[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 13

It’s hard to believe that this series is going to end next week. I just can’t accept it. Well, maybe I have to start thinking that it will soon end, leaving me here all alone without my weekly dose of Full House Take 2.

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Summary for episode 13~

Part 1:

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Kang-hwi didn’t tell Man-ok anything about his eye problem and acted like he forgot his lenses. He asked whether Man-ok would follow him to China the next day, but Man-ok apologized as she couldn’t go with him. He assured her that it was nothing big. He sent her out and Man-ok saw how he’s trying hard to look okay in front of her,while he actually couldn’t see well and almost hit the bushes on his way to go in. She cried outside the gate and went home. Tae-ik was worried about her and he scolded her a little when she arrived. He could sense something was wrong, but Man-ok didn’t tell him anything. While she kept thinking about Kang-hwi, Tae-ik couldn’t sleep as he’s still thinking about what happened to her earlier. Grandpa got to know Tae-ik’s house was Full House and he recalled the conversation he had with Tae-ik’s dad, who happened to take the name from the hapkido school’s name Man-ok Gwan (Man-ok means ‘full house’). Man-ok suddenly came to his room to tell him something.

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Kang-hwi was about to leave Full House when Man-ok suddenly appeared and agreed to follow him to China. Meanwhile, Tae-ik was curious as Man-ok was nowhere to be seen. Man-ok just finished dressing up Kang-hwi when Tae-ik called her. Tae-ik wondered where she went and he overheard Kang-hwi’s voice. He was about to ask her but her battery went dead. She couldn’t do anything and didn’t tell Kang-hwi about the call. Man-ok assured Kang-hwi that she won’t go anywhere. Tae-ik overheard Go-dong talking about Man-ok with Manager Hwang and he was surprised that she followed Kang-hwi to China. Another big surprise was Man-ok had decided to work with U Entertainment again.

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Se-ryung guessed that Man-ok didn’t tell Tae-ik anything about her becoming Kang-hwi’s stylist. In the middle of the photo shoot, Kang-hwi couldn’t really see the camera and Se-ryung kept directing him to the right direction. He dissed her off, saying that he was a little nervous while Man-ok looked worried for him. Man-ok told him about Hwa-ming’s clothes that fit him seamlessly and how the designer was her idol. Kang-hwi smiled at the newly found knowledge of her and he looked like he had something planned for her in his head. Tae-ik kept thinking about the confession Man-ok made when she was drunk and he kept ignoring Manager Hwang. Grandpa saw them and immediately thought about Man-ok’s request to take care of the three gentlemen.

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Grandpa forced Tae-ik to wake up early in the morning for a training session outside. He told Tae-ik about his dad, who was a great person. Tae-ik realized that grandpa was his late dad’s teacher and also the one who gave him his name. Grandpa told him not to waste his time and covet everything that was taken away from him. Tae-ik vowed to his dad that he would get back both Full House and Man-ok. Man-ok brought the scooter figurine and cat along and wondered how Tae-ik was doing over at her house. Kang-hwi came to her room bearing all sorts of breakfast menu and they went to Hwa-ming’s boutique afterwards. It was a surprise he prepared for her and Man-ok was so happy to meet her dream designer. They went around the city for a walk and saw a dog. Man-ok learned the truth that Kang-hwi’s first love was actually a dog that looked like her.

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They went to some street vendors and Man-ok saw some pictures of TAKE ONE and Tae-ik. Kang-hwi saw her deeply in her own thoughts as she stared at Tae-ik’s picture. Some time later, Tae-ik arrived at the hotel and searched for Man-ok. He saw her and got hold of her, who’s surprised to see him there. Tae-ik wanted to know the reason why she suddenly changed her mind, but she only told him that it was because of her work. He didn’t want to believe it and when she’s about to leave, he stopped her. Tae-ik then repeated his confession, saying that he liked Man-ok sincerely…

Part 2:


Tae-ik wanted Man-ok to stay by his side as he liked her and gave her his hotel address. He told her to go there later, leaving Man-ok dumbfounded at the sudden revelation. Kang-hwi felt his eyes hurting but he kept insisting that it’s nothing big. Se-ryung saw Kang-hwi’s mom coming to meet Hwa-ming and she also overheard his mom pleading him to go and see his sick stepfather. Kang-hwi refused to go back to his house, but his mom’s words kept playing in his head. A text from Hwa-ming, advising him to meet their sick father, made him left for his house. Nora, who was there to stalk him, followed him closely and promised the angry Ga-ryun to report Kang-hwi’s movement and activities to her. She also reported to Ga-ryun that Man-ok followed Kang-hwi to China.


Kang-hwi arrived at the house with several paparazzi following closely behind him and as soon as he entered the house, the bodyguards seized their cameras and forced them to leave. Nora managed to hid herself and saved her phone from being taken away. Kang-hwi met his sick father who’s bedridden and all his father said was sorry for not being a good father. He greeted his stepmother but when he’s about to leave, his another stepsister Ju-ming came out and accused him of trying to be good so that he could inherit the family’s fortune. He left and wandered around the city alone. He kept thinking about her step family and the dance he saw on the street reminded him of his mother. Man-ok was getting ready to meet Tae-ik when Kang-hwi called her and wanted her to meet him.


As Tae-ik was waiting for her, Man-ok went to see Kang-hwi first after hearing that he wasn’t feeling well. She’s about to leave for Tae-ik when Kang-hwi kept insisting that they danced and she could see that something happened to him. He broke down and cried. He got drunk and started singing while Man-ok peeked at her watch once in a while. Kang-hwi decided to tell her the secret he’s been keeping to himself all this time. Meanwhile, the paparazzi that followed Kang-hwi earlier was hired by LJ. He suspected that something was going on with Kang-hwi. Se-ryung started to put two and two together before she decided to ask Hwa-ming directly about it. Hwa-ming admitted that Kang-hwi was her step brother.


Man-ok managed to drag the unconscious Kang-hwi back to his room. It’s already late, way long after the set time for Tae-ik and her to meet. She met Se-ryung outside, who accused her of having ulterior motive in approaching Kang-hwi. Man-ok remembered what he told her about his family earlier and reminded Se-ryung that she’s different from her. She went back to her  room and was contemplating on whether to send Tae-ik a text or not. She sent one after rewriting it a couple of times and Tae-ik, who was anticipating her, was shocked when the only sentence she wrote in her text was, “I’m sorry.” On the next day, it was the fashion show day and fans were gathering around the place. Tae-ik also came and his focus was on the poster with Kang-hwi’s face on it…


I’m really, really torn in between Tae-ik and Kang-hwi. Somehow I can relate being Man-ok in this situation but the misunderstanding is quite irritating at times. But then, if everything is resolved, we’ll have the drama end at episode 12. Drama writers are just good at extending conflicts between the characters. Hats off to the writers for taking up a job like this, all of you really have patience like saints!

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