[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 8

With Se-ryung coming into the Full House to live with the two boys and Man-ok, will it be peaceful for them? Is she going to cause more problems for them, or is Man-ok gaining another mouth to be fed? With the current situation, she suits the role of a mother to the three kids as she’s the most matured among them.


Here’s the summary for Episode 8! 😉

Part 1:

Se-ryung flashed a bright smile upon seeing Tae-ik and hugged the shocked man. He tried to escape her arms but failed. Man-ok reported it to Kang-hwi, who seemed disturbed with Se-ryung’s return. Man-ok got to know that Se-ryung was Tae-ik’s first love from Kang-hwi and she looked a little surprised with the revelation. Tae-ik told Se-ryung to get out of the house but she would stay in the house for the time being. Tae-ik went out for a drive to vent out his anger and kept thinking about Se-ryung who left because she was sick of him being too focused about Full House. Man-ok was worried because Tae-ik didn’t answer his phone and went to check on him, but Se-ryung said he won’t be back that early. She went to search for him and saw Tae-ik brooding alone on the swing. He’s still upset and Man-ok tried to cheer him up, only to end up being in close proximity when he held her from falling. He kept focusing on her lips until Man-ok broke the silence awkwardly.

On the next day, Man-ok made breakfast for the people in the house and Tae-ik was first to walk into the kitchen, still thinking about what happened the night before. Se-ryung joined them at the dining table and made the morning all awkward with her comment about Tae-ik’s kiss. Tae-ik was furious at her Man-ok didn’t find her that likeable with her attitude. She tried to send Se-ryung away from the living room because of Kang-hwi, but she ignored her. Meanwhile, Tae-ik searched for sleepwalking symptoms that Man-ok and he was shocked to see that it could make the patients injured. Kang-hwi needed to go to the toilet but Se-ryung was still in the living room. Man-ok accidentally told her about the cat and she opened the basement door, causing Kang-hwi to tumble down onto the floor. Tae-ik saw the whole thing and demanded for an explanation. Kang-hwi told him about the whole thing and asked to stay there until he could find the proof. Tae-ik warned them that it would be the end of LJ found out about it and left. He was upset that Man-ok didn’t tell him about it for Kang-hwi’s sake. Man-ok went to apologize but she didn’t dare to disturb him. He watched her through the camera and touched the screen, as if she could feel him.

Tae-ik still refused to  go on with his solo album although LJ wanted him to start recording. He didn’t even look at Se-ryung’s face when he ran into her. She wanted Tae-ik to be her partner to a film festival and threw in a comment about Man-ok being a no-no for Tae-ik in front of LJ. Man-ok felt oppressed by the threesome and made Tae-ik dig the earth to make a vegetable patch. Se-ryung went into Tae-ik’s room and found the picture of her and the boys inside the frame and smiled at Tae-ik’s unchanged habit. Tae-ik was deeply engrossed in digging the earth out and he’s having fun with it. Man-ok seized the opportunity to apologize about Kang-hwi’s matter and admitted that she didn’t have the habit of sleepwalking. Tae-ik smiled at himself, remembering the time when he carried Man-ok when she was asleep. Se-ryung bought some furniture and decided to stay in a room next to Tae-ik although he clearly didn’t agree to it. Man-ok told Kang-hwi about Se-ryung and he admitted that he didn’t like Se-ryung; she was like a watermelon while Man-ok was more to his liking; white and pure like a bear. She sang a song about bear and suddenly, Kang-hwi planted a kiss on her nose…

Part 2:

Man-ok stopped singing and blushed because of the kiss while Kang-hwi teased her about her red face. She walked out of the house and saw Tae-ik working diligently, digging up the patch. He told her to finish the work and she obeyed him without any objection. Se-ryung planned a meeting between LJ and someone named Hwa-ming. That person was a Chinese fashion designer and she wanted to invest in U Entertainment, but with the condition that LJ would reinstate Kang-hwi as she wished to use Kang-hwi as her brand model. He agreed to the condition and ordered Kang-hwi’s whereabouts to be found out as soon as possible. Kang-hwi went out to find out a way to get inside LJ’s house but failed; he even fell down. He returned to the basement to find Se-ryung there. She told him about Hwa-ming and Kang-hwi looked a little worried upon hearing that name. Se-ryung wanted him to go far away as she hated to see him near Tae-ik. She wanted Tae-ik to be hers again and Man-ok won’t be a big trouble to her.

