Protect the Boss: Picspam (14.9~17.9)

The stills are pouring out like crazy! This time, I took it from the Twitter and they’re so fast in uploading the pics. I do think that they’re as excited as the viewers. And since the preview for ep 13 was out yesterday, the stills are from the preview (as for the time being) but they are so cute. Congratulations SBS, you’ve just piqued my interest up for tonight’s episode.

[This post will be updated until this week ends]


Eun-Sul strikes into action!

Poor Manager Park~


Cute figurines!

The middle one has short legs.hehe. Is that Mu-Won or Ji-Heon?

Again, it’s the lift scene…

Ehhh…why they’re laughing?

It’s Eun-Sul and Ji-Heon.Oh, they’re holding hands! Kyaaa~


Going for an exercise?

Adorable Eun-Sul, trying to work out?


Ji-Heon working out/showcasing his hidden sports talents!

Of course..


Think that Mu-Won-God would retreat just like that? No way!

But wait!

Cha Cha Gere: “I too, have my hidden talents!”

The basketball showdown!

Is this a friendly match or a battle? They look so close with each other!^^

Another proof of their close relationship, from the front..

..and from the back.

Time for work!

Ji-Heon is amazed~

I love your smile! XD

Na-Yoon! What happened? Why are you crying??

Hehe. Myung-Ran is comforting Na-Yoon. Awww~

cr: SBS_BOSS Twitter


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