teenage Joseon F4 – High Cut Vol 70

  1. The Korean are so young looking. If they do not tell you their age I don’t think anyone can guess what it is. They must take really good care of their skin since birth or something. Or is it the air in Korea?

    1. Yeah, I totally agree with you! Even 30-something men and women don’t look their age at all! I’d really like to think it’s from their culture to take care of their skin and not something else. hehe. but some of them do have pretty skin, almost too pretty to be true (o.o)~*

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