Spazzing Around #2

Looks like this is the final week of Protect the Boss (sobs) and the next contender for Wed-Thu drama, Tree with Deep Roots will begin airing on 5th October. Young King Sejong doesn’t let go of this opportunity to pay a visit to DN Group and it turns out that he’s on good terms with both of the chaebols! A potential bromance? Bring it on!

Joong-Ki visited the set and took some pictures with Jaejoong and Ji Sung. He looks so close with both of them!

>///< cuteness all over my screen

Not so long ago, Jaejoong updated his twitter with his picture holding a spoon..

His eye is hurting..poor Jaejoong, hope you get well soon!

Remember this?

Royal Couple FTW!

But Mu-Won doesn’t want to let Eun-Sul go!

LOL he looks like a little lost puppy who doesn’t want to let go of his newly found master!

Our capable boss Ji-Heon~

*sniff* I think I’ll miss them. It’s ending tonight!

Such a happy, adorable, close, and crazy casts! T^T

source: Twitter – SBS_BOSS & mjjeje


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