Park Yoochun for Marie Claire

It seems like more stars are leaving for army soon, and Park Yoochun is not excluded; he is enlisting at the end of this month 😦 Marie Claire is kind enough to have a farewell photo shoot with him for the September edition of the magazine, but I won’t bid goodbye to him! Just..take care, and see you soon. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the pictorial~

(I promise I will watch all your dramas while you’re away! I promise! 😥 )

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More Teasers for Sado/The Throne

August is coming to an end soon, which means September will be here with lots of new offerings! Although it will be another long wait for the movie to be subbed, the thought of getting to watch Sado/The Throne alone makes me so, so excited. The main trailer has been released yesterday following the first teaser and character teaser before, and the production conference was held last week, with Director Lee Joon-ik and actors Song Kang-ho and Yoo Ah-in in attendance. But the reason I’m posting the teasers in a separate post? Moon Geun-young.

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