This is Robert Choi

Ah…no one knows him? Let me re-introduce him.

Choi Hang-Woo. Korean born but graduated from America. Jangcho’s ex-Director and now Chunha Group’s Vice President. Anything else you want to know? I’ll let him speak for himself.

Hello. I’m also specimen no 22 from Chunha Group’s Drug Clinical Test. Not easily amused.

I love girls, but I hate humiliations like that. I won’t live like that.

Yucks, blood. Why she did that?

WHAT?! Because I looked like a stalker?

This handsome face of mine won’t look like one. Heh~

How dare she ignores me?

Aish, this is not a good sign…

Now what?! Another problem?!

Better concentrate on my work. I am high achiever. HAHAHA.

The problem is here…

..and another one..Sheesh.

But for my girl, it’s all smile 🙂

I heard someone likes her…impossible!

She’s dumping me for that kind of guy? Hmph.

I make her happy..

She makes me happy..

So tell me, why she doesn’t like me…?

She even makes me suffer.

And torment me with the lousy singing.

But I still like her.

Want to know more about her? Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “This is Robert Choi

  1. Yay! I love this drama. I’m currently stuck on episode 5 but I’m going to pick it up this weekend. By the way, is CHA WOO HEE, the girl you’re talking about in the end?

  2. Haha…so that is his American name, Robert? 😀 Gosh…all the actor acted so impeccably…those writers are having a field day each week!!

    1. haha! I just realized that when I watched the earlier episodes again 😀 this drama is so addictive! I have to wait until I have the two episodes for the respective week before I can watch them..if not I’ll be all antsy waiting for the if the weekly torture of waiting isn’t enough, I can’t watch one at a time lol

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