Magazine Monday – The Leads of Fated to Love You

I enjoyed the Korean remake of Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You because the comedy was great, balanced well with emotionally charged moments and there was wonderful chemistry between the OTP. Though I didn’t watch Successful Story of a Bright Girl where Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra also worked together in, the feels I had for this couple were off the charts. It was so amazing that even the most subtle of emotions could be felt, and this is to the credit of both actors who portrayed their characters excellently. In order to relive the memories of this drama, I am going to share some eye candy with fans of the show 🙂

Jang Na Ra brought depth to Kim Mi-young as the Post-It Girl who would have been thought to be a pushover. However, she had her own pride; which made her character more than just vulnerable. Her hurt was always sincerely felt, even if it might have just been the look in her eyes. The actress recently completed Mon-Tues drama I Remember You (which I have yet to watch) but from the buzz generated online it must have been pretty good 😉 In this pictorial for Cosmopolitan back in September 2011, she showed us her sweet and lady-like image. I love her red and white dresses here ❤

Just before Fated to Love You aired last year, she had a pictorial for Woman Chosun June 2014, where she donned on a unique collection of clothing and posed for the camera. Besides black and white, there were outfits of brighter colours as well.

Wang Ji Won’s portrayal of ballet dancer Kang Se Ra made her more well known amongst fans, and landed her another lead role in weekend drama Divorce Lawyer in Love earlier this year. She was featured on The Celebrity’s February 2014 issue for a Valentine’s Day special. tvN drama I Need Romance 3 which she starred in was airing at that time and in the same month, she had a web drama Another Parting alongside Seo In-gook.

The dancer and actress went for a simpler look in Ceci’s August 2014 issue; the pictorial gave her the opportunity to show her ballet shoes.

Now we move on to the leading men 😉 Jang Hyuk’s performance as chaebol heir Lee Gun was spectacular. His hilarious antics cracked me up, although it was over-the-top at times! And how could anyone forget that trademark laughter? XD Having said that, his expression of Gun’s inner feelings was spot-on as well. I love the endearing look in his eyes whenever he looked at Mi-young. His teary eyes, those of pain and regret were also a highlight. The drama was also the actor’s 30th project in his 18-year-long career and I’m glad it was well-received. Just after his sageuk Shine or Go Crazy from early in the year, he will star in The God of Merchant – Gaekju 2015 which will take over the timeslot of currently airing Assembly. This pictorial for L’Officiel Hommes in November 2011 revealed a little of his hot body 😀

In July this year, he graced the cover of Esquire in celebration of the magazine’s 20th anniversary. In a number of images, he is holding a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, since the title of the shoot was [The Cutting Edge of the Smartphone Revolution].

You can find a video of the photoshoot here. 🙂

Choi Jin Hyuk as designer Daniel Pitt definitely won my heart. He stayed by Mi-young’s side through her difficult times, especially when her “marriage” with Gun was on the rocks. Although his romantic feelings for her were one-sided, there were points when I actually shipped this alternate pairing despite knowing it was impossible in the context of the drama. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching their interactions as friends. After taking part in Emergency Couple, Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team, Fated to Love You followed by Pride and Prejudice last year, the actor is now serving in the military. Take this chance to see him through pictorials if you miss him like I do! 😉 In this pictorial with Ize Korea back in December 2013, he was decked in suits just like his character Kim Won in drama The Heirs which was airing then.

Melts at his smile ❤

His pictorial for ELLE June 2014 showed his playful and manly side as the shoot titled [The Rules Of The Game] saw him with poker cards in one of the images.

I think the mirror concept is really cool in this shot haha XD

Credits: Cosmopolitan | 여성중앙 | The Celebrity | Ceci | L’Officiel Hommes | Esquire | ize | ELLE


2 thoughts on “Magazine Monday – The Leads of Fated to Love You

  1. I liked Jang Nara in Hello Monster as well. Choi Jin Hyuk was so damn fine in Gu Family Book. And Jang Hyuk, I loved him in ALL dramas!

    1. I’ve placed Hello Monster on my to-watch list, will be sure to catch it! Yeah he was. I liked him in Emergency Couple too. Haha yes I like him in all his dramas I’ve watched too 😀 He is a good actor.

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