A Bevy of First Teasers for Sept-Oct Dramas

When it rains, it pours. This week seems like a busy week for drama fans and production teams as the promotion for the upcoming dramas is kicked up a notch, making the wait for them even more difficult. Although we’re still in the month of August, the September and October dramas are hard at work, gearing up for their respective premieres, and we get to have our first look(s) into these dramas: She Was Pretty, The God of Merchant: Gaekju 2015, and Six Flying Dragons.

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Shine or Go Crazy? You Choose!

Happy (belated) New Year 2015! Although the number changes, nothing really changes, at least from what I’ve seen so far. Dramas are still airing, people are ready to work out their new year resolutions, and new dramas coming our way in this first month, January. They always come in packs and never by itself, so it takes a great deal of weighing the pros and cons in picking new shows to be watched, at least for me. Yup, sometimes I do like doing things the complicated way! The first contender is MBC’s new Mon-Tue drama, Shine or Go Crazy.

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Tree with Deep Roots: Towards the End

As much as I dreaded the ending, the urge to watch it till the end is much stronger than ever. Three months feels so short and here I am, writing the last chunk of recap (sort of). So many emotions rolling in and out, so much turns, but it’s worth the ride. It gets bumpy at times, and I’m glad because despite so many unexpected surprises that made my heart and head pounded, I finished this drama without a glitch. It’s not exaggerating at all; this might be the best dramas I’ve ever watched – Tree with Deep Roots.

A friendly advice from me: if you haven’t finished it yet, stay away from this. Too much spoilers ahead and it’s better if you watch it first.

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 18

This is the episode where the memories is proven to be as powerful as one’s dreams. Plus, the past is as influential as the future. Most of the characters dream of a better future, but some are still dwelling in their past. For the dreams are beautiful for some, they just mean painful memories for others. A few get to face their past and dark memories, while some are living towards their future,dreaming for a better life.

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[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 17

Here we go again, the moments where Sejong is in dire need of some time for him to ponder about his actions. He’s again challenged by his rival, the Mil-Bon, and his progress is somehow halted for the meantime. He’s way more composed compared to the first time he experienced the big blow from the successive murders. I’m quite relieved he’s staying sane nowadays, although I’m a bit sad because the sane, not out-of-place Sejong means no more room for the young version of him to sneak around and mock his ideology.

At times like this, he looks like someone need to comfort him. Oh, Sejong and his lonely self…

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