[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 5

This maybe my favorite episode so far. You have funny dialogues, great facial expressions by Lee Soo Hyuk in particular. Cute antics and the four trying to learn human emotions which is something I never thought would be as hilarious as this because we find it so trivial hahaa!

But if I had to title this episode, it would be Prince Jung: Reality Strikes!

The episode starts off with the vampires in the president’s office and the president is drawing up a contract. Prince Jung whispers to Manager Shin if signing this will really make them Girls Girls’s friends and Manager Shin said yes. Oh the things people do for their idol. hehe. The president sits down and looks at the three pretty boys and assumes that Prince Jung is the manager (aww poor prince). Manager Shin says no and that Prince Jung is the leader and that he sings well.

Woo Hee tells her group mates to help her move her boxes since a new group is going to move in there. They don’t know who it is yet; Manager Shin comes up to them and tells them to meet their new roommates.

Cue the hot guys walking out and the girls place down their boxes to fix their hair. Manager Shin goes down the line introducing them all.

Manager Shin: This friend next to me is Lee Soo Hyuk. Age…uh…25 (i think that’s what he said). Next friend is Hong Jong Hyun. Age…

Jong Hyun: One hundred. (lmaoo I love this guy)

Manager Shin: Also 25. This friend is Kim Woo Bin (Hyun Joong). (I think for his age, it might also be 25, I couldn’t understand what he said). Where’s Papa?

Prince Jung, behind Jong Hyun: I’m right here!

Manager Shin: This friend’s name is Wang Ja (Prince).

Poor Prince Jung, he doesn’t get the same reaction from the girls as his minions and they even laugh at his name being Wang Ja. Kwang Hee also laughs.

Prince Jung starts saying his full name but Manager Shin covers his mouth and lies that he’s part African, hence the long name. Manager Shin herds the boys up to their rooms.

In the girls’ room, the girls are fawning over the boys and how cool they are except for Prince Jung (aww). They all take dibs on the boys like all girls do. The brunette picks Lee Soo Hyuk (hey, he’s mine! cough cough). Minah chooses Kim Woo Bin and tries to remember Hong Jong Hyun’s name; Silence texts them all his name. Minah suggests giving them chocolate and eating it together but Woo Hee snatches it and asks her if she has any pride. Brunette says of course their leader is different, but who does she like? She scoffs and says she doesn’t care.

The vampires crawl out of the piano (lmaooo) which is now their bed. Prince Jung likes the room, but Soo Hyuk worries the room might be too small for Prince Jung and Jong Hyun still doesn’t trust the people. Prince Jung says it’s alright. I’m not sure what Hyun Joong (I’m still going to use this name because it’s less confusing) and Prince Jung say but I know it has to do with the king and most likely his decree.

Prince Jung sees the artwork of a man kissing a woman and says it has a nice feel to it. His minions guess that it must be him eating her. Prince Jung says he has yet to do that and it’s one of his dreams (?). At the thought of sucking blood, Soo Hyuk starts to turn until Prince Jung yells at him to focus. Soo Hyuk’s flustered and apologizes. Prince Jung reprimands him and Soo Hyuk tells him he will try harder. Prince Jung asks to see his face as proof, but Soo Hyuk’s eyes are still blue so he’s turning again. Prince Jung gets angry with him again.

They hear a knock on the door and it turns out to be Woo Hee, she walks in cutely and gives Soo Hyuk a welcoming present which was the chocolate Minah was holding earlier. Soo Hyuk only stares at it and Prince Jung takes it, thinking it’s for him. He says thanks and hands it over to Soo Hyuk for him to hold. Her face says it all LOL.

Woo Hee then tells them that this used to be her room and Prince Jung asks if that artwork is hers. She says yes and hints to Soo Hyuk that it’s every girls dream to get a romantic kiss from a guy. Prince Jung takes note of this. Woo Hee invites them to see their dance practice.

The boys are enjoying themselves except for Soo Hyuk who’s just sitting there. Minah smiles at Jong Hyun who gives a small smile back and I think I might just ship them. Woo Hee makes a heart and shoots it at Soo Hyuk who doesn’t smile back. I love his face here, it’s the I don’t give a f*** about all this, I’m just sitting here because my Papa loves you girls. Prince Jung is having the time of his life here. Another loveline is starting with Brunette and Hyun Joong, not sure how I feel about this couple yet but Hyun Joong’s reaction is cute.

They walk out of the rehearsal room and Prince Jung is happy as a clam. Min Kyung walks in the building with deliveries and is happy to see Prince Jung; Prince Jung, on the other hand, looks scared. LOL.

Min Kyung: Oh, Vampire-ssi!!

Prince Jung: What are you doing here?!

Min Kyung: I’m here to deliver, but Vampire-ssi, what are you…ooh…are you perhaps a singer?! Oh no wonder you were wearing that, so you were a singer! …Am I wrong?

Prince Jung: I told you last time, I’m not a singer, I’m a Papa…a prince.

Min Kyung: What should we do? You’re still strange. Have you gone to the hospital??

Prince Jung: Hospital….?

