Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 12

The hour felt so short when I was watching this episode. I guess that’s the disadvantage of following dramas while they are airing: you only get to watch two hours per week and the rest of the time is spent moping around, waiting for new week, new episodes, and new twists to come. I am happy to report that the wait is over, and Do-hyun is back with us! There were so much emotions packed into the hour but it felt so good..and I’m left here, craving for more. Hum.

[Episode 12] – (already?)


Seeing how he’s calling his father with respect, the one who woke up this time was indeed Do-hyun, but he was so freaked out to find himself beside his unconscious father. Jun-pyo’s fingers moved slightly, as if he was tapping his fingers..and it resembled what Se-gi usually did. Oooh. It brought back another memory of the past for Do-hyun, his father included this time.

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Little Do-hyun was playing a piano but the boy grew nervous when he made his mistake, and we got to see why: Jun-pyo was there watching him and grabbed little Do-hyun’s collar although the kid was begging for him to be forgiven for his mistake. Adult Do-hyun put his hand over his head in front of his father as little Do-hyun in his memory was thrown into the basement. Jun-pyo reminded his son that he should do well so that no one would be hurt and lifted his arm to hit the boy. Little Do-hyun tried to shield himself at first but upon seeing another child beside him in the basement, he went to put his hand over the child, protecting her (or him?) from his father’s abuse.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000246733 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000304503

The memory stopped there and Do-hyun realized that he was still in the ward, but he was curious about the child who suddenly appeared beside him in the scene. He was going to check on his father when Se-gi’s voice greeted him from inside, offering his advice to Do-hyun: how about dealing with his past in one strike, especially the people who turned him into the monster he was now? Do-hyun recalled Se-gi’s challenge for him to stop him and he should do nothing if he couldn’t do so, but Do-hyun won’t give up this time. He tried to fight the headache and stayed awake but suddenly, the guards barged into the room, dragging Do-hyun away from his father.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000371263 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000438150

Ri-jin was still in the middle of her confrontation with Ri-on, with her demanding to know the relationship between his documents related to Do-hyun and his warning before. Meanwhile, Do-hyun was brought to his knees in front of Chairman Seo, who slapped him for playing with his father’s life. She decided to ignore the matter today..thinking that it’s a price for Do-hyun, living his life like a dog guarding his owner’s empty house, but she warned him not to get near his father again. Do-hyun apologized, admitting that he was only trying to pay his respects his father, although he was aware that his grandma didn’t like to see him getting close to his parents and he owed his life thanks to his father. The gentle Do-hyun in front of her was totally different from the guy who raised his voice in front of her back then, and Chairman Seo noticed it.


The chairman told Do-hyun to disappear from her sight for the day but Do-hyun wanted to ask a question: was he abused by his father when he was young? Alas, the question didn’t get asked; instead, Do-hyun wondered if there was another child living inside the house aside from him when he was young.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000565815 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000681127

Ri-on only told Ri-jin that Do-hyun’s information he gathered was his materials for his next mystery novel centering around a chaebol family, but Ri-jin wasn’t convinced with his explanation, thinking that he might be planning to write a novel about Do-hyun’s multiple personalities. Ri-on chided her for thinking that he would be using someone else’s private matter to rack in money and hid the photo of President Min Seo-yeon in his pocket. He tried to escape but Ri-jin wasn’t not done yet; then, why did he tell her not to bring up Do-hyun or Seungjin in front of their parents? Ri-on had the upper hand this time, because he thought that she should her patient’s details as privacy..and she wasn’t really going to tell their parents that she had been staying with a young rich man instead of a rich grandpa all this while, was she? Ri-on managed to escape from Ri-jin when Daddy Oh made her take a look at Mama Ji, who had accidentally cut her finger.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000726538 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000803271

Back to the Seungjin mansion, Chairman Seo insisted that there was no other child except for Do-hyun living there back then, but Do-hyun wasn’t going to let it go just like that. By the way, the portrait was creepy! Do-hyun was going to ask Madam Shin about it, but he found out that Se-gi had sent his mother overseas. At the same time, Ri-on managed to sneak out and put the photo of President Min into the fire.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000821085 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000887641

Do-hyun took a cab home (because his red car was at the nursing home and his white car was at Chae-yeon’s house) and he was about to step out after paying the taxi fare when the driver turned around to face him…and it was his father. Damn, that was creepy! Do-hyun was shocked and he had a hard time trying to open the door and jumped out onto the ground, before throwing up. The taxi driver probably thought that he was just drunk and left Do-hyun sitting on the ground in front of his house, trying to catch his breath. He realized that he was really abused by his father back then ㅠㅠ

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000979895 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001020240

The house was dark when Do-hyun went inside and he went around searching for Ri-jin; however, she was nowhere to be found inside the house. He heard someone punching in the pass code to enter the house and ran downstairs, but it was Secretary Ahn, who was so happy to see that Do-hyun had returned. Do-hyun was relieved when he found out that Ri-jin was on her way there after resolving the misunderstanding with her family, because he thought that she was in trouble. AWWWWW. He then recalled Se-gi’s warning and started to worry about Chae-yeon.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001039742 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001069427

The lady who went to the dress fitting session was now crying in front of her mother, thinking that she should break off the engagement with Ki-joon. Chae-yeon was disappointed when her mother seemed to be against her decision and she jumped out of her bed, taking her phone with her when Do-hyun called her. Ki-joon thought that it was just Chae-yeon experiencing marriage blues but his mother thought that there was something and scolded her son for not accompanying Chaeyeon earlier.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001116688 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001134113

Chae-yeon played it cool when she talked with Do-hyun over the phone, wondering why he was always asking after her condition as if he’s her personal doctor. She informed him that everything was fine and asked why he kept calling her; was he going to meet her late at night and say ridiculous things like he did few nights before? Do-hyun could only apologize to Chae-yeon, telling her that he wasn’t being sincere at that time and she should think as getting bitten by a mad dog instead of getting affected over his words. She only grew more confused at Do-hyun’s sudden change and rushed out..


