Park Ki Woong – GQ March 2013

Park Ki Woong is back with another pictorial! He’s going to be featured in GQ Korea’s March issue. The clothes are of bright colors, just like his orange hair.


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Park Ki Woong for Fast Magazine

Park Ki-woong! Yeah, he’s still sporting that hairstyle for his latest project and he’s featured in the Fast magazine. He’s brave to pick this hair color for the role and hopefully it’ll be worth the sacrifice. I’m the one who’s worried about his hair because it’s frequently changing: from black to blonde for Full House Take 2, then back to black for Bridal Mask, and then this time orange. I don’t care if he’s called an Onion or a Parrot because of the hair; he’s rocking it with style and cheekiness.


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2012 Appreciation Post

[I don’t know why some of the content disappeared before :\ Here’s the edited version.]

For various reasons, this year’s appreciation post is going to be longer compared to last year, simply because I watched quite a handful of dramas and I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I have to admit that 2012 isn’t the best year in my life as a student, but I’m grateful that I something that I can hold on to, just to escape the reality at times. Now that seems a little depressing O.O but student’s life is not normal without any sign of stress, right? Back to the dramas, I think I’ve watched more dramas this year and at one point, I even juggled eight currently airing dramas at that time. Crazy, but I managed to finish most of them.


Beware that this is probably going to take forever…

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[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 16

Strangely, I’m nervous about this drama’s final episode although I’ve seen the spoilers to the ending. I don’t think my heart and mind will be at ease until I know what will happen to all of them. Is it okay if I get all teary for this episode?

FHT2E16P1 720p-CiNE21i.avi_001463528

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[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 15

The entangled problems got solved one by one. Secrets were out and the challenges were nothing compared to their hard work. All I hope right now is a good time for everyone. Can’t we just live in peace and harmony without creating any more unnecessary rivalry?

FHT2E15P2 720p-CiNE21i.avi_000653753

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