He then gets horror flashes back to the operation room times with the scary lights, restraints and needles. LOLOLLLL. Prince Jung shouts that he’ll never go back and Min Kyung tries to persuade him.Soo Hyuk pulls her hand away from Prince Jung and the other two minions escort him away. Soo Hyuk drags her outside and lets her hand go. OMGOSH, potential love triangle with Min Kyung, Soo Hyuk, and Prince Jung?!

Min Kyung tells him that she’s worried about Vampire-ssi and Soo Hyuk looks annoyed at her calling Prince Jung Vampire-ssi. He takes a deep breath and says Prince Jung’s whole name before walking about inside, leaving Min Kyung confused.

Prince Jung, Jong Hyun and Hyun Joong are back in their room and Prince Jung looks at the artwork.  He’s reminded of what Woo Hee said earlier. They decide to watch a movie to figure it out, I’m pretty sure it’s a vampire movie again with the horror music in the background LOL. They fall when it gets too hot for them and Prince Jung shudders at the kissing as Jong Hyun provides his intellectual information. Jong Hyun informs Prince Jung that kissing is not done here with friends but with people who are in love. Soo Hyuk tries to dissuade Prince Jung from doing so because it’s dangerous.

Prince Jung says it’s fine because it’s someone he likes. The next part was so funny that I almost choked to death from laughter.

Prince Jung: Come here.

Soo Hyuk: What? Why?

Prince Jung: I need to practice kissing.

Soo Hyuk: With me?

Prince Jung: You don’t want to? Then…

The other two are already near the piano and ignore Prince Jung’s voice as they stuff themselves inside the piano.

Soo Hyuk walks into the Girls Girls room and once again I love that look on his face that shows how he thinks this is all troublesome. With one clear of his throat, the girls come running to him. They all try to pose and make themselves look nice. Brunette asks what he wants to which he asks Woo Hee to let him have some of her time.

Sumi is out in the kitchen humming the jingle bells melody while setting the table. Jong Hyun walks into the kitchen and calls her Baby (lmao). Sumi gets angry and demands who is he calling Baby?! Jong Hyun then uses age, he’s 100. Sumi says so what? Sumi asks what he wants and Jong Hyun needs candy. She teases him with the candy in her mouth which is the only candy, Jong Hyun forcefully takes it out of her mouth with his hand.

He walks back to the recording room where Prince Jung and Hyun Joong are practicing hahahah! He gives Prince Jung the candy and he practices how to kiss Woo Hee while his minions cheer him on.

Soo Hyuk comes in and tells him that the preparations are ready. Woo Hee comes in expecting Soo Hyuk and is disappointed at seeing Prince Jung. Prince Jung gives her the romantic kiss and passes the candy to her like the infamous Iris kiss. She pushes him away and throws the candy right into his mouth causing him to choke.

It was her first kiss (uh oh) and she screams that she’s going to kill him, at that, the minions come out of their hiding spot and pulls her away. She unleashes her wrath which is too strong for the minions to handle. Prince Jung makes it worse by asking why what’s wrong.

The vampires are back in their room, looking beat up and exhausted. Manager Shin comes in and announces that the president wants to have a word with Prince Jung. Prince Jung thinks that it’s because he’s going to get married to Woo Hee. Manager Shin says that he has humiliating news: the prince is considered ugly. Prince Jung laughs thinking this is all a joke.

*sidenote: Manager Shin uses the word potan which literally translates into bomb but they use it to mean ugly as well.

Lesson time! Manager Shin brings out a card board poster of different celebrities such as Song Seung Hun, Hyun Bin, Park Myung Soo, etc. and asks them to pick out which is the handsomest. The pick out this guy and Prince Jung says that the person has the perfect feature. Manager Shin asks them to pick out the ugliest guys and they all choose the handsomest ones.

Manager Shin tells them that the ones they picked as the ugliest are the handsomest and the vampires say that it doesn’t make sense! Manager Shin tells them that the minions are the handsomest and Prince Jung is considered ugly here so when he kissed her, she didn’t like it and that it was embarrassing.

Prince Jung is so shocked that he takes to his piano bed when Manager Shin looks for him because he bought him some clothes. Manager Shin asks if he’s still sulking over the whole potan incident. But what can they do, Prince Jung is a total potan. This causes Prince Jung to crawl out of his piano bed in anger and the other vampires run away when his cape gets caught on the piano. Poor prince, nothing is working out for him today.

The vampires escape to the living room where Manager Shin states that he must be shocked, he’s lived 100 years thinking he was a kingka (a slang for the best looking) and now he’s a potan. The president comes in and asks where the ugly person went. Manager Shin tells him out Prince Jung is hurt so he’s resting and the president says it’s a good thing, they can cut him out. The minions are angry at this and Manager Shin begs the president not to cut him out, he’s the leader of the group. The president protests, shouldn’t the leader be handsome? It’s good with just the three pretty boys.

Poor prince, he heard everything they said and shouted that this must be a nightmare! He encourages himself by saying that he is a kingka and opens the door to defend himself…only to find the whole room empty.

He finds everyone in a meeting room laughing and feels left out. Too bad he didn’t notice that his minions were laughing, their loyalty to Prince Jung is to be admired.