It was the first time for Do-hyun to have his body taken over by his alter for that long (a few days) and he couldn’t even start to imagine what Se-gi had done during the time he was absent. Secretary Ahn consoled him, saying that he should be stronger from now on, so that both his consciousness and his precious person won’t be taken away from him. Awwwww yeay for Cupid Ahn! The secretary promised to find out what happened between Se-gi and Chairman Seo, but Do-hyun asked for him to find out if there was another child around his age who was there at Seungjin mansion prior to the fire incident.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001260907 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001262270

The Oh Family had given their consent for Ri-jin to return to her position as the personal doctor and Ri-on initially complained that Ri-jin shouldn’t give him trouble sending her there, but retracted his words when Daddy Oh offered to give Ri-jin a ride. Daddy Oh suddenly though of Do-hyun (“Ferry? Or was it Henry?”) and wondered why he didn’t visit them even once after all his promises and the twins snatched his phone when he tried to call him. Mama Ji thought of the side dishes she gave to Do-hyun and when Ri-jin tried to tell her that Do-hyun hadn’t finished eating them yet, Ri-on stepped on her foot to prevent his sister from blowing her cover. He dragged her away, leaving their parents wondering why their kids were so jumpy that night.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001366819 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001372844

Ri-on complained about him acting like a boyfriend to Ri-jin, driving her here and there, Ri-jin didn’t have anything to say except for “Sorry” and ” I love you”. He told her to bring Do-hyun home, since he realized how hard it was for Ri-jin to become Do-hyun’s only friend and family by herself. He even offered to be Do-hyun’s friend and family in Ri-jin’s stead, if she ever felt it difficult to bear with. He’s indeed an ideal brother! (Sorry for brother-zoning you, Orion!) Ri-on then asked Ri-jin about the person he met when he fetched Ri-jin from Do-hyun’s house and thought that Se-gi seemed to be really dangerous. Ri-jin denied that, explaining how innocent and cute Se-gi was deep down his heart. But then, she warned his brother that there’s another alter he should be careful with and we all know: Yo-na would probably be even more dangerous when she’s around Ri-on, but Ri-jin not telling Ri-on. Heeeeeeeee I want them to meet once, just to see how it will turn out to be!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001438532 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001451822

Do-hyun sent Secretary Ahn out and the latter realized that Do-hyun was waiting for Ri-jin when Do-hyun kept looking at his watch. Of course! A car came from the other side and it turned out to be Chae-yeon, who jumped straight into the flustered Do-hyun’s arms. Whoops! Ri-jin and Ri-on arrived at the scene to witness the melodrama that was about to unveil in front of them, but Ri-jin thought that it was Se-gi, trying to mess with Do-hyun’s life again. She bid Ri-on goodbye and said that she’s going for the shooting of Love and War and jumped out of the car…

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001487045 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001514243

…before screeching out loud at the trash Do-hyun. She bulldozed her way in between Chae-yeon and Do-hyun, apologizing to Chae-yeon because of Do-hyun. She explained that they fought on the night Se-gi visited Chae-yeon and he was drunk, so she shouldn’t think too much of whatever he said to her on that night. Ri-jin pulled Do-hyun’s ear, dragging him with her when she bowed at Chae-yeon and into the house. Ri-on watched them from afar, thinking that the situation between Ri-jin and Do-hyun had not reached the melodrama level yet. Ummmm you don’t really know anything, Ri-on!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001584853 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001587296

Ri-jin started to scold Do-hyun (still in his Se-gi ‘do) like she always did as soon as they’re inside, reminding him of the promise to maintain Do-hyun’s reputation. She warned him that he would be in minus if he continued to act like that, and Do-hyun just flashed his signature puppy smile at her. Ri-jin thought that he was playing around with her, smiling like Do-hyun after acting as Do-hyun these few days (“A performance that is worth getting the Daesang!” That’s for you, Ji Sung!). Do-hyun was about to laugh and Ri-jin approved that ‘Se-gi’ in front of her really resembled Do-hyun! She went “It feels like you’re Mr. Cha, it seems like you’re Mr. Cha but not..”


..and he reached for her hand, admitting that he’s the real Mr. Cha, and he had returned. She just stood there with tears welling in her eyes as Do-hyun playfully asked Ri-jin if she regretted it now that he’s returned.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001663174 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001681005

You fool, you didn’t even know what she went through, Do-hyun! Ri-jin smacked him (good girl!) and cried out loud, asking why he only returned now. She really thought that he won’t come back forever and told him how worried Secretary Ahn and her were. Ri-jin complained between her tears: how Se-gi threatened to kill Do-hyun every single day; how Do-hyun appeared in her dreams and bid his goodbye; how bad she felt thinking that he disappeared because of her. Ackkkkkk this girl needs a hug, and Do-hyun gave her one! YESSSSSSS! Ri-jin threatened that he would be dead if he was Se-gi posing as Do-hyun, and Do-hyun had his own way of proving that he’s the real Do-hyun:



Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001779062 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001781614

The next morning, Ri-jin started the day reporting every single thing (“just like how it was stated in the contract that Do-hyun loved” Heh) that happened during the time Se-gi was there. He was actually curious about what happened between Se-gi and Chae-yeon, but Ri-jin thought that nothing actually happened since she couldn’t imagine Se-gi doing anything, because she believed him. Do-hyun remarked that she really trusted Se-gi and he didn’t even deny that he was jealous. Eyyy~! Ri-jin thought that they should get ready for work, but there’s something Do-hyun was curious about since the night before…

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001814290 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001838136

..and it was no other than the wheel of fortune. Pffffttt. Ri-jin told him about the choice she had to made and Do-hyun was on cloud nine when he found out that the outcome turned to be on his side. But then, Se-gi had declared that it was void, and Do-hyun started to question why Ri-jin agreed to Se-gi so easily. LOL it’s not hard to guess where Se-gi got his pettiness inside him! Ri-jin made a pact with Se-gi and Do-hyun was amazed that the stubborn Se-gi adhered to his promise and helped to carry out Do-hyun’s tasks at the office without much trouble. Thus, Ri-jin thought that Do-hyun should do the same too.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001913487 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001958895

Ri-jin was stunned to see Do-hyun getting ready in his ordinary, ill-fitted suit for work (where have those perfect suits gone to?) and persuaded him to change into something that was more like Se-gi, since his sudden ‘good student’ look after walking like a fashion model in the last two days would make people suspicious of him. He opted for the ‘jacket and turtleneck look’ and Ri-jin tried to bring his hair up just a bit, but Do-hyun won’t let her touch his hair. Kekekekeke his hair is really his joy and pride, huh? He wasn’t going to copy that great Shin Se-gi and Ri-jin told him to bring his hair down since the weather was cold. I’m slowly dying of laughter because of these two!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001999551 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001999735

They arrived at the company and Do-hyun noticed that the female staff were staring at him. Ri-jin advised him to just smile and wave, because he’s opening a new for himself! He just lifted his hand and the staff went crazy over it. HAHAHAHA! He was genuinely flustered at the attention and Ri-jin just said that it was a prove of his charms and he should be more confident about it. LOL the staff were like fangirls around him!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002073041 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002090220

