Jung Yonghwa Sizzles Up High Cut’s Vol 144

Do you feel beat up after the long Valentine’s Day yesterday? Fear not, CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa is here to help you recover from the stress (of spending your time alone, or picking up chocolates for your loved ones) by staring at his face in his latest pictorial for HIGH CUT. Yep, thanks for reminding me that lazy Sunday is a thing, Yonghwa!




Credit to HIGH CUT via OSEN

2 thoughts on “Jung Yonghwa Sizzles Up High Cut’s Vol 144

  1. Hot, he´s really that and more. Sunday was a hectic day for me, not rest and today I´m beat 😦 . Well, the bright side is, two more days and KM, HM. :D. Nice pictorial, like him a lot. Hope we can see him in a drama soon.

    1. Ohhh I hope you’re well rested and ready to enjoy the Wednesday hype for KMHM!

      I liked Yonghwa as a singer and Three Musketeers made me love him as a budding actor. Wishing that he will meet decent works and further hone his acting crafts! 😉

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