[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 14

A woman walks into the dark room filled with Jong-Hee’s painting and it turns out to be Su-Young! She takes the box cutter and rips up every single painting without an emotion on her face. It’s like she’s in a trance.

Episode 14: Too Perfect, Sacrifice Fly

Sacrifice fly is a ball hit into the outfield which allows a teammate to score a run and sacrifices the batter’s chance to score.


Jong-Hee is traumatized again as Su-Young’s mother is in shock at who would do such a thing. Meanwhile, in the Jin Household, Su-Young is looking happy as she prepares breakfast. Dong-Su decides against asking about what happened last night.


Su-Young’s mother takes it out on her two workers and the workers explain how there was no breach of security or anything. They decide to file a police report. Jong-Hee walks away without bothering to listen to Su-young’s mother’s apologetic tone. The workers are confused because no paintings were stolen and the lock was not broken. Su-Young’s mother flashes back to last night when Su-Young had come over and asked for the key to check on Jong-Hee’s paintings. Su-Young’s mother asks about surveillance cameras and the ones in the building were closed due to construction, but the one outside still works.


Eun-Jae tries to talk to Jong-Hee, but she won’t have any of it. Mu-Yeol is happy when he receives a call from Eun-Jae, but rushes over when he hears of the news. Poor Kevin is ditched at parking garage. Mu-Yeol meets up with them on the street and Jong-Hee takes out her anger on him, blaming him for the death of Short and ruining the paintings. Mu-Yeol declares to find the stalker.


Su-Young’s mother’s suspicions were right when Su-Young was caught on tape. She asks the manager for a favor and meets up with Dong-Su to tell him about what happened. The police take photos and asks if that was all of the paintings and the workers say yes. Dong-Su realizes it all makes sense and why Su-Young was scared last night. Dong-Su goes home and can’t bear to tell Su-Young what happened, not with that look of happiness on her face.


Dong-Su searches his room for any evidence and finds the ripped up picture of eyeless Jong-Hee in Su-Young’s coat pocket. When Su-Young walks in, he quickly hides the picture in his coat and she helps him hang it up. Dong-Su asked where she was last night, she could only remember taking out the trash; her memory has been repressed.


Jong-Hee aimlessly walks with Mu-Yeol and Eun-Jae trailing behind her until she gets tired. They call a cab and take her home where she sleeps. Mu-Yeol angrily wonders what he has to do in order to find that stalker.


Eun-Jae gets home and asks her dad why he loves mom despite the things she’s done. The dad hated her at first, but then stopped; love and hate are feelings that one can’t control. Eun-Jae agrees and laughs that it’s funny to try and dislike someone also. She decides to let her dad do what he wants with the mom situation and it makes the dad super happy, however he can’t object to any guy that she brings home. He swears on the Seagull’s honor that he won’t. Hehe sly Eun-Jae. The dad quickly calls the mom to tell the news.


Dong-Su brings the evidence to Su-Young’s mother and Su-Young’s mother brings out the self-portrait of Jong-Hee which she hid from the police. Reporter Go meets up with the policemen that are investigating the case and tries to fish out some information. He manages to get a few photos and run into Dong-Su who was just leaving Su-Young’s mother’s house. The two end up riding together to Mu-Yeol’s home.

They meet up with Tae-Han and Dong-Ah at the parking garage. Reporter Go compliments Dong-Ah that she looks sexy and Dong-Ah agrees, that’s what a guy should react, but Tae-Han just tells her to put on her coat because it’s cold. Dong-Su tells Dong-Ah she looks different every time he sees her (hehe is he alluding to What’s Up right now? bwahahah).

They all get into the elevator where Dong-Ah tries to get Tae-Han to say what his fantasy is. If it’s not leopard print then uniforms? Tae-Han doesn’t think it’s the right time to talk about this, but she keeps rambling on. Nurse? Flight attendant? Sailor? Reporter Go gasps at all of  them, but Tae-Han dislikes them all. Reporter Go wants to hit Tae-Han so much for saying no. Haha. Dong-Ah’s disappointed that what she read in books are wrong. The books had lied to her hah.