Do-hyun and Ri-jin were waiting for the elevator when Ki-joon’s secretary greeted them, dressed to the nines to work that day. He’s so copying Se-gi but he’s like going for a vampire look there! HAHAHA! He kept winking at Ri-jin and complimented Do-hyun for his look of the day, bragging that only fellow fashion people could understand each other. The secretary didn’t even wait for Do-hyun and took the elevator by himself, just like Se-gi. Pfffft he kinda looked like a Dracula too! Ri-jin told Do-hyun that he should continue to live with his charms, seeing how he could affect the people around him.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002159164 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002178987

They encountered J.I. next and Do-hyun just went “OMG!” when he got to know that Se-gi made the idol a leading man in a movie even when he couldn’t act at all. J.I. greeted Do-hyun, this time looking up at the Vice President who had inspired him to start from the bottom, so he had decided to give up the leading role. But before that, he wanted to see Do-hyun saying the line, “Okay, do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit~!” like Se-gi did, and clueless Do-hyun had to do it in front of the other staff at J.I.’s insistence. Hehehe he’s truly enjoying it!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002236798 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002296438

Do-hyun attended a meeting with Ki-joon and the other staff, but Ki-joon suddenly brought up the matter about J.I. praising Do-hyun for his success to persuade the idol. Do-hyun was initially stunned but his lips curled into a smile, and Do-hyun noticed that. After the meeting ended, he went to Secretary Ahn, thinking that Se-gi was quite capable too. His secretary thought that it was because Se-gi had Do-hyun backing his up, and the J.I. issue felt like a joint work of Se-gi and Do-hyun; Se-gi as the person who did the job with Do-hyun’s trust to leave his world behind in Se-gi’s hands. It’s not different from someone having faith in himself, because Se-gi would eventually become Do-hyun. He’s very optimistic, and he didn’t forget to give the credit to Ri-jin too! Ahhhh who doesn’t love Cupid Ahn?!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002399034 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002415173

Their conversation was interupted by Ki-joon, who wanted to see Do-hyun for a while. At the same time, Ri-jin ran into Chae-yeon in the washroom and the latter wanted to have a word with Ri-jin. Ki-joon had abandoned his goody two shoes image, pushing Do-hyun against the wall as he warned Do-hyun not to make people confused with his ever-changing concepts. Do-hyun apologized for it and Ki-joon asked if he’s planning something with his frequent visits to Chae-yeon’s house and Do-hyun’s reply was awesome: Ki-joon must had been so weak and lacking in self cofidence if he thought that his relationship with Chae-yeon would be destroyed easily like that. Do-hyun admitted that he had gotten over Chae-yeon and Ki-joon should stop lashing out his anger at him. Yessssssss that’s how you do it, boy!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002455425 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002487488

Ki-joon’s mood didn’t get any better at the sight of his secretary copying Se-gi/Do-hyun’s style, but the secretary had something that could lessen his anger. Their investigation on Do-hyun’s life overseas yielded a very interesting result: they found out about a close friend of Do-hyun during his stay in California. The guy, Alex, grew apart from Do-hyun just before they graduated, but Alex also received a huge sum of money around that time. Ki-joon wanted to find the Alex guy and he’s really going to dig up everything about Do-hyun.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002528583 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002548207

Secretary Ahn had secured the CCTV recording from Seungjin mansion and Do-hyun decided that it would be safer for them go back home. As for Ri-jin, she was still standing in front of Chae-yeon, waiting for Chae-yeon to start talking but she apologized for the matter on the night first. Chae-yeon thought that Ri-jin should realize that she was only being used by Do-hyun, and if she knew what Do-hyun told her on the night they met, then Ri-jin might not be able to stay beside him any longer. Chae-yeon was so confident that Do-hyun only saw Ri-jin as her replacement since he’s not over her yet, but Ri-jin put Chae-yeon in her place: they shouldn’t be having that kind of talk, especially when Chae-yeon was already engaged to Ki-joon. Ri-jin received a call from Do-hyun, telling her to come to his house, and she stepped away.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002662617 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002756896

Do-hyun and Secretary Ahn watched the recordings from the nights Se-gi went to visit Chairman Seo and Do-hyun couldn’t decide why Se-gi did that. Smartypants Secretary Ahn managed to slip in a voice recorder in Se-gi’s pocket when they went to Seungjin mansion together and from the voice recording, Do-hyun heard about the child that everyone should had saved instead of him. Chairman Seo couldn’t stop thinking about Do-hyun’s different faces and went to meet Dr. Seok at the hospital.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002848922 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002860584

Dr. Seok was actually elated that a family member of Do-hyun had came to meet him because he had waited for a long time, but Chairman Seo wasn’t there to enjoy her time; she wanted to keep everything short and went there to find out the problem Do-hyun had. Dr. Seok explained that as a result of his painful memories of the past, Do-hyun produced a number of alters for him to deal with the wound. In other words, he’s someone with multiple personalities.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003002736 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003045189

Secretary Ahn’s investigation only yielded little results so far, because records of the previous staff working at the mansion had been destroyed, as if someone was trying to hide something. Ri-jin arrived at the house and Do-hyun wanted to talk with her privately. He wanted to know the reason she’s hiding about her meeting with Madam Shin, leading to his mother being sent overseas by Se-gi. Ri-jin told him about Madam Shin’s role as a witness to Do-hyun’s abuse and she’s been holding on to Seungjin using that as her weapon. Do-hyun wasn’t told about it not because Ri-jin thought that he was too weak to handle the truth, but the fact that he was abused during his childhood would come out as a shock for him. Do-hyun knew about it, and he’s thinking of finding out more about it; hence, he wanted to be stronger, so that he didn’t have to use Se-gi as his shield anymore.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003189514 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003204541

Se-gi appeared again in his Do-hyun’s mind, expecting the answer to his offer regarding the past. Do-hyun agreed to find his lost memories and dig the secrets the people hid from him. Se-gi wondered if he’s going to let him do the job, or Do-hyun himself was ready to do it himself? Of course Do-hyun was ready, because he wasn’t thinking of avoiding or running away from the truth anymore. Although Se-gi was doubtful of Do-hyun’s ability to handle the truth, Do-hyun was very confident this time.


