[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 14

We had our shares of TAKE ONE and a glimpse on TAKE. Perhaps it’s time for a new trend; how about TAKE TWO versus ONLY ONE?

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Part 1:

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Kang-hwi was getting ready for the fashion show but he’s a little nervous since it’s his first time walking on a runway. To commemorate it, Man-ok gave him a box full of sunglasses for him to wear during the show. She actually wanted him to protect his eyes from the lights but Kang-hwi didn’t want to hide his killer eyes behind those glasses and assured her that everything was fine. Tae-ik got into the lines waiting to enter the show but soon realized that everyone but him had a special admission pass. Nora, who was also lining up, saw Tae-ik and fainted as she couldn’t believe her luck. Thanks to her, the representative allowed Tae-ik to carry the unconscious Nora into the place, thinking that he had the pass. He walked away right before she woke up and she thought that she was dreaming.

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The show ran smoothly until the end and Tae-ik was also there, witnessing Kang-hwi and Se-ryung on the stage. He saw LJ among the audience and immediately left the hall. Kang-hwi was glad that he did well although he couldn’t see the stage clearly towards the end and went to treat Man-ok for a meal. Se-ryung entered the dressing room and saw Tae-ik, who’s about to enter Kang-hwi’s dressing room. She demanded to know why he made his appearance there and started to accuse Man-ok of leaving him because of Kang-hwi’s money. He was totally shaken at this news. Man-ok was busy cleaning stains on Kang-hwi’s collar when he leaned in for a kiss. He stopped, like one cm apart from his lips and conveniently, Tae-ik was also there, witnessing the almost kiss that appeared to be a kiss from behind. Man-ok shrugged it off and saw Tae-ik at the entrance. She wanted to run after after him, but Kang-hwi stopped her, pleading her not to go to Tae-ik. She apologized and walked out, leaving Kang-hwi alone.

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She didn’t manage to find him around as Tae-ik already went out and the taxi driver brought him to a place to play mahjong. He looked happy there for a moment, but soon returned to his gloomy self. The taxi driver assured him that every man would cry at least once for women. His mood was lifted a bit and he returned to his hotel. Tae-ik paid more than the actual fare to the taxi driver, but the kind guy returned his money. He told him to live through and called Tae-ik his name. Tae-ik was surprised and turned out that the guy’s daughter was his fan and the guy promised to keep cheering for him with his daughter and they would wait for his comeback. He walked to the hotel and saw Man-ok waiting for him at the park. He wanted to ignore her, but soon give in to hear her explanation after she told him that she liked him. However, she couldn’t tell him the reason why she went back to Kang-hwi and Tae-ik regarded her the same as Se-ryung. Man-ok firmly replied that she’s different (from that fox). He told her to answer Kang-hwi’s call and left her.

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Man-ok walked back to her hotel and Kang-hwi saw her walking with glum. She took some time to sit outside and Kang-hwi approached her. He gave her a phone charm that looked like their cat Chaton. He tried to lift her mood and she did smile a little, although tears were still visible in her eyes. Tae-ik was wallowing in sadness in between beers and he received a call from Manager Hwang. He got scolded for keeping his whereabouts a secret and Manager Hwang asked whether he really wanted to make his comeback. He remembered about Kang-hwi and Se-ryung’s words and decided to do his comeback. He wanted to get back everything that had been taken away from him. He returned to Man-ok Gwan on the next day and overheard Go-dong’s voice, who’s singing while doing the cleaning. Manager Hwang praised Go-dong’s voice and told him to resume vacuuming the place. Tae-ik suddenly entered with smile, much to their surprise…

Part 2:

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Tae-ik overheard Go-dong singing and entered the practice hall to be welcomed by both Manager Hwang and Go-dong. He agreed to do anything, but when Manager Hwang told him to debut with Go-dong as his partner, he refused to comply. He even  avoided answering Man-ok’s call. She’s at the Full House and Kang-hwi, who’s back from fetching Chaton, was excited to see her there. She was in the green house when he found her, busy talking bad about Tae-ik alone. She even referred Tae-ik as the veggies’ daddy and sighed, thinking that Tae-ik would be happy to see those little patches growing up healthily. Kang-hwi walked away silently and cooed Chaton, saying that Man-ok had abandoned the little cat and favored the plants over him. He couldn’t do anything to stop her as he wasn’t that big shot of a star like before. Tae-ik kept thinking about Manager Hwang’s recommendation. As he listened to the mix of Go-dong and his own voice, Go-dong approached him from outside of the tent and admitted that he won’t back off from this once in a lifetime opportunity for him. He promised that he won’t cause Tae-ik any trouble and asked for a chance.