Tae-ik and Kang-hwi nearly fought again but Man-ok managed to make them to sit at the table and eat their breakfast. She even made Se-ryung stopped complaining only with her glare. Kang-hwi’s eyes started to become blurry again and Man-ok realized that something was wrong, but he didn’t tell them anything and left the table. Se-ryung’s endless commentary made Tae-ik upset and he told Man-ok to make food only for him. Everyone eventually left the table, leaving Man-ok with lots of leftovers. Kang-hwi’s vision was getting worse and he’s thinking about going to the hospital when Man-ok came bearing a big bowl of mixed rice. Tae-ik also got his own share of food made by Man-ok and he ate it happily in his room. After they finished eating, Man-ok suddenly asked Kang-hwi about Tae-ik and Se-ryung. Kang-hwi wondered why she didn’t ask anything about it and he got even sadder when Man-ok would be busy for Tae-ik’s solo album.

The recording and shooting went on smoothly for Tae-ik with Man-ok beside him. He stared at her face as she was asleep on the car and brought her to buy some expensive cosmetics for her. He overheard her calling him ‘bastard’ but didn’t even have the heart to say anything. He reminded her to use it so that people won’t say he made her skin become bad. She thought about Tae-ik’s ‘strong’ reminder to use the cosmetics and got an idea. She made a drawing of Tae-ik with the hideous gardening hat, holding a pair of gardening scissors. On the next day, Se-ryung had to take in a package delivered to Tae-ik as no one was home. She opened it, curious about the content and saw the pictures taken during Man-ok and Tae-ik’s couple photo shoot. She realized that the pictures and their relationships were all staged. Man-ok made the drawing into a t-shirt and gave it to Tae-ik as a present. Although he made some comments about it, he refused to return it and wore it. Se-ryung told Tae-ik about her wish to return to his side. She knew that he tried to protect her by not telling the press about their relationship although he was hit by the gay scandal. She hugged him and Man-ok was there, witnessing it all…


Wow. At this point, I can only say that Se-ryung is indeed the source of problems that will come their way. She will cause more good than harm! Although she is confident that Tae-ik still loves her, I think she’s wrong. He might have lingering feelings towards her, plus with her hovering in front of him all the time, but he’s more into Man-ok these days. Thank God he made Man-ok stay under the same roof with him and he practically can see her all the time. Phew. I have the feeling that she will put some distance between herself and Tae-ik, but I want her to prove me wrong! Man-ok is an awesome character so far and hopefully, she won’t go down the ordinary route of kdrama heroine.

The preview freaks me out a little: their fake engagement will be publicized (all THANKS to Se-ryung) while Kang-hwi getting back all the limelight after the scandal. Tae-ik will probably be condemned for the engagement and his activities might be stopped for a while (thus giving Kang-hwi the chance to shine), so he really need someone that is Man-ok. Girl, follow your heart! Kang-hwi is adorable, but Tae-ik is the one for you!

So…all I have to do is right now is to wait for Monday to come.


2 thoughts on “[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 8

  1. Thank you for the recaps o/

    This was an awesome episode (part 2 a little more), Kang-hwi broke my heart a little when he asked Man Ok if she’s not curious about him at all, awww poor baby. I feel that Kang-hwi sorta look like a needy child around MO, he kissed her and all but i didn’t think it was anything deeper.
    I’m also liking Tae Ik and Man Ok so much, that Se-ryung will only make them realize that they like each other lol, i mean why MO had that shocked face when she catch SR hugging TI if she doesn’t like him? XD
    So i’m not mad at Se-ryung…for now ahaha.

    can’t wait for the next episodes.

    1. You’re welcome ^^
      Kang-hwi’s sad voice was just heartbreaking. Gahhh second lead syndrome is kicking in~ He might like Man-ok more than a friend but she’s treating him as one…
      Se-rung didn’t cause much trouble this time, aside from agitating people around her. She’s useful too make Man-ok realize that she likes Tae-ik, but next episodes look like trouble for Tae-ik because of Se-ryung. Hmmmm…hopefully Se-ryung won’t be around for too long. Hehehe

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