Do-hyun: Your memories will be mine soon, and the pain you can handle will become mine too. If you did it, then I will be able to do it too. Because…you’ll become me soon. Do you want me to say it again? Because I..will become you soon.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003356876 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003386019

Do-hyun also learned about the people who were looking for the missing child, and they were his mother and Ki-joon’s father. Secretary Ahn then received a call from Chairman Seo, summoning Do-hyun to the mansion. Do-hyun wondered if something happened to his father and the thought about his father alone made him weak in the knees. He just slumped there on the floor, trying to gather himself. Ri-jin thought that he was being nervous after the trouble caused by Se-gi but he didn’t tell her anything.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003427930 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003440140

The first thing Do-hyun asked Chairman Seo about was his father and her grandma thought that Do-hyun had finally recalled what he had done to his father, but Do-hyun actually meant to tell her about his DID. However, before he could explain it, she told him to return to the US, because it would be impossible for Seungjin to deal with someone whose different personalities might jump out at any time. It was heartbreaking to see his own grandmother treating Do-hyun like he’s some kind of monster, urging him to live with his mother there.


Do-hyun: Have you even thought of me as your grandson even once, Chairman? Have you ever considered me, even once, not as Father’s substitute, but as your grandson, your family member, or a human?

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003566079 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E12.150212.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003626305

Ri-jin went to the mansion together with Do-hyun and Secretary Ahn, but she ended up helping the housekeeper with the thing she didn’t really like, that was going to the basement to fetch the wine. She still went there alone despite being obviously wary of the place, searching for the wine. She kept looking at one side of the place but decided to ignore the strange feeling she had before she found the wine. She was going to leave the cellar but she saw a little girl drawing on the wall.


Do-hyun expressed his intention to stay in the country, not because of his greed but because of something he had to do. he would leave his position at the company if that’s what his grandma wanted him to do. Apart from getting a proper treatment, Do-hyun was thinking of finding the reason why his heart had shattered into several pieces and what each piece meant to him.


The little kid in front of Ri-jin turned around, and it was actually the younger version of her.


Do-hyun: I will find the lost memories of mine and I will patch together the pieces of my heart. I will see to the end, how the complete picture will turn out to be. I am not Father’s substitute. I am not Seungjin’s guard dog, and I am not a monster. I am just…Cha Do-hyun.

[END of Episode 12]


Is it Wednesday yet?! Because I’m so excited for the next episode! Yeay for Do-hyun’s comeback; bolder and stronger! And that child was indeed Ri-jin! The drama is not going to drag the “Who the child is?” game and I am somehow happy for the revelation in this episode, because we were 90%+ sure that the child was Ri-jin. It’s good for the drama to unveil it, because beating around the bush longer will only make the viewers grow tired. Although there wasn’t any preview for episode 13 yet, it’s normal since they’re already in the middle of live shooting and to think that they’re able to put up such a good episode is truly commendable.

We are now sure that Do-hyun was indeed abused by his father; there’s no doubt about it, and only the writer knows for how long he had to endure the torture before the fire incident. It’s still a mystery how and why little Ri-jin was there, but Do-hyun’s father seemed to be aware of her presence there, and he’s probably using her as his punching bag too. Poor kids, and what a bad father Jun-pyo was! He did talk about his heart being hurt, so maybe he saw Ri-jin as his source of pain, because she was the illegitimate daughter of his wife, President Min Seo-yeon?

I really wish that the drama won’t have the fauxcest issue going on for too long. It can be icky for most of the viewers, and I hope Do-hyun wlill discover it really fast that Ri-jin wasn’t his half-sister. That will be hard to deal with, especially for both Do-hyun and Ri-jin themselves. They’re technically unrelated by blood, but it’s another issue if Ri-jin’s name was included in the family register, or had her birth registered under Min Seo-yeon’s name.


Do-hyun made a bit of progress in this episode, coming into terms with his alter Se-gi, and learning how to accommodate his alters just like they did for him, especially Se-gi. It was, is, and will be hard for him, but Do-hyun’s willingness to fight in the battle shows that he’s ready to see it through to the bitter end, no matter how the outcome will turn out to be. Yeay for the courage, and yeay for his bravery! To think that he rejected Se-gi’s ‘offer’ to face the painful memories in his stead twice showed how much he wanted to recover, and also to find out about everything that happened in the past, locked away in his lost memories. Even when he’s hit with the ugly truth that he was abused by his father, he still held on to his consciousness, not letting it escape from his grip.

Although there are eight episodes left for the story to be tied up nicely, there are, in reality, lots of things that need to be addressed, especially the Seungjin family. The person I am most curious about is the late President Min Seo-yeon, because she’s related to everyone and everything happening in this drama: she was Do-hyun’s legal mother, Ri-jin’s birth mother, Mama Ji’s best friend, Jun-pyo’s wife, and Chairman Seo’s daughter-in-law. She was like the key to what happened to Seungjin back then and she will be the most important person in determining Ri-jin and Do-hyun’s real ties. Since her photos have been brought up by the Oh Family (Mama Ji and Ri-on), my guess is that the family will bring up about Seo-yeon first. How? That we will have to wait for next week.


As much as we have enjoyed the last few episodes with Se-gi’s antics, this episode showed another side of the story, that was from Ri-jin’s point of view. No matter how obedient Se-gi could be in front of her, we often forgot how hard it was for heal to deal with Se-gi while blaming herself, thinking that she was the reason for Do-hyun to disappear and for Se-gi to come out. When she broke down in front of Do-hyun, it was just more than a simple childish wailing; it was her way of expressing her relief, anguish, happiness, and so many emotions at the sight o Do-hyun, after thinking that he might not come back forever. When Do-hyun hugged her (and kissed her on her forehead!), that was a very beautiful scene. He better keep his promise not to be late anymore and not to make Ri-jin cry again! She will be needing your support soon!

With Ri-jin’s discovery of her presence in the basement, she will likely start to ponder about it and ask her family about her past, although it is unknown whether her parents will try to hide the truth…or just spill it to her since she has started to remember bits and pieces about her childhood. Will Do-hyun continue to grow closer to Oh Family through Ri-jin, and what the parents’ reaction will be once they found out that Do-hyun is a part of Seungjin? Lots and lots of questions we have here still, and next week can’t come here faster enough.

Although you’re still mysterious…you’re cute, Orion!


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  1. Nooooo!!! It was too short 😦 . But we learn a lot of things today. Yeeeyyyy!!! Do Hyun is back and ready to take his life back. Okay, I just came to say thank you, I will read your recap a little more slowly and in detail later, my boss is coming back from a meeting, heh.
    Read you later, take care, and thank you again!!!.

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    Anyway, I shall comment again later tonight after I properly watch it and gather my thoughts. Thanks for your hard work in recapping!