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On the next day, they were going to have a practice session but Tae-ik didn’t come out. He’s already waiting beside the car and even complimented Go-dong’s voice. The three of them headed for the cranky composer’s place and Tae-ik showed signs of him changing for the better. The practice went smoothly and they had some drinks back home. Manager Hwang suggested a name for their new group: TAKE TWO. Tae-ik didn’t seem to like it at first, but after hearing Go-dong’s suggestion (TAKE GO = TAE-IK +GO-Dong), he decided it’s better to go with TAKE TWO. At the same time, Man-ok was out drinking alone and he slowly got drunk. Manager Hwang arrived at the stall after being called by her and asked why she decided to work with U Entertainment again. She couldn’t say anything as it’s complicated and fell asleep. Tae-ik and Go-dong arrived there soon and Tae-ik was told to take care of Man-ok for a while. However, she started screaming and scolding Tae-ik and he had to drag her home. Kang-hwi called her phone and he was shocked when Tae-ik answered the call. He tried to act like nothing happened but it’s still awkward for him. he went to meet LJ and wanted the best for his last comeback. Kang-hwi worked hard and Man-ok was worried for his eyes. He wanted to stand on the stage for the last time while he could still see before getting his treatment.

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Grandpa came back from his business and saw Tae-ik practicing with Go-dong. He couldn’t hear their voices from outside and told them to come outside. They worried that it might be a night hapkido practice session, but it turned out that grandpa treated them for a meal to boost up their energies. Go-dong and Manager Hwang were worried that Tae-ik won’t be able to eat the food, but the food reminded him of his moments with Man-ok. He ate as Go-dong and Manager Hwang looked at him with amazement. Manager Hwang went to a broadcast station and met LJ there. LJ belittled him with his new group using the people he discarded, but Manager Hwang told him to anticipate his new group, who would be a rival to Kang-hwi. Both sides practiced hard for their comeback that’s scheduled on the same day. However, bad luck fell on LJ’s side when there was a problem with Kang-hwi’s album. Manager Hwang managed to secure a spot in the music program for TAKE TWO’s debut stage, but much to their disappointment, their appearance suffered a last minute cancellation. They were pretty bummed with the first challenge coming their way, but Manager Hwang received a call from the broadcaster’s CEO, offering TAKE TWO a special stage for their debut. Go-dong was excited for it, but Tae-ik didn’t have a good feeling about it.It turned out that they’re going to join a brand new music program to compete with an opponent. Their opponent was no other than ONLY ONE Kang-hwi and LJ..


I’m so happy that Tae-ik is going to do his comeback. Plus, I’m also excited for the crybaby and bear hugging Go-dong to make a collaboration with him! A new unit and a new rivalry with a new opponent. The battle isn’t going to be easy with Kang-hwi but it’s expected. With that, the final week is fast approaching us. Uh-huh.

2 thoughts on “[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 14

  1. Glad to see you are back. This show is perfect to help with the end-of-the-semester blues. I am loving the bromance, so I hope this misunderstanding resolves itself soon and we spend a whole episode with that. Can’t you see Kang-hwi and Go Dong joining forces with grandpa to bring Man-Ok and Tae-ik together? I also want to see Se-Ryung get what she deserves (nothing). Are we supposed to believe that she really cares about Tae-ik or just that she does not want to “lose” to Man-Ok?

    1. I would prefer to say the latter for Se-ryung. She just have a tendency to make the object of her interest as her sole property and Tae-ik was one of them. I don’t think she really cared about him, although she did her googly and glassy sad eyes saying so. Her habit of conquering her favorite things is worse when there’s an opponent; back then it was Kang-hwi, now Man-ok becomes her hurdle. In the end, she will get nothing (ain’t we all glad for that?).

      I’m pretty sad that the bromance only lasted a while in the earlier episodes. Kang-hwi and Tae-ik are ship-worthy and I’m excited whenever there’s a sign of bromance (surely I’m not the only one feeling like that…right?). Ah, the good old times…

      I think grandpa won’t have any objection against Tae-ik and Man-ok. He already saw how hardworking that young man could be 🙂

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