Prince Jung goes up to the roof and sends a message to the king and queen of how he can’t see Vampyrutus from here and how it would be nice to go home. The king and queen sob at hearing his message and how he doesn’t dare to ask for forgiveness, but wishes his parents good health. He says he loves them before cutting out. Mama Mia (i forgot to mention is the queen’s title) and Papapa cry and she says that she loves him too. She berates Papapa for kicking him out and tells him to forgive Prince Jung. Papapa gets made himself and shouts how he doesn’t like the Hallyu wave, haha it’s like a petty jealous. I can also tells where Prince Jung gets his little temper from lol. It also turns out Mama Mia is a fan of Bae Yong Joon and has his picture on her socks. PFFT.

Min Kyung sees him from down below and for once, Prince Jung is happy to see her rather than terrified. She takes him to a pojangmacha (food tent) where he tries soju for the first time. He asks if this will really make him feel better and she says yes, but is this really his first time here? He confirms it.  She is so shocked (and she has a right to be) and asks if he’s an alien which flusters him, but then she cracks up and says she was only joking. Close call. Prince Jung and Min Kyung get drunk and he asks her if he’s ugly which she says no. He’s not handsome but he is strong like when he collided with the motorcycle and didn’t get hurt at all. She was grateful to him for that. He then starts drunk crying and laughing like a bipolar maniac and then starts singing Girls Girls while laughing. The caption of Min Kyung’s face explains it all. LOL. She tells him to stop drinking or he’ll turn in to a dog (I think she means that he’ll turn despicable).

The minions have to take him back inside and Jong Hyun notes that something is wrong with him. Prince Jung asks if he is really ugly and Hyun Joong tells him no, he’s handsome. Soo Hyuk tells Prince Jong that he’s the real flower boy. Prince Jung says no and cries that he’s a potan. Jong Hyun receives a call from Papapa and Mama Mia.

Papapa: Papa-yah. (Says something I couldn’t catch)

Prince Jung does not respond.

Mama Mia: Papa-yah, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?

Minions: No.

Prince Jung: Oh! Who’s this?

Papapa: What’s wrong with this person?

Prince Jung: This is _________. If I’m a potan, then Papapa is a total potan. POTANNN!

Papapa is going to explode in anger so Mama Mia covers his mouth.

Mama Mia: Papa, what’s wrong with you? You must have eaten something wrong! Hurry and come back!!

Papapa: You know what, just stay there and live there forever!

Mama Mia: Did you eat something wrong? Did you eat ____?!

Prince Jung: Imo (aunt), bring some more soju!! Hahha…imo.

Prince Jung starts singing the Girls Girls song.

The minions try to restrain him, but it’s not use, what’s done is done. Like every drunk person the day after, he regrets his actions and tries to get in touch with Papapa and Mama Mia. However it’s useless and even the minions know it.

They change him out of his black vampire outfit against his will and makes him put on the tan long sleeve. He complains like a kid that the size doesn’t fit and starts sulking. I must add that the minions look mighty fine in their human clothing. Prince Jung starts sulking and starts shouting that he wants to go home!!!

Welcome to Earth, Prince Jung and the Minions!


So I commented during the recap about Hong Jong Hyun and Minah, which seriously do look cute together! I find her character likable out of the four girls, well three since i never really knew Silence that well. I’m confused as to why she’s a kpop singer when she doesn’t even talk. Anyways, I find Minah super cute with her gluttonous ways (or should I say normal ways) since she’s constantly forced to eat salad and any normal human would crave for something better. LOL.

I can see Soo Hyuk and Min Kyung working mostly because of that whole drama couple cliche of the guy being cold and serious while the girl is always bubbly and lively. I hope he starts smiling more since he’s so much hotter smiling (sorry, must fan girl over my bias at least once). I could totally see this couple working but I also love Prince and Min Kyung together especially after their interaction at the pojangmacha and his reaction to seeing her at the balcony!

Poor Prince Jung in this episode, it was really sad for him particularly at being called ugly since in my opinion, I don’t think he’s ugly. Yes, for sure not as handsome as the minions but not ugly either. He’s adorable in his own way. The drunk scene with his parents was by far the best scene, especially when he called Papapa ugly. Lee Jung really knows how to make his character likable despite the Prince being a brat sometimes. His voice, facial expression and demeanor is what really nails it.

Now time for some Lee Soo Hyuk love. Seriously, how can you not like his bored face? Maybe I like it so much because of it reminds me of my own apparently b*****face that I have when I’m walking to places alone. I don’t know but I love it, especially when Woo Hee shot him that heart and he totally ignored it. I was cheering.

Well this is the end of my recap and I look forward to future episodes!


2 thoughts on “[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 5

  1. thanks i was dying to know what he told his Dad. (the rest I could get with my 3 or 4 words of Korean and my eyes. 😀

    1. haha the conversation was sooo funny and the way Prince Jung said potan to his dad hehe :]
      Yup, sitcom relies heavily on exaggerated acting sometimes so it’s easier for people who don’t know korean that well to watch it :]

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