    1. You’re welcome!

      I usually watch it live and then I download the episodes to watch again while recapping and screencapping 😀 I’m not Korean but I can understand the basic conversation especially in dramas, thanks to all those years I spent watching kdramas 😉

    2. I totally forgot to say this! I keep forgetting things in my comment. I’m so glad Dohyun is back! I missed him dearly for the past 2 episodes, I had to replay episode 9 over and over again just to see him and his puppy smile. And it’s funny that Rijin and Dohyun are totally comfortable with their skinship, I feel like they are in ‘some’ relationship. They’re not together but they do all the things that couple do, getting jealous and handsy. Gosh, I just love this two. But I’ve gotten attached to Segi too, it’s sad to see him take a backseat again in this episode. What a dilemma!

      1. LOL you described it aptly..they’re in the ‘some’ level! I swear I just melt into a puddle of happy goo each time they’re being adorable together..and the forehead kiss! Gaaaaahhhh so sweet! Even if they’re not officially in a relationship yet, they don’t deny their feelings! OMG I can’t stop spazzing about them!

        Don’t miss him too much! Seeing the fire and determination in Do-hyun’s eyes made me happy, because he is incorporating Se-gi bit by bit into himself :’)

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    I think it’s time for Ri Jin to remember the past bit by bit like DH so maybe
    we’ll be able to see Nana in the next episodes to make her remember those
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    1. It doesn’t feel like an hour has passed! ㅠㅠ

      The drama knows when to throw the bait at us the viewers and now we’re left anticipating Ri-jin’s reaction to what she have seen! Maybe Nana will be Ri-jin’s trigger for her to recall her past? Can’t wait!

      1. Me too 🙂 I’m positive that the writer will continue to surprise us with revelations and brilliant scenes for the next episodes 🙂

  4. what a wonderful episode~ why can’t Wednesday be after Thursday >o<
    so Rijin is the other child. okay. so many things happened this ep and yet it still feels too short. ah and we still need to see Nana and Mr. X. ugh I feel bad already thinking about how Rijin will feel when she remembers. no my babies! and I hope Segi, like Dohyun, reconciles with the idea that they will soon become one person. I’m so proud of you Dohyun! He’s stepping up! He needs to in order to protect/help Rijin after all the secrets explode.

    thank you so much for sharing this! i will now hybernate (spring break!!), please wake me up when it’s Wednesday ❤ thanks!

    1. My thought exactly! Now we have to wait again until next Wednesday /sobs/

      I hope Ri-jin will be able to handle it. Urgh both of them had a difficult time during childhood but Ri-jin was a bit luckier since she found a loving family :’)

      I think Se-gi can see the determination in Do-hyun’s eyes and he is letting Do-hyun do the job this time. The fact that he made the offer was already a good start for them to understand each other. After all, with Se-gi believing Do-hyun can face the fears, it’s like him believing in himself!

      Ah, Do-hyun is probably going to Ri-jin’s knight too from now on! I like that :3 They are each other’s healers!

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  7. Why is it that RiJin doesn’t remember the basement? Or doesn’t remember not remembering. Or maybe we don’t know? But the drama doesn’t tell us if or if not she has memory loss.
    Possible prediction for future eps: RiJin will remember after seeing DoHyun’s father? I doubt this will happen thou.

      1. Well possibly, however, RiJin is always stressing that her mother gave her so much charms. She also said that she and RiOn think so much alike because they are twins.
        Assuming she got adopted after the incident, when she was around 8 years old, that age should have been old enough to remember at least who the mom is… Anyways, can’t wait for NXT week!!!!

    1. Probably the same reason why Dohyun developed DID, because it was very traumatic experience for both child that they suppressed the memory, the difference is Dohyun created Segi who could cope with the pain, whilst Rijin simply block it out completely.

    2. Just like what we have seen in the drama and heard from Ri-jin and Ri-on, she only had the fear of basement and she didn’t have any recollection of memories prior to her being adopted into the Oh Family. It can because of the injuries she had during the fire, or she also locked her memories because of the pain, just like what Do-hyun did. The only difference was Ri-jin simply forgot it all, while Do-hyun made Se-gi as his pain vessel.

      The reawakening of the memories for both Do-hyun and Ri-jin won’t be easy at all. ㅠㅠ Will Ri-jin ever meet Do-hyun’s father too? I hope it will happen only after Do-hyun become more stronger and have better idea about what had happened so that he could support Ri-jin. Ah, my heart already hurts for them….

    3. She probably has dissociative amnesia…like take away the pain from those memories or that tragic experience…she forgot them…

    4. Here is a theory:
      Nana IS who RJ lived as throughout the abuse. RJ came after, and was able to lock all the memories in her Nana brain.
      It makes sense that RJ found “I’m Nana” written on that paper in the desk if SHE HAD WRITTEN IT herself earlier, and one of CDH’s alters found it and dug it out.

  8. as we already saw some overlaps between Dohyun and the alters, meaning that they are close to reconciling, just a speculation, when Mr. X comes out, will there be a Mr. X vs. Dohyun and the alters? Now that secrets are slowly unraveling, I find myself getting anxiously excited about Mr. X, but at the same time be suspicious and therefore nervous, just what will happen next? pulling my hair out over here >.<

    1. I am excited for Mr. X too, but I’m hoping Mr. X will be the greatest challenge of an alter Dohyun could face. I mean Segi was Dohyun’s biggest threat, but from what we’ve seen of Segi, he’s actually more of a softie with cold exterior. Now that I think about it, since the DID came from abuse and the fire, Mr. X could possible represent Dohyun’s father. I hope they can throw us evil Mr. X and we can excitedly anticipate how Rijin completely heal Dohyun from this. I enjoy the fact that there’s so many route to go with this story, my brain is aching to do some fanfic. LOL

    2. Mr. X can be either the bridge for Do-hyun towards his recovery, or the mysterious alter can also be the one who will become Do-hyun’s greatest enemy, I initially thought that X might appear towards th end of this episode and he wil somehow become the one who will help to unite Do-hyun and his other alters but I’m wrong. Hehe. Just like what maryxiah suggested, Mr. X might be evil, so we have to wait and see next week! Ughhh where is Wednesday?

  9. OH MY GOD, THAT ENDING! I’m not gonna lie, I cried this episode.

    The scene with Do Hyun and Se Gi in the mirror was epic, but my favourite has to be when Do Hyun says he will discover why his heart broke into pieces! I really think that he thought that Ri Jin died in the fire, and her “death” shattered both his mind and his heart, and oh my god there I go crying again!

    I love the pacing of the drama so far. They dragged out the “child in the basement” storyline just the right amount of time. One more episode would have been too much.

    All my emotions! I can’t control them!

