[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 6

The scandal is getting bigger…will Kang-hwi be able to get out of this tangled web of problems unharmed? Somehow he isn’t the only one who’s involved in the whole ordeal. Even Tae-ik has his own share of problem caused by the scandal..


Summary for episode 6~

Part 1:

Tae-ik was so surprised to learn about Kang-hwi’s departure from TAKE ONE and but he couldn’t even meet the President (calling him LJ from now on) for the time being. Kang-hwi sent a text to Man-ok and she went to meet him at the Hapkido school without telling anyone. Kang-hwi tried to recall what happened during that night and he remembered about meeting Jae Hee at the bar. Jae Hee received a call from Man-ok, who disguised herself as an advertiser. He went to discuss about the contract but the one waiting for him was Kang-hwi. Jae Hee tried to run away but Man-ok was faster than him. Jae Hee told Kang-hwi that the one who publicized the photos was not him but LJ. Kang-hwi couldn’t believe that LJ would do that to him and he decided to meet him. Tae-ik couldn’t hold himself and went straight to LJ to get his explanation about the scandal. He cared about Kang-hwi because he’s part of his team, but  LJ again told him he could leave if he wanted to protect Kang-hwi and gave up on Full House. Tae-ik couldn’t do anything and left. He remembered everything that Kang-hwi did for him and felt frustrated because he didn’t have any power to help him.

Paparazzi So saw Man-ok riding her scooter with Kang-hwi and he immediately followed them. They arrived at the Full House and sneaked into the compound. Paparazzi was happy that he finally found TAKE ONE’s secret house and brought out his disguise clothes. Kang-hwi and Man-ok managed to enter the house but Tae-ik suddenly approached them, forcing Man-ok to push Kang-hwi into the basement. Kang-hwi fell down the stairs in the process while Man-ok tried to act like nonchalantly in front of the puzzled Tae-ik, who was angry because she seemed so at ease despite Kang-hwi’s scandal. Man-ok tried to sneak out but Paparazzi So caused the alarm to go off, scaring both of them. Paparazzi So ran away while Man-ok successfully went out through the secret entrance. Meanwhile, Kang-hwi was unconscious from the fall and regained his consciousness on the next day, only to find his leg injured. Man-ok treated him and went to fetch some of his clothes in his room. She’s too late as Kang-hwi’s things were being thrown out of the house but Man-ok managed to retrieve some of his clothes. Tae-ik went to meet LJ and overheard the secretary informing LJ that Kang-hwi didn’t leave the country yet.

Go-dong saw a public cleaner in front of the house and it’s actually Paparazzi So. He thought that he’d be caught on the spot, but he; just told to take away all the trash. He went through every single trash to find anything that might be useful to him and found a picture of Kang-hwi and Tae-ik. He called Ga-ryun but she didn’t speak with him as she’s participating in a demonstration to bring Kang-hwi back into TAKE ONE. LJ saw the demonstration and the Chairman kept bugging him about the matter. Tae-ik was worried about Kang-hwi after hearing LJ’s order earlier. At the same time, Kang-hwi was brought to the hospital by Man-ok and he’s close to use his card but a text sent by an unknown person reminded him that LJ was tracing his whereabouts through his card and phone. Man-ok thought it’s better for him to try discussing the matter with Tae-ik as Tae-ik did care a lot for him. They were about to go out of the basement when they overheard LJ offering Tae-ik a chance to debut as a solo singer…

Part 2:

Kang-hwi cancelled his plan to ask for Tae-ik’s help as he overheard LJ telling Tae-ik to go solo. Paparazzi So started to execute his plan to use Kang-hwi & Tae-ik’s photo in his possession. Manager Hwang tried to have a talk with LJ but failed. LJ then received a photo of Man-ok and Tae-ik together in the caravan and made Manager Hwang tell him the truth about the situation. The person who sent the photo asked for money for exchange with the original pic. Manager Hwang knew who’s the culprit was and warned him to be careful so that he won’t be caught. Man-ok went shopping for Kang-hwi and found him sleeping in Tae-ik’s cat pajamas. She furnished the basement with the things she bought earlier and Kang-hwi was touched.

Tae-ik was upset to see another news about Kang-hwi’s scandal and didn’t even had his breakfast properly. Man-ok cooked some food for him before she left. LJ got a call from someone who had something to tell about Tae-ik. That person was actually Paparazzi So and he’s almost caught by Manager Hwang. however, he managed to escape. Kang-hwi was alone in the basement and starving at the middle of the night. He decided to sneak out of the basement and went into the kitchen. In the process of taking some food from the fridge, he dropped something and Tae-ik heard the sound. Tae-ik went to check the kitchen but saw no one there as Kang-hwi was hiding beside the cabinet.

The next day, Tae-ik knew he had been robbed because some food in the fridge was missing. He insisted on reporting the security although only the food was taken away. Man-ok was afraid he would suspect something and admitted that she was the culprit. The calm morning was interrupted with another big news; even Tae-ik was dragged into the scandal with Kang-hwi. Things were getting harder for the company. LJ wanted Manager Hwang to make Tae-ik disappear from the public’s eye to prevent the matter from becoming worse. However, Tae-ik insisted on carrying out his schedule like usual. Kang-hwi was living like a caveman in the basement without any way to communicate, but he suddenly remembered that Tae-ik was going out. He went out and got to read all the latest news about his so-called relationship with Tae-ik.

The fans were fighting between each other according to their bias, trying to defend either Tae-ik or Kang-hwi. Tae-ik didn’t want to avoid the fans and went to the company amidst the fans who were demanding to know the truth. Suddenly, the fire alarm rung and everyone ran out of the building, except Man-ok. She couldn’t move and kept covering his ears with her hands. Tae-ik ran inside and found her crying. All of a sudden, Man-ok fainted. Luckily Tae-ik managed to hold her and carried her out…


Things are not getting any better for any of them: first Kang-hwi, then Tae-ik. After this, it will be Man-ok as LJ seems to have some plans in his head after seeing that picture of Tae-ik and Man-ok. The preview for next week looks interesting! Se-ryung will come into their lives, Kang-hwi will reveal himself to Tae-ik, and……Man-ok is getting married with Tae-ik! I really need more cuteness after this stressful week full of scandals, so bring it on!

Monday, please come faster!


4 thoughts on “[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 6

  1. Thanks for the recaps!

    I hope Kang-hwi finds and reveals the truth together with Tae Ik, it was good to see that they worry about each other a lot. Maybe in the next episode we going to find out about Se-ryung and what’s her intentions, i have a feeling that she was the reason Kang Hwi and Tae Ik’s relationship went sour.

    also, i really wish the writer develops Man Ok character, i wish to know more about her so i can care for her properly.

    1. Wow, you might be right about Tae-ik and Kang-hwi! They were probably close when they first formed Take One but grew apart because of Se-ryung. I think they will solve the scandal…yeay for bromance!

      The last scene of E6P2 hinted something about Man-ok’s traumatic experience..maybe something about her parents’ death? Since we have 10 more episodes left, let’s hope to see the characters’ pasts and how they overcome the challenge as they live together!

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