[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 5

This episode brought us a step closer to our main leads’ past. Although both of them showed their happy faces in front of their fans, they actually keep all their problems to themselves. The happiness isn’t entirely facade; however their past proves to us that they are also humans. Even with their current status as idols, no one can guarantee what will come their way in the future.


Summary for Episode 5~

Part 1:

Man-ok and Tae-ik was found by Manager Hwang in the caravan although they tried to hide under the blanket. Unknown to them, someone recorded Tae-ik and Man-ok together there. Kang-hwi went shopping but someone already paid his bills in advance. He went to meet that person, who turned out to be a middle-aged woman. A man following him managed to record Kang-hwi while he’s hugging the woman. She’s actually his mother and she wanted him to go back to their house. Kang-hwi refused to do so and left as the mysterious man called someone else.

Tae-ik had to meet President once he arrived in Seoul. Man-ok got to know that Tae-ik threw a punch at the annoying friend from Go-dong. President was actually together with the annoying friend, who wanted Tae-ik to apologize and pour him a drink. Tae-ik intentionally poured too much into the glass, causing him to be scolded by President. Man-ok went back to Full House and she remembered what she had heard from Go-dong about Tae-ik’s past. She took a walk around the house and suddenly remembered the party she went there as a kid. Man-ok handed Tae-ik patches for his back, a gesture that made Tae-ik deeply touched. He heard her stomach grumbling and off they went together for a dinner at a far and expensive restaurant. Man-ok refused to enter at first, but she had to follow him into the restaurant.

Tae-ik ordered so much food for the two of them and told Man-ok to finish all the food. He was about to take his first bite when Kang-hwi called Man-ok. Kang-hwi wanted Man-ok to go to him, but she promised to go there once she finished her food. Kang-hwi was actually at a bar alone, reminiscing about his childhood with his mother. He actually hurt his eye when his mother was attacked by loan sharks and later, he was (probably) adopted into a wealthy family. He was clearly the outcast, except for a big sister who seemed to be fond of him. He swore not to go back into that house.

Tae-ik was still munching happily although Man-ok was worried he would burst his stomach. Kang-hwi called again and Man-ok promised to go once she settled her problem with Tae-ik. The ‘fake Kang-hwi’ came to the bar and drugged Kang-hwi’s drink. Kang-hwi didn’t suspect a thing and kept drinking it as he got drunk and eventually passed out. Turned out that his accomplice was the man at the hotel earlier. Tae-ik went home, clearly having indigestion. He warned Man-ok not to prick his finger, but she went on without listening to him. Tae-ik grinned like a kid at her patience and kindness towards him. He eventually fell asleep while sucking his thumb like a baby. Man-ok chuckled at the sight. She called Kang-hwi but his phone was turned off. At the same time, the poor guy was completely unconscious, dragged into a car by the two men…

Part 2:

Man-ok went out of the house and thought Kang-hwi was still at the playground since his room was still dark. She went there but he’s nowhere to be seen. The next day, Kang-hwi woke up in a hotel room by himself. He couldn’t remember a single thing that happened to him the night before. At the same time, the ‘fake guy’ went to meet the President and showed him some pictures of Kang-hwi with someone, but he didn’t believe his words at all. Kang-hwi was fetched by Go-dong and he went straight to the company. He saw ‘fake guy’ or Jae hee driving away and wondered why he came to the company. Tae-ik arrived there and together they went into the practice room to see Man-ok dancing to the song ‘Touch’ while mixing in her hapkido moves. Tae-ik clearly didn’t like to see how close Kang-hwi was with Man-ok and he kind of glared at her when Kang-hwi touched her.

TAKE ONE had their dance practice with the back dancers. In the middle of their break, Man-ok went into the room to retrieve her phone. Suddenly, her phone rang; it’s the call from grandpa! She switched into her Hapkido master mode and started screaming, giving directions to her invisible students. Kang-hwi then pretended to be her student, followed by the dancers. On their way home, Kang-hwi wanted to have a meal but his suggestions were all turned down by Man-ok because of Tae-ik. They settled down with pizzas per Go-dong’s suggestion, but Tae-ik insisted to go to a cheap pizza place. Kang-hwi was embarrassed because they had to eat cheap pizzas. Tae-ik was preparing the salad happily, but his smile soon disappeared when he saw Se-ryung on the television. Kang-hwi looked so awkward and Tae-ik walked away just like that. Tae-ik brought out a picture of Se-ryung, Kang-hwi, and him. He recalled the time when Se-ryung intentionally kissed Kang-hwi in front of him. Both he and Kang-hwi were shocked at that time.

