Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 8

If I am to describe this episode in one sentence, it’s like watching a fireworks show. Although fireworks might not be everyone’s favourite thing to look at, it can be a beautiful, uplifting and precious experience for those who love such thing. Gaaaahhh I’m just at loss for words right now and truth to be told, I wish I can live in this episode forever. That’s how good it is to me and I think I’m having emotional and mental breakdown at the moment. Pardon the squeeing and spazzing but you’ll understand why I’m behaving like this after you have watched the episode!

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 7

This episode gets me wondering about one thing, that is how hard it was to keep his issue as a secret for the past 11 years. It is remarkable that he managed to hold on for that long, living his life without opening up to other people, save for his secretary and his shrinks. He might have never encountered someone who willingly holds out a hand towards him, offering the comfort he needs. I can’t blame him for being cautious with the people around him, because his immediate family cannot even function as the bomb shelter he needs. He is indeed lucky to encounter Ri-jin, who won’t judge him based on his mental issues and accepts him for what he is, multiple personality or not.

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Hwang Jung Eum Wows Everyone in February’s Marie Claire

Actress Hwang Jung-eum makes her comeback on the small screen less than three months after her previous drama Endless Love wrapped up. Her latest project Kill Me, Heal Me reunites her with her co-star in the drama, Secret but this time, no more angsty melodrama for their characters (so far). I am thankful that I can get on the healing rom-com bandwagon because I like her a lot! Hwang Jung-eum is featured in the February edition of Marie Claire Korea, trading the lovely look of Oh Ri-jin for an elegant actress Hwang Jung-eum while talking about her favourite personality of Ji Sung in the drama and also her personal life.

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 6

It feels like we are still in the introduction part, probably because of Do-hyun’s many alters and the time it takes for us to be introduced to all of them will undeniably be longer than the usual span for a normal drama to present its leading man. Besides getting to know the alters, the changes early into the series help us to see into Do-hyun’s real self beneath his kind and reserved exterior. He is not a normal rich man to begin with, but that does not mean he is any less entertaining and intriguing. The hero himself has so many layers to his own character and it makes this drama even better, with a dash of secrets and mysteries in between the changing personalities.

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 5

Kill Me, Heal Me has such a strange pull to it. I did not expect to be sucked into the black hole of squeeing (and waiting for new episodes each week like a lost girl) this early into the drama, but that was exactly what it has turned me into: a rabid fangirl. Again. Urgh! Although the show is not without its flaw (which drama is flawless nowadays?), it makes up with so much heart that drives me breathless, literally. What’s better is that the drama knows how to throw the bait to the viewers, luring us with clues while making us even more curious about the whole secret hidden in the forgotten past. I’m now in doubt whether my guesses were wrong…again. Not that I’m complaining..not at all!

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