[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 12

I know that they are going to be rivals in the nearest future, but I just want to enjoy the bromance for the time being. Say yes to Tae-ik and Kang-hwi’s endless bickering! I know they actually care for each other, so it’s a waste to see them growing apart and hating each other without knowing the exact thing happening between them.


Summary for Episode 12

Part 1:

Kang-hwi demanded to know why Tae-ik was at Man-ok’s place and they went outside to have a talk. He would gladly help Tae-ik but Tae-ik didn’t want to accept his help, especially with his return to LJ. Kang-hwi realized that Tae-ik actually like Man-ok and Tae-ik wondered if he’s going to take her away again from him. Kang-hwi was left puzzled with his words, but then he remembered about what happened between the two of them and Se-ryung. He tried to warn Se-ryung about playing around with Tae-ik, but she in return made Tae-ik hate him, thinking that he cheated with her. Kang-hwi felt bad that Tae-ik thought of him like that and left. Man-ok wanted to go outside to meet Kang-hwi, but Tae-ik lamented at how she should put him as her priority. He explained that she confessed to him but she couldn’t remember anything about it. Kang-hwi came back, asking for some food. He almost got into another quarrel with Tae-ik but grandpa stopped them. Grandpa showed that he favored Kang-hwi rather than Tae-ik and even made Man-ok prepare food for Kang-hwi.

Tae-ik was jealous and started to interrupt Kang-hwi when he’s about to eat. Man-ok scolded both of them and threatened to take away the food while she divided the rice for the two of them. Both of them continued their quarrel with low voices but soon silenced by Man-ok’s glare. LJ was furious when Kang-hwi was nowhere to be found at the house and Se-ryung took the opportunity to ask about Kang-hwi to him. He reminded her to start working properly and stop thinking about it. Kang-hwi ignored all Go-dong’s missed calls and decided to stay there for the night. Tae-ik tried to drag him out of the tent but soon gave in when he wanted to sleep in Man-ok’s room. Kang-hwi tried to explain about the misunderstanding Tae-ik had about Se-ryung and him but failed as Tae-ik already fell asleep. Kang-hwi left early in the morning but ran into Man-ok on his way out. She wanted to know why he went back to LJ, but Kang-hwi only said that he didn’t have any other place to go other than LJ. He wanted to have Man-ok by his side and he would wait until she gave him her answer.

Kang-hwi was surprised to know that LJ took away the phone he got from Man-ok. LJ ordered Go-dong to monitor Kang-hwi’s movement all day long so that he won’t get fired. Manager Hwang got a good news: one of his acquaintances found an investor for Tae-ik. However, the investor didn’t disclose his identity and chose to use a middleman to communicate with Manager Hwang. Tae-ik then was brought by Manager Hwang to meet a composer. The meeting didn’t end well, with the composer and Tae-ik’s growing dislike they had for each other. The composer was skeptical of Tae-ik’s status as an idol and Tae-ik left after remiding him that his life as an idol wasn’t that easy as what he thought. Manager Hwang also thought that the composer didn’t do the right thing and told him not to look down on Tae-ik. They went home and Man-ok was afraid Tae-ik would break with all the challenges, but Manager Hwang knew he would be able to stand on the stage again. Man-ok kept talking bad about the composer in front of Tae-ik. He asked her to give him something and she put her hand on his hand while smiling…

Part 2:

It turned out that Tae-ik was asking for Man-ok’s scooter key.She let out an awkward laugh and he rode the scooter to the Full House. He recalled the last conversation he had with LJ, where he promised to start again and take away Full House from him. He assured himself that he could do it. Go-dong kept sticking to Kang-hwi’s side everywhere he went and Kang-hwi didn’t like it, but he didn’t have any choice. Kang-hwi promised him that he won’t be fired as long as he took Man-ok’s phone from LJ’s office. Go-dong found the phone but unfortunately, LJ witnessed everything. LJ told him to leave the phone there but Go-dong refused to do so. LJ actually promised that he would be able to debut as a singer after working for the company as a manager but never keep the promise. Go-dong ignored LJ’s threat to fire him and left with the phone.

He then went to meet Manager Hwang in tears, regretting his actions earlier. Manager Hwang promised to help him and both of them went to Man-ok’s house.They decided to stay there for the time being and Man-ok didn’t have any problem with that as her grandpa never chase away their guests. Manager Hwang gave her his room deposit for her to settle the debt with LJ and Tae-ik was angry to know about the matter. Tae-ik told Man-ok to take the money and end her business with LJ. The four of them had to practice hapkido with grandpa and Tae-ik bragged about his skills, earning him some blows here and there. Kang-hwi got to know about Go-dong being fired and wanted LJ to make Man-ok as his stylist for him to carry out his activities. LJ then called Man-ok to meet him. She brought him the money, but he would only terminate the contract if she brought him the penalty fees. She threatened to spread rumors about the company and left the flustered LJ when he’s about to tell her about Kang-hwi.

Tae-ik called Man-ok to ask her to buy some fruits and vegetables for him. Unknown to her, Se-ryung overheard the entire conversation and knew that Tae-ik is staying at Man-ok’s house. Se-ryung went there and saw Tae-ik cleaning the practice hall. She wanted him to follow her and leave the house, but he refused to do so. She couldn’t believe that he fell for someone like Man-ok. She walked out and met Man-ok outside. They got into a quarrel and Se-ryung told her about Kang-hwi’s problem with his eyes. Man-ok went to Full House and didn’t tell Tae-ik anything about it. She arrived there as Kang-hwi was fumbling around in the dark. Man-ok turned on the lights and Kang-hwi, thinking that she’s Se-ryung, told her to turn off the lights again. She was shocked that he couldn’t even see her properly and he realized that his secret about his blindness was known to her…


It’s bad. Really, really bad. I can see why Man-ok will stick by Kang-hwi’s side and Kang-hwi won’t let her tell Tae-ik anything about it. So Tae-ik will get the wrong idea about Man-ok and Se-ryung will try to manipulate the situation for her own gain. Ahhh…with four episodes left, I really have to get ready for the angst before I get to the ending. Show, please don’t disappoint me, especially with Kang-hwi! I really want to see him all well and healthy even without Man-ok by his side…


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