    1. It warms my heart to see Do-hyun declaring his intention bravely in front of his mother, yet at the same time I’m so nervous for Ri-jin! This drama is messing with my emotions, really!

      Yeah, it feels right for the drama to reveal the identity of the basement child at this point. Although we have eight episodes left, there are lots of things the characters have to deal with…and time is running up! This episode is so satisfying yet it left me craving for more :’)

      1. I love the fact that the drama is aiming to blend Se Gi and Do Hyun together. I’ll be happy about that, and I think it’s the only way to reconcile the two and make everyone happy. Hopefully by next week’s end we’ll have the childhood secret out of the way.

        1. Yes! I feel sad that people are fighting over shipping Ri-jin with Do-hyun and Se-gi. It’s not like there will be any winner in the end; I’d like it if Do-hyun can be viewed not as a separate entity and a rival of Se-gi, but another side of him..and vice versa.
          The childhood secret might take some episodes to be resolved since it is probably related to the bigger conspiracy behind Seungjin, especially the car accident and the fire. I’ll just trust the writer this time 🙂

  10. I watched some hot clips from MBC drama youtube channel, talk about self-restrain, and I was honestly touched by Rijin’s relief in seeing Dohyun, no wonder puppy cried too! I love that this drama keeps giving us scenes mirroring previous ones, like rooftop and Dohyun’s coming back, no touching and rap battle. Because Rijin tend to be like mother hen watching Segi’s every move, Rion misunderstood that they haven’t gone into ‘melodrama’ level, but poor boy didn’t see how Rijin and Dohyun hugged inside and the forehead kissing (squeeeeeeeeee). Rion ya, you don’t stand a chance! Puppy got Rijin hooked! It’s official now, Jisung is puppy to me.

    1. I just love both Ri-jin and Do-hyun’s reactions: that was so Do-hyun, joking about Se-gi again and then consoling her, while Ri-jin broke down with relief at the sight of Do-hyun. Their eyes OMG I keep replaying that scene and I love it even more!

      LOL Ji Sung is fast becoming everyone’s puppy 😀 Forget melodrama, Ri-jin and Do-hyun are already shooting romance and family drama! Hehehehehehe

  11. Goodness, what an ending!!! SeGi and Do Hyun bargaining for life? And did you notice how Do Hyun is no longer nervous around SeGi? He’s gotten stronger. I believe once Do Hyun conquer and tame Se Gi, Mr. X will start coming out. I’m not sure what X role will be and I can’t imagine him to be another antagonist although it is possible (but it’d be a waste of plots).

    I think I saw ep 12 three times today… I’m not kidding. Each time I saw, the lightbulb in my head lit up! There are so many theories going on and I just can’t put the pieces together. Like who exactly Ri Jin is? Why did SeGi say she should have been saved by his abusive dad? What was her relationship in that household? So many questions!

    Say… Is it Wednesday yet? giggles

    1. Yeah, he didn’t even flinch this time! The fire…the fire in his eyes said it all: he’s ready to face the truth this time! I hope that Se-gi will support Do-hyun when Do-hyun feels weak. Se-gi’s probably the person wishing for Do-hyun to overcome his pain the most! Do-hyun already have lots of rivals/enemies in his if Mr. X can be of help to him, that sounds good too!

      It seems that you haven’t been spoiled yet…good for you! It will be more enjoyable for you went you find out about it! Heee~ let’s wait for Wednesday to come while rewatching the drama from the beginning!! 😉

  12. Thank’s for the recap, for me it’s like an immediate forum to talk about the drama right after watching this…
    This episode give me a relief, laughter, tears and SQUUEEEELLL. Who doesn’t feel relief after finally watch another episode? eventhough we have to wait another wednesday to relief our desire again and again….
    I’m seriously need to find the gif from scene ” How To Break Your Boyfriend’s Hug” Because that would be the most effective way to ruin any lingering mood from your ex first love-trying-to-come-back-for-you.
    And who wouldn’t cry so frustated like Ri Jin after finally find Do Hyun again with his puppy smile awwww…. I’m even squeeing aloud when Ri Jin says about Se Gi lose “the wheel of choose your man”, that flower shower effect on Do Hyun is adorable…

    1. You’re welcome! And here’s the gif of bulldozer Ri-jin, courtesy of DC 😀

      This episode was full of revelations but it didn’t forget to give us laugh and squee! Do-hyun + flower petals = precious!

      1. Aww…..thank you so much!!!!
        This episode indeed bring laughter and deep moment. Allow me to comment again, okay?? 🙂

        I like Oh Ri On. Not only because he is played by Park Seo Jun, but his story itself is interesting. It’s so hard to hold your feeling and secret investigation from your own family. So it’s reasonable he had a wavering heart whether to act his own feeling or keep yourself as goofy and loving brother when he saw Ri Jin with Do Hyun. He want to protect her but also want a closure what exactly happened. He considerate enough to respect Ri Jin decision, and offer a helping hand during Do Hyun treatment. What’s not to love about Him??

        The scene where Ri Jin was revealed as the child made me tear up, not only for what kind of abuse she experienced but the loneliness feeling that radiated from child Ri Jin.
        Don’t you think that Ri Jin line about year end award daesang is the writer’s or PD way to give gratitude for Ji Sung? Because while it doesn’t has high rating like Moon Sun, the performance that Ji Sung give is total. Though maybe that daesang could fall for another actor with higher rating drama than KMHM, but the crew and viewer itself would acknowledge Ji Sung performance…

        And why do I think that the one that will start a retaliation is Yo Na?? Se Gi insult Jay oppa acting and Do Hyun hugging him without letting Yo Na out and feel the hug herself… LOL

        1. You’re welcomed to share your thoughts here, so you don’t have to worry 🙂

          I like how you put it: Ri-on finding the truth because he wants a proper closure for Ri-jin, while at the same time trying to protect her. Him being so understanding and supportive of Ri-jin makes him even more lovable, indeed.

          Ri-jin also turned out to suffer during his childhood, just like Do-hyun. When I compare the basement little Ri-jin and the shy Ri-jin when she first met Ri-on and her new family, my heart breaks for her. To think such a young girl like her enduring harsh torture at a young age, it was amazing for her to grow up beautifully with her family’s love. I’m a bit worried about her digging all the memories she has forgotten, but then..everything has to have a conclusion, and it’s the same for her. I believe that if Ri-on manages to find out about the secrets, he will eventually tell Ri-jin about it..because he might think it’s better for her to hear about it from him rather than finding out about the matter from other people.