The housekeeper serves tea and Dong-Ah feels she’s met the housekeeper somewhere before, but the housekeeper denies it. Dong-Su asks about Jong-Hee and she has been sleeping all this time. They talk about the crime scene and the police think the crime was committed by another person. Reporter Go takes out the photo as Dong-Ah examines them all; there are 24 paintings and none related to eyes. It’s also possible things are being hidden and its done by insiders which alert Dong-Su and the housekeeper. Mu-Yeol asks Dong-Su to find out some things and Dong-Su just nods. Mu-Yeol brings up the fingerprints on the thermos but those are no use because there are no suspects so far. Dong-Ah asks if there is a brochure which can helps to see which paintings were ruined.


During the ride home, Dong-Ah expresses to Tae-Han that the suspect must be close to Jong-Hee. Dong-Ah’s reason is if the criminal wanted to hurt the person, they would hurt the person’s beloved someone, not the beloved someone’s things. Tae-Han speculates that Dong-Ah thinks the criminal hates Jong-Hee herself and not Mu-yeol. Dong-Ah wants to get something down first: he really doesn’t have any fantasies? She’s like a female cat. Tae-Han relents and tells her that he likes silk hanboks because of sound of silk when a person unties the front and the ripples. Dong-Ah asks if it has to be the silk ones, she has a summer one and if he’s okay with a rainbow-colored girlish hanbok. Tae-Han regrets saying anything now  (haha).


Eun-Jae enters Jong-Hee’s room to make sure she is still breathing and Mu-Yeol swings by to check if there is a art brochure. They search everywhere for one and Mu-Yeol enters Jong-hee’s room to check. He also decides to check where she is really sleeping or not and explains it to Eun-Jae who walks in. Eun-Jae says she’s checked also. She shows Mu-yeol an art book she found which is not it and she tries to cheer up a dejected Mu-yeol. She does an adorable shoulder shrug and uses baseball metaphors to encourage him such as the game really starts with the ninth inning and two outs.


She ruffles his hair which he tells her not to do. He does it to her all the time so she keeps doing it until they’re struggling and she ends up in his arms. Mu-Yeol lets her go and tells her stop or she might end up in a dangerous situation. He also orders her to continue finding the brochure. It finally clicks with Eun-Jae what the brochure is after he explains they need it to compare the paintings. It turns out Su-Young has it.


Su-Young hands it over to Mu-Yeol and he asks how she’s feeling which she replies that she feels okay. Mu-Yeol doesn’t tell her why he needs the booklet and to ask Dong-Su if she’s curious. Tae-han finds Dong-Su fixing the pitching machine and asks if Jong-hee has awaken so she can check the paintings. Dong-Su replies that even if she is awake, she shouldn’t look at them so fast.


On cue, Jong-hee is awake now and leaves the bedroom. Eun-Jae is wondering what she should order to eat when she finds the bedroom empty. Her search for Jong-hee takes her outside where Jong-Hee is staring at a cat. Jong-Hee orders Eun-Jae to capture the cat and Eun-Jae agrees. She wraps her jacket around Jong-hee and takes her inside. Aww they’re so adorable! Jong-Hee doesn’t talk when she meets the housekeeper in the lobby, I guess she has this weird vibe about the housekeeper.


Yoon-Yi meets the housekeeper in front of a bus stop and tells her he’s the old lady’s grandson. He shows her the eyeless Mu-Yeol photo he received and tells her that they know each other. The housekeeper denies knowing anything and runs off to the bus.


Mu-Yeol quickly compares all the photos to the booklet and he takes a break. He looks out the window and sees Eun-Jae is up to  something. He decides to hang out with her and watch her diligently try to catch the cat. Mu-yeol jokes that now Eun-jae is spoiling Jong-Hee. Eun-Jae tells him that she finally realized that Jong-Hee complains about the slightest pain not because she was born with a silver spoon or anything, she’s just honest.


