Fujifilm Instax CF : Song Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In

Ah! So excited to see these two together! Although it’s almost impossible to put them together again in a drama, Song Joong-Ki and Yoo Ah-In are in a CF, being all cute and handsome. This time, they’re endorsing Fujifilm’s Instax camera. Watching the CF makes me miss Yeorim and Geoloh so much.

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Im Siwan,The Equator Flower (+1)

I burst out laughing when I see the title. The title above is the direct translation of the article title at High Cut’s website,”적도의 꽃”. However, being a flower boy doesn’t make you all limited to pretty face.Siwan proves that he can also look manly when the time calls for it. He’s featured again in High Cut, this time alone. His spread is for Vol 77.

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Now THIS is an Addiction!

Really, I don’t know how to describe the exact feelings when it comes to my drama addiction. I thought I’ve experienced enough after years of watching dramas, but this time, it’s totally a new, higher level (or degree?) of addiction. sigh I think I really have to apologize for the lack of update and recaps here. I want to update, really, I want to write thousands of words to rant about dramas and do the recaps, but every time I sit and start to write, the words would just disappear, along with the motivation. They’re like…evaporating into the thin air.

All of this thanks to Queen Inhyun’s Man.

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Queen and I

..that’s the English title of Queen Inhyun’s Man, the latest talk in the town of kdrama land. Believe it or not, I never thought that I would be sucked into watching the drama before, but the teasers managed to make me check the first episode out. The rest is history, as I kept watching and watching until the latest episodes. If people ask what’s the reason for this drama to be so enjoyable for me and the rest of kdrama viewers, I don’t really have the answer. For me, it’s just because Queen Inhyun’s Man gives me the joy I used to have when I watched dramas few years back.

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