Im Siwan – L’Officiel Hommes May 2012

He’s definitely on a roll these days! This time, Siwan is to be featured in L’ Officiel Hommes for May edition. If you’re familiar enough with the photo shoots from various magazines of the Korean celebrities, you might notice something different in this one. I spent my morning laughing when I realized it. As far as I’ve seen, Hommes always makes the actors/actresses look smoking hot for its pictorial, but it’s different for Siwan. The concept for him is probably about  a boy, considering that the word is written on his outfits. Hah! He might look like one but he’s already 24! It’s hard to believe, right? Blame his pretty face. Hee.

And we got the bad boy look from him. Wait, he’s supposed to look like one, right? Will all those necklace and bracelets, he has to be one, but..he can pass to be a cute bad boy.

Denim jacket. It’s sleeveless. And the flower buttons! I can never believe he’s 24. He looks like 17 to me ^^;

…Now I can see why Hommes decides to keep his innocent image in this pictorial. His charm is his innocence!


source : bnt news via | asia247


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