Eun-Jae sighs that she herself doesn’t know how to express her feelings very well. She must be hard to hang out with. Mu-Yeol decides to say something nice about her since Eun-Jae told him too and they end up laughing weirdly like dorks. Mu-Yeol closes in to kiss her and she freaks out, telling him to wake up and that he’s losing his senses. She thinks he’s mistaking her for Jong-hee and he knows which makes her panic even more. He leans in and she’s shaking her head, but her lips are puckering up (hahahha). The moment gets ruined when she shoved him away and captures the cat who had just walked into her bait. She tells him to hold onto the cat while she lets Jong-Hee know.


Eun-Jae runs up to Jong-hee’s apartment and takes a breather to calm herself. She berates herself, calling herself crazy and Jong-Hee asks what she’s talking about. Eun-Jae announces the cat has been captured and gives herself a pat on the butt. Mu-Yeol is holding the cat in the elevator and he wonders if she thought he was assaulting her. He hands Jong-hee the cat and Eun-jae leaves quickly.


Jong-Hee washes her new cat and declares:

Jong-Hee: From now on, you’re my cat. Even if Short gets jealous, there’s nothing I can do about it. Short died anyway. Well, there are things I can’t control. When your cat dies, you get a new cat. When you break up with your lover, then you meet a new person. When your paintings are destroyed, you have to start new paintings. It feels lonely, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Right?

Aww, she’s maturing and moving on! Mu-Yeol doesn’t say anything so she announces that once she settles everything, she’s going back to England. Mu-Yeol asks what she’s going to name the cat, but she doesn’t know, it’s not going to be Short though.

Eun-Jae does a rant as she’s walking back home about how Mu-Yeol is a sex crazed addict and how dare he try to kiss her when he has Jong-hee. Despite that, she still feels happy on the inside which she is appalled by.


She hides when she sees our Robot-Battery couple standing outside of their house. The two are planning on which side to turn to when they kiss and they end up moving to the same side and decide to try it again. They kiss and Eun-Jae gasps at the whole scene. The kiss scene is so awkward since it’s long and Tae-Han’s not sure where to put his hands (hahaha). When it’s over, Dong-Ah’s lips are bleeding and he apologizes for it.


Dong-Ah basks in her happiness and Eun-Jae interrupts. She teases Dong-Ah for kissing and asks how it tastes like and Dong-Ah replies that it tastes like blood. Hahaha!


The housekeeper is looking at the photos and asks what they are. She also asks Mu-Yeol to confirm that there are 24 of them and this makes Mu-Yeol think. There is actually 25 paintings and he reports this to the police. Mu-Yeol reports to Dong-Su that the criminal took the self-portrait of Jong-hee which wracks Dong-Su’s nerves. The workers admitted to hiding something and the police was right: it’s an inside job.


Dong-Su cleans up some things from his office and walks to the parking garage where Reporter Go is at. Reporter Go helps Dong-Su hold a box of things as Dong-Su opens the car door and Reporter Go notices an item that looks like a painting. He gets home to his laughing wife and adorable child and they go outside to play a little game of catch. Reporter Go spies all this and calls up Tae-han to verify that the art gallery director is Su-Young’s mother and Su-Young is Jong-Hee’s friend. Su-Young feels there is something wrong with Dong-Su, but he doesn’t let on.


Eun-Jae offers to go out and buy milk when Jong-hee runs out. She enters the elevator and is surprised when Mu-Yeol gets on also. She inches to a corner as he moves closer to her and he berates her for treating him like a sexual assaulter. She feigns ignorance when asked why she ignored his call. She runs away from him with him following her. She tells him not to treat her so nicely and be close because she’ll start thinking that he likes her. He tells her to think that way because it’s true. He finally tells her that he ended things with Jong-Hee which he was going to say later, but decided to do it now. So now he can do anything he wants to her. Whoa! He ruffles her hair and pinches her cheeks. He’ll do more as long as she’s okay with it.


Eun-Jae tears up and runs away without a response which causes him to chase after her also. He shouts at her to stop and they pass by some policemen. OH GOSH. He catches up to her and asks why she ran away and it’s not because she hates it or anything, she feels like she’s dreaming. She’s so happy and scared. He leans in to attempt to kiss her again, but is foiled by the police who think he was trying to assault her. HAHA.


