Im Siwan – The Celebrity March 2015

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Siwan made his breakthrough by starring in Misaeng a.k.a. Incomplete Life, and the drama would have felt different without his Jang Geu-rae. Riding his popularity into the new year, he is featured in The Celebrity magazine as the cover boy for its March issue, and this is actually his first time being on the cover of a magazine. Here’s to lots of covers in the future and also lots of good roles for you, Siwan!

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Im Siwan,The Equator Flower (+1)

I burst out laughing when I see the title. The title above is the direct translation of the article title at High Cut’s website,”적도의 꽃”. However, being a flower boy doesn’t make you all limited to pretty face.Siwan proves that he can also look manly when the time calls for it. He’s featured again in High Cut, this time alone. His spread is for Vol 77.

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Im Siwan – L’Officiel Hommes May 2012

He’s definitely on a roll these days! This time, Siwan is to be featured in L’ Officiel Hommes for May edition. If you’re familiar enough with the photo shoots from various magazines of the Korean celebrities, you might notice something different in this one. I spent my morning laughing when I realized it. Continue reading “Im Siwan – L’Officiel Hommes May 2012”

Im Siwan – Elle Girl May 2012

2012 can be regarded as Siwan’s breakthrough year in acting. If his name was only known as one of ZE:A’s members before, it’s not like that anymore. His role as the pretty boy Heo Yeom in The Moon that Embraces the Sun introduced him to the public and gained him so many new fans (including myself ^^;). He didn’t stop right there and continued to act as the young Jang-Il in The Equator Man. Currently starring in the sitcom Standby, Siwan is featured in ELLE Girl’s May 2012 issue.

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 4

The young ones take their final bows and it’s the time for their adult counterparts to take over the stage. Time flies, almost unnoticed by some people, but quite slow for others. If someone could turn back the time, what would they do? Stay the same, or try to change what they’ve done? Although we can plan and do whatever it takes for our future, the future still holds many great surprises for us and at times, the regret is going to get us for whatever we have done in the past.

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