A Love/Hate Relationship

Love to see them together, but hate to see them apart.

Sometimes, the word ‘extension’ just serves as an alternate meaning of ‘lagging the story’ for me. Some might view it from a positive angle: more episodes means more time to ogle at your favorite actors or actresses, but for me, more episodes means a stretch of story line that may include unnecessary actions and probably, extensive amount of angst in between. Protect the Boss might be one of the few which survived from the negative effects, although there are some points that aren’t that necessary but included, thanks to the extension. Now I sound like someone who despise it so much but most of the time, it does mean bad news.

Leave the word aside: the story now take a different turn, right into a world with less laughter and a little bit of angst coming in.

With DN Group falling apart at some parts, it’s not only Chairman Cha that experience the biggest blow: it’s Eun-Sul and Ji-Heon, with their relationship status hanging on the air. Well, people might be blaming Eun-Sul for keeping all the things going on from Ji-Heon, but remember the title, and remember what is Eun-Sul’s strongest quality: she’s someone who act with her brain, and not with her fists alone.

We can clearly foresee what will happen if she tells Ji-Heon about it earlier: he’ll go to Chairman Cha, throwing a fit while demanding why he did all the secret funds. Instead of smoothing things out, he might cause another problem, and Eun-Sul surely thinks about this before she decides to keep all about it to herself, although she isn’t that pleased to be involved in all the mess.

The bad effect of extension is practically exposed when there are too much scenes with Eun-Sul whining about her decision and Ji-Heon demanding to know what she’s hiding from him. It’s a great formula for creating some amount of angst but for a happy couple like them, it’s not a pleasant thing to watch. It hurts to watch this lovely couple fighting and putting their relationship on a break.

At least, Eun-Sul’s true colors are shown so vividly when they are on the verge of being separated from each other. She may seems to be someone who takes for granted about Ji-Heon’s affection and cares only about her work, but this scene really makes me cry. Before that, she did cry and wailed when they took a break, but this represents her desire, deep in her heart to see Ji-Heon. And looks like the message has been conveyed to the person successfully.

If Eun-Sul can be dubbed the most stable character, Ji-Heon one that undergoes the most changes: not in a bad way, but he’s turning into a better and more matured man. If before this he’s always running away from problems that saved him from any pain, this time, he has to face all the things in his relationship with Eun-Sul. He’s becoming more humane after experiencing what it feels to be neglected, ignored, and cheated.

I’m just amazed how fast he’s maturing (this is a Kdrama after all). He’s way too cute when he’s throwing tantrums like a 6 year-old boy, but he’s so cool when he decides not to use his boyish charms anymore. Instead, he turns into a cool-headed person and doesn’t blame Eun-Sul. At this rate, Ji-Heon’s character may become an uninteresting one, but thank God, he regains his craziness by the end of episode 16 although that is driven by his introvert personality and also thanks to Secretary Kim.

This is where Ji-Heon’s new self is shown. He’s not the man who wears his heart on his sleeves anymore and acts like he’s fine all the way while observing how Eun-Sul is surviving in her new world. I do like his new attitude of not clinging so much to her like before and tries (not that hard) to take matters into his own hands but realizing that he only has her left to ask for help, he follows her around. Ji-Heon, please keep being awesome and don’t let Eun-Sul go!

Let Ji-Heon and Eun-Sul shine together!

Our Royal Couple is totally the limelight of the recent episodes. Although I feel weird to call them NaMu couple (나무 means tree in Korean), the latter gives off a cuter vibe but the former reflects their status, which are on the same level, hence making them more compatible in my eyes with each other. Na-Yoon is like Mu-Won’s little sister, so at times, he doesn’t give much attention to her, but he cares about her.

I’m sure by this time, everyone’s pretty swept away by Na-Yoon’s wild and over-the-top imagination, which leaves people in agony because it’s just a daydream (me too!). It’s too short and Na-Yoon should be more playful with her imagination. Everyone, let’s pray for more scenes like this. Rawr.

Another reason that makes me love them is their changes. Mu-Won who gets too clingy with his feelings towards Eun-Sul has accepted that she’s no more than a good friend to him. If Eun-Sul once gave him strength, now it’s his time to support her when no one else does. To Ji-Heon also, he’s a lot warmer than before and begins to treat his only cousin better. Lovely Na-Yoon also turns into a faithful friend to Eun-Sul and instead of crying over her own problems, she cares about her new friend more than she does about herself.

Since it’s so near towards the end, hopefully everyone finds their resolution and give Royal Couple a chance to resolve their own matters. It seems like they are busy taking care about other people and stuffs and pushing the matters between them behind.I do think that Chairman Cha, Suk-Hee, Na-Yoon’s mom, and Eun-Sul’s dad are like the alter egos of their children. In simpler words, they are like the exaggerated sides of their children, and most of the times, the children are more matured than the parents. The problems are mostly caused by the parents (well, this does not include Eun-Sul’s father apparently) and thanks to them, the main quartet are all on the good side. That doesn’t mean that I hate Suk-Hee and Na-Yoon’s mom. I do adore them to bits, if you minus their almost-wicked plans.

However, other characters are not that shining in the recent episodes (they’re mainly about the company or the couples) except for Chairman Cha, who feigns his illness to run from the jail but ends up getting sick for real. Oh, I hope that he’s going to recover soon! And I’m eagerly waiting what will happen to Suk-Hee after she gets her opportunity to hold the temporary Chairman position. Will she give up after realizing how hard it is to hold the position? Hopefully yes (that’s what Grandma is trying to do right now). Then all the plans by her and Na-Yoon’s mom will end and everyone will be living in peace, happily ever after…

If it’s not a problem, can I request for a double wedding scene? Time jump can also be forgiven if it includes both couple!

…But then, who’s going to be the Chairman?

2 thoughts on “A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. even though 2 extra episodes means i get to watch ji sung for an extra 120 minutes, i think the pace of the plot has slowed down which was previously a strength of this drama. 16 episodes were enough. originally felt that this drama was almost perfect… oh well. 😛

    1. yep, after the extension was announced, the pace really went down a bit, but luckily it’s back on track.
      oh well, I can’t say much, me myself haven’t watched the last two episodes yet. waiting for the subs ;D

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