President went to have a dinner with the Chairman and they talked about the company. When he returned back to the company, he had a video call with Se-ryung, who apparently gave him several conditions for her to join his company. He then received the report of Kang-hwi’s eye test result and was shocked to learn that Kang-hwi had the possibility to become blind permanently. After weighing some pros and cons, President decided to send Kang-hwi away. He thought it’s best for Kang-hwi to disappear for a while as he tried to solve the matter of the pictures of him with a guy. Go-dong was curious why Kang-hwi had to leave all of a sudden, but Kang-hwi didn’t tell him anything. He tried to call Man-ok; however her phone was turned off because she had to follow Tae-ik to a radio interview. Tae-ik showed his drum skills and Man-ok was amazed to see him playing the drum effortlessly.

Kang-hwi got to read the positive comments for Tae-ik. Go-dong told him to take care of himself and gave him a big hug before Kang-hwi entered the waiting hall. As soon as President got the confirmation that Kang-hwi had left the country, he released those pictures of Kang-hwi to the public, labeling him as gay. Kang-hwi hadn’t leave yet because of a delay and he heard people talking about him. He quickly left his spot, afraid that people would recognize him. Man-ok was still praising Tae-ik for his performance earlier and on their way out, they heard people talking about Kang-hwi and some pictures. They saw the President on the television as he called for an emergency press conference regarding the matter. He announced that the company had decided to throw him out of TAKE ONE to the whole country, witnessed by Kang-hwi at the airport.


Tae-ik is definitely the mix of a baby, a boy, and a, adult. He can be annoying, cute, and adorable at the same time. Watching his smile is pure bliss for me, and to see him getting all sad and gloomy breaks my heart.

Same goes to Kang-hwi.

Who would’ve thought that cheerful man is hiding such a deep scar inside his own self? Poor Kang-hwi! His smile breaks my heart…because his eyes show that he isn’t that happy. I don’t want to see him suffering alone…I wish he will have someone to lean on and to pour out his problems to his heart’s content. Somehow I can feel that he’s going to face bigger and more problems later. Being a kind man doesn’t make you liked by everyone…Argh, why my favorite character has to suffer like this?!

Now,who won’t love Man-ok? She’s definitely the tough cookie, but I like the fact that she doesn’t have to use her strength to defeat him. All she has to do is to use her specialty that is being kind and thoughtful, because that’s what Tae-ik needs the most for the time being. He’s basically a boy who need special care, and Man-ok is just perfect with her meticulous, nanny-like approach. They are such an adorable couple!

Se-ryung officially made her appearance in the show and until now, I’m still hoping she won’t be that much of a prick or an annoying woman. Although her sudden return into the boys’ life is just like adding problems to them, hopefully she can prove me wrong!

Last but not least: to the puppet master Lee Joon, you’re making a wrong move there. Are you trying to protect your kids our you’re just pushing your puppet aside when they can’t bring  you money?

Since more characters are making their appearance into the drama, here’s the relationship chart from the official website and roughly translated by me:

2 thoughts on “[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 5

  1. Thank you for the recaps!

    I thought that Lee Joon made a dumb move to expose Kang Hwi and also can he hold onto KH medical records like that? i thought that it was weird that the Hospital didn’t discuss with the patient personally and instead let his boss get his hands on the test results O_O.
    Also it wasn’t explain it in the drama why Kang Hwi was getting blind from both eye if he just hurt one (as showed in the flashback), i hope they don’t let him go blind 😦

    1. You’re welcome!
      Indeed, LJ thinks it’ll be easier for him to get rid of Kang-hwi using that dirty way, but it’ll cost the company more, especially with their image if the truth is exposed later. The medical record issue is really something..but I guess it’s just for the sake of the drama? Plus, Kang-hwi probably had forgotten about his eye condition amidst his scandal and he even got a broken leg. Poor boy!
      I think the doctor said that he’s over-exposed to the stage lights and excessive usage of contact lenses, so that might be the cause? But then, to see him slowly becoming blind would break my heart 😥 I hope he’d get himself cured.

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