A Bevy of First Teasers for Sept-Oct Dramas

When it rains, it pours. This week seems like a busy week for drama fans and production teams as the promotion for the upcoming dramas is kicked up a notch, making the wait for them even more difficult. Although we’re still in the month of August, the September and October dramas are hard at work, gearing up for their respective premieres, and we get to have our first look(s) into these dramas: She Was Pretty, The God of Merchant: Gaekju 2015, and Six Flying Dragons.

Coincidentally, all three dramas have been flying under the radar, quietly shooting their scenes without much buzz, but the strategy of using the element of surprise seems to have worked, judging from the reception of their first teasers.

Leading the pack is She Was Pretty, set to premiere this coming September on MBC’s Wed-Thu slot following the currently airing Scholar Who Walks the Night. The casting news became headlines recently due to the leads: Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jung-eum previously worked together in Kill Me, Heal Me, and they wooed viewers with their chemistry there. It is tried and tested, plus the first teaser serves as a reminder to have a cup of coffee while watching the drama, because it will be one sweet ride.


Writing is Jo Sung-hee, who co-wrote High School King of Savvy and the High Kick series, while the director, Jung Dae-yoon, although seemed to have focused on historical dramas in the recent years, directed The King 2 Hearts. Also starring Go Jun-hee and Choi Siwon, the drama is slated for a total episodes of 16 and scheduled to begin airing on 16 September.

The God of Merchant: Gaekju 2015 will be competing against She Was Pretty for Wed-Thu slot, joining the slot a week after it. KBS is bringing back sageuk veterans for the drama: from Lee Duk-hwa to Yoon Oh-sung, not to forget the younger leads: Jang Hyuk, Kim Min-jung, and Han Chae-ah. The tale of an inn’s successor who paves his way to become a successful merchant is shaping up to become an engaging drama, and I won’t be surprised if Gaekju will be the dark horse in the ratings game.

The production team behind the drama is experienced sageuk writer and director: Jung Sung-hee last wrote the underrated Into the Flames and KBS’s King Geunchogo, and Director Kim Jong-sun helmed KBS’s King Gwanggaeto the Great. Premiering on 23 September, Gaekju will take over the slot after Assembly wraps up with a total of 36 episodes.

Last but not least, the yearly sageuk offering from SBS which is planned for 50 episodes starting this October: Six Flying Dragons. The star-studded cast is just one of the reasons for fans to begin anticipating this drama early on (including me!!), and it knows how to tease by releasing the first teaser early on. Although the teaser only showed Yoo Ah-in as one of the titular ‘dragons’, it is enough of a reminder that the series is really happening.

Coming from the team behind Tree with Deep Roots – director Shin Kyung-soo and writer duo Park Sang-yeon and Kim Young-hyun – makes it almost normal for the drama to start filming so early compared with other dramas and they have finished filming at least the first four episodes to date; plus, the main cast had their poster shooting session yesterday, so it’s not too much to expect high quality production from this drama. The prequel to Tree with Deep Roots will also star Shin Se-kyung, Byun Yo-han, Jung Yu-mi, Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Myung-min, and Chun Ho-jin and will follow Mrs Cop on the Mon-Tue slot, starting 5 October.

I’m hoping that they will be engaging and entertaining to make up for the lackluster offerings 2015 gave us so far (with a few exceptions, of course). Are you going to tune in to any of these dramas? If not, are you waiting for your favourite actor/actress’s new drama?


16 thoughts on “A Bevy of First Teasers for Sept-Oct Dramas

      1. I have only managed to last more than 25 eps of something ONCE so I’m not optimistic here cries. But yes, Byun Yo Han and Yoo Ah In together in one drama will help me along that is for sure ;P

        1. We will have to try..and the guys will make it hard for us to resist their charms! BYH looks hotter (not that he isn’t) recently and it has to be because of that stache for SFD ^^’

        2. OMG I just saw BYH’s pic on tumblr and whoa his hotness just went up x100000! His look reminds me so much of Moon Jae Shin in Sungkyungkwan Scandal too XD. Excited!

  1. I’ll be watching She Was Pretty (as I want to Park Seo Joon in a drama as the main lead…I’ve only heard good things about him and he looks really cute in all the stills I’ve seen him in!)..
    Plus, I’ll be watching Six Flying Dragons…phew…50 episodes is a tough ride for someone like me who doesn’t like sageuks much…let’s hope it’s worth it…
    I’ll be skipping the Jang Hyuk drama as the story sounds really boring.

    1. I hope She Was Pretty will be an entertaining and fun romcom, just like how it is being promoted so far. PSJ is one cute guy and you will love him!

      Looks like many people are tuning into SFD. 50 episodes sound like a chore so let’s pray for a smooth storyline~

  2. Long time no see you mimi!!!!! After kill me heal ended, i really not watching kdrama so i really don’t have any idea about HJE new project with her twin rion!!!hahaha..btw did you do recap for she was pretty? the storyline look promising from the teaser..

      1. Saddd that you will not recapping the drama T.T..any other finish kdrama that you can suggest to me since I’d leaving that lalaland long ago…hahahaha..

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