          Yup, the production team is already considering him the best actor in their opinion, so that might explain the line! He turn the drama everyone thought to be a flop before it started airing into a nationwide sensation. He’s nailing it with his acting this time! We might see another hit dramas this year since we’re still in the early months of 2015, and I am hoping that MBC won’t forget Ji Sung for his contribution to carry the drama, but to know that the crews (and us the viewers, of course!) already regarded him as a Daesang material is very satisfying 🙂

          LOL Yo-na is so going to throw a tantrum if she gets to know that both Se-gi and Do-hyun met her JI oppa! Or maybe she will be even more envious towards Ri-jin? 😀

  13. I am confused here. If Rijin is the daughter of Do Hyun’s legal mum, how come she is not Do Hyun’s half sister (as mentioned at the end of the recap)? I cannot wrap my head around this. Can you explain, muchadoaboutlove?
    Thank you so much for your quick recap. I simply adore this drama. The chemistry between this couple is amazing! I love Ji Sung’s acting. He brings life to all these characters!

    1. If Ri-jin is the daughter of Do-hyun’s legal mom, she is not related by blood with Do-hyun..but by law, they can be regarded as siblings, in the instance that: 1) Ri-jin’s birth was registered; and 2) Ri-jin was included in the family registry under President Min (her mom)’s name as her daughter. If she was indeed included in the family registry, that will be the proof that she’s the daughter of President Min…and by law, she won’t be able to marry her legal brother that is Do-hyun. What I mean by ‘she is not Do-hyun’s half-sister’ is because they are not blood-related..

      I hope I explained it well ^^; Do-hyun ❤ Ri-jin forever!

      1. By law, they CAN get married because Rijin is legally adopted by the Oh family. Unless, Rijin wants to claim back her name and nullify her adoption, then she can’t get married to Dohyun. But I don’t think my heart can take it if Dohyun doesn’t end up with Rijin. T_T

  14. Thank you for writing the recap this fast and well! I really enjoy reading your analysis and predictions.

    This episode is a big improvement for Do-hyun. But I’m seeing more Ri-jin developments for the next episode (perhaps?). I actually hope that there will come a time in the drama when their roles will be reversed – Do-hyun will end up being the one who’ll help Ri-jin through her difficult memories. And maybe through that, he will be able to truly recover from his pain. Because now, it seems as though he is given a second chance to protect the child (aka Ri-jin). I’m also hoping that through the discovery of Ri-jin’s childhood, we will be able to see some character development in Ri-jin. I love all the characters in this drama (including all 7 of Do-hyun’s personalities). But it will be nice to see some character development on Ri-jin’s side.

    Each time i finish an episode, I cannot help but marvel at Ji Sung’s amazing acting. 7 personas in one drama and each has their own appeal. And to think that so many (if i’m not wrong, it’s only two. But still lol.) actors turned down the role. Ji Sung is really perfect for the role. I’m so glad it was ultimately him!

    1. “And maybe through that, he will be able to truly recover from his pain. Because now, it seems as though he is given a second chance to protect the child (aka Ri-jin).”

      THIS. I was a bit apprehensive that Do-hyun might leave Ri-jin when he found out that she was the child who was beaten because of him, but now, after giving it a thought about what you’ve written..I think Do-hyun will take the chance to protect her, not to only to make up for his weak and young self years ago, but also because of his love.

      Apart from Ri-jin’s character development, I also wish to learn the reason why Ri-jin decided to choose psychiatry 🙂

      To put it simply, Ji Sung is fated to take this drama ❤ I’m happy that it turns out to be decent and addictive, plus I get to see my favourites on my screen together! I haven’t watched Secret but I like both leads!

      1. You have got to watch secret! It’s addictive too! The story is a bit intense and cliche but Jisung and Jungeum carried the drama, I found myself crying so much watching it, still do. I keep watching it while waiting for KMHM too. The first few episodes may be dull, but it pick up the pace by the time Jungeum was released from prison. Sorry for the spoiler.

  15. Thank you once again for the recap. I don’t think they will drag the fauxcest angle for too long. I was really scared about how Ri On will react from the previous episodes but they’ve decided to not ruin the dynamic between the twins and that is a relief. No way is Do-Hyun even remotely related to Ri-Jin biologically. I guess they will give us answers one by one. My theory is Do-Hyun’s father had angers issues and was abusive and that is why Min Seo Yeon left and the Joon Pyo had issues with his father. Its dangerous to let a guy with anger issues to run a conglomerate. So, Seo Yeon met a nice guy in USA and was pregnant. The guy may have left or died and Seo Yeon came back with her child that is Ri Jin but it was hard for Joon Pyo to accept another guy’s child in his home and let Seo Yeon run the business that belongs to him. So after Seo Yeon and his father died, he let those repressed anger out on the poor little child. I also think whenever Do Hyun made a mistake he abused both him and Ri JIn, Ri Jin was abused more to torture Do Hyun emotionally. Lets see how much of my guess will come true. In any rate, if we consider Min Seo Yeon to be rich by birth than Ri Jin if she is her daughter will have shares and money because of both Seo Yeon’s position in the company and her inheritance. She really is a threat to the crappy grandmother and a potential victim of abuse which could land her, her son if he ever wakes up in jail. And the guy playing Do Hyun’s father is Ahn Nae Sang, he won’t do a small role. Its possible that the father might wake up or more flashbacks will be shown. Anyway, this drama is really well written. It keeps you guessing. I both love watching this drama live and hate it. Its so good that I can’t miss and so damn entertaining that its hard to wait every week without loosing your mid.

    1. I agree with every single thing you’ve written, Lea. At first it looked like Joon Pyo’s father had treated him unfairly and was possibly even having an affair with Seo Yeon. But now that Joon Pyo has been revealed to be a bit of a psychopath, I’m beginning to think that his father was right to favour and protect Seo Yeon, while it was his mother who was blind to his faults and took his side, deadly consequences be damned. I’m also wondering whether Se Gi’s violent tendencies are Do Hyun’s way of dealing with the possibility that he is as brutal as his father (hence the finger tapping seen in Se Gi as well as Joon Pyo).