Dong-Su drops Su-Young and Woo-Hyeon off at Su-Young’s mother’s place and promises Su-Young that one day they’ll live in the countryside though he’s not sure when that will be. Oh no, please don’t do what I think you’re planning to do…Reporter Go is still on Dong-Su’s trail and follows him all the way to the baseball stadium.


Eun-Jae is a happy clam as she sits in Mu-Yeol’s car. She acts girly as she tells him that he didn’t need to drop her off; she was always alone before. He replies that she used to be a girl that didn’t matter to him. She asks why he got out of the car and it was to see her in. They try their third attempt at kissing, but is foiled again! This time by her family who is just driving back, Mu-Yeol has escaped safely and so has Eun-Jae. Chang-Ho honks at them because the world as become so evil and plus, he has no lover (awww). The family knows it’s either Eun-Jae or Dong-Ah, but they’re not sure.


Reporter Go takes video footage of Dong-Su breaking into Mu-yeol’s locker and him placing a photo in there with the words “it’s the end now.” Reporter Go calls Tae-Han and gives him the news. Reporter Go tells him that he’s in the locker room before he gets knocked unconscious. Dong-Su drags Reporter Go into the bathroom and confirms the evidence.


Mu-Yeol gets a call from Dong-Su and drives to the baseball stadium. Meanwhile, Eun-Jae is super giddy in her bedroom and bouncing off the walls. She gets a call from Mu-Yeol who tells her that he’s at the stadium and he’s meeting Dong-Su. He’ll call her back later so don’t sleep (aww). Eun-Jae hangs up and gets another call from Tae-Han.


Mu-Yeol tries to answer a call from Dong-Su but a baseball knocks his cell phone out of his hand. The balls keep attacking him as he tries to avoid it. Blinding lights are turned on and Dong-Su grabs a baseball bat. Dong-Su looms over the fallen Mu-Yeol and all Mu-Yeol can utter is: hyung?


It was a crazy twist and gosh I knew Dong-Su would take the fall for Su-Young! GAHHH don’t do it!!

Poor Eun-Jae and Mu-Yeol, they had three chances to kiss and all of it was foiled. I guess that’s why they’re the blockhead couple! hahaha

Meanwhile, our Robot-Battery couple get the kiss we have all been waiting for, I guess life’s not fair that way. hahaha!

I’m surprised by Jong-Hee’s maturity in this episode and it was a great way to end things cleanly between her and Mu-Yeol. I wish her and her new kitty the best of luck!

I apologize for the late recap, I was busy with school so I started lagging behind, but I hope you guys all enjoy it~!


4 thoughts on “[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 14

  1. Wow – talk about a cliffhanger! I’m freaking out! But since Tae-Han knows something is going on & he called Eun-Jae, maybe someone will show up in time. I hope! Remember in the beginning when Eun-Jae suspected Dong-Su? I really hope they don’t decide she was correct – though did we ever find out why he was carrying the same stuff that poisoned the other ball-player?

  2. Thanks again for this recap. Unless this blog finishes recapping until the 16th episode, only then can I move on from my Wild Romance addiction. Looking forward to your finale recap. Indeed, it is only from your recap that I understand scenes more accurately from your perspective. Like for instance in a particular scene in this episode inside Jong Hee’s apartment where EJ tries to cheer up MY and they struggled each other until she ended up in his arms. MY told her something like they are in a dangerous situation. I was thinking the dangerous situation he was referring to is the situation at hand about the stalker/ripped paintings. It is only from your recap that I realized the dangerous situation he is referring to is probably him with EJ wrapped in his arms at that instance. That is why I really need your recap to understand the story fully well

    1. Aww i’m glad you’re able to get more out of it! ^^ Thank you for sticking to these recaps loyally! It’s nice to have someone wait for it T^T
      I hope you come back and visit soon~~

  3. @sparksofember: I hate to think that she’ll be suspecting him..but that methanal thing is purely a coincidence and we’re long past the point of having Dong-Soo as the suspect..but now it’s here again! owww…

    @latebloomer: awww..thanks for the compliment 😀 people like you are the reason why we’re still standing strong, finishing this cute drama recaps 😉

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