  16. Thanks sooo much my dear muchadoboutlove for the amazing recap..i really2 love it!!!as for me JS and HJE really like anime characters who turn into human..i really laugh like crazy at the scene when rion step rijin shoes because her silly mouth and she scream..really funny and at the same time adorable..second is when do-hyun force to say “ itttttttt” by J.I..hahaha..seriously is it gag show or what?hahaha..hope they win the best couple of the year if this award exist and if not, me,myself was already give them that award from my heart..rijin and dohyun know they love each other even not saying it with word!that’s true when people said love is not shown by word but it can be shown by action..wooott wooot…love mood here!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Besides, I love how this drama can bring happiness and at the same time make me cry too..poor childhood rijin who become a victim at such young age and it makes sense why se-gi become speechless when rion said he is have no right towards rijin since he is seungjin’s because he is the reason why rijin get the hit for every mistake he do and he still child at that time and he must feel powerless to protect rijin..what a psycho father! i wonder how rijin will face her memory that she block once she remember..can she accept do-hyun the son of abuser..this drama still has many mystery to reveal and keep me want to think about it..about the mystery fire, rijin position in seungjin family etc..

    ooohhh…how i wish tomorrow is wednesday again..KMHM really make me crave more,more and more…2 hours per week is not enough for me..maybe i need prescription or consultation from dr.oh rijin to solve my problem..hehe..again thank you muchadoboutlove for the recap and other commenters that comment all made my day..wish you all stay healthy and sane till this story ended coz we know what this drama have turn us rite!kekeke

  17. So, I finally finished watching today’s episode, after watching a few scenes cut on youtube and reading your recap, I have to say it does take away the raw emotions and excitement when I’m already spoiled of the plot. I don’t regret it though, because this drama always leave me wanting for more, I ended up watching so much bts while waiting for new episodes to come out.

    First thing first, the rant. The pace of this drama is undeniably slow, they dragged out the family secret for too long and teased us with the same knowledge over and over again, we’re already on episode 12 and Rijin has only started to touch the tip of the iceberg at the last moment. I feel so cheated, because the focus has always been on Dohyun’s DID and alters, his budding romance with Rijin and all the hijinks, I forgot all about Rijin’s character development. Rijin, who faced the same kind of trauma as Dohyun, needed to overcome her own memory block and face the past. I think the writer tried to bring so much focus on each personalities to make us relate to Dohyun more, that Rijin relegated to being a tool for plot development – to bring Dohyun back stronger, to reconcile with his traumatic past, and to merge him with his alters. Part of me was thinking, maybe they coincide Dohyun’s discovery of his past with Rijin in the same episode so they can both head toward the journey of healing together, but part of me was left feeling unsatisfied because our OTP development seem unbalanced. Also, I think they put too much focus on Dohyun and his alters (probably because Jisung literally outshine everyone in the drama for his perfomance) that everyone seem pale in comparison, and I’m only emotionally invested on our OTP. Or maybe it’s just me.

    Now to the goods. I’m so happy Dohyun is back! I missed that puppy smile so much I had to replayed episode 9 over and over again. I don’t know why but I was already in laughter when Rijin said to Rion “stop brother!”. I’m glad that Dohyun can see firsthand how Rijin treats Segi, and her care for Segi not to ruin his image. Because essentially Rijin is scared of the mess Dohyun has to take care of after his alters leave, and Dohyun can clearly see how hard she protects him in his absence. Watching Rijin cried in front of Dohyun, and her relief when he finally came back, made me emotionally choked up too. Partly because it mirrored one of the scene I love most on the rooftop where Yeosub tried to kill himself, Rijin displayed the same kind of fear of losing Dohyun, it just reaffirms Rijin’s feelings and Dohyun’s gladness in having her to welcome him in happy tears. I just melt whenever these two are in close proximity, my heart couldn’t handle it and I keep making excuses in my head why they should kiss (heh). I love love love that when Rijin pointed out Dohyun being jealous of Segi, he didn’t even bother to deny it, how obvious can he be?! And I have to share this here:

    Dohyun was asking about the wheel and Rijin explained to him, saying that Segi will let God choose since she couldn’t make up her mind about them. And Dohyun’s reaction to him winning over Segi? “God really does exists!”, complete with flower petals! But she wiped off the petals and his illusion by agreeing to Segi that the wheel result was invalid! Haha. Dohyun responded with “How can you deny God’s will?” HAHAHA

    There’s literally so much swoon worthy moments between our OTP, I don’t think I ever ship anyone this hard since Boys Over Flower soeulmate couple. I love Dohyun’s petty jealousy when Rijin showed complete trust in Segi and wanted to change his style to match Segi a bit. I love how Rijin brought Segi to the place when Dohyun kissed her, probably because she missed Dohyun greatly (as did I) and subconsciously trying to incite Dohyun to come out. I love that Rijin showed complete faith in Dohyun to overcome his fears, and it was proven true when Dohyun calmly responded to Segi in the mirror that he will face his past memories, and that he will be Segi and Segi will be him. We can all agree that Segi and Dohyun have already started to integrate, it’s such a shame because Segi was growing on me the past 2 episodes. But what has to be done must be done. I can only look forward to Dohyun’s journey of self discovery, healing and happy ending. And Rijin’s too. Sorry for all the other characters that I couldn’t emotionally connect to, except maybe Rijin’s adopted parents, they’re really good people I wished they were Rijin’s birth parents.

    Who else was laughing hard when Segi addressed JI (pronounced chae-ai, which translates to my child) as nae-ai (also meant my child)? Had to share this here since I keep forgetting things in my comment.

  18. hmmm and I’m also curious of both the Oh parents, what do they know? what did they do to get/save Rijin? maybe either one of them could have been working in the main house? or maybe Oh mom was just concerned about her friend’s daughter and just happen to be there on the day of the incident. did they know about the abuse? about RiJin’s treatment in that horrible house? questions questions that will be answered soon if it was wednesday >.>

    1. If they happened to pass by the house during the fire and saved Rijin, I’m gonna go and knock the head of the writer, coincidence like this is lazy writing. Plus it didn’t make sense how they’d know if Rijin was trapped inside or whatsoever. I’m hoping they have logical explanation for whatever happened to the kids and their parents, it’d be unfair to drag us viewers this long and not satisfy our curiosity.

      1. I think Min Seo Yeon had a very loyal person inside the household who might have kept an eye on Ri Jin after her mother’s death and may have rescued her from the fire. My guess is whoever that man/woman was, he knew the Oh’s relation to Min Seo Yeon and might have delivered the child to them. I think Seo Yeon might have wished that if she died than her friend will be the one to take care of her daughter and she will be loved and safe in the Oh household instead of the crappy, awful and twisted Cha family.

    2. Me too..i’m also think parent Oh have been working there and have good relationship with rijin mother and becomes a witnesses about rijin getting abuse but can do nothing since they’re just working they decide to protect that child after min seo young died and save rijin during the fire..
      This drama really make me want to think what will happen next and make me rewatch again from episode one!please make tomorrow be wednesdayyyyy… >_<

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