[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 4

Manager Shin runs all the way to the underground parking lot, Prince Jung gets tired and tells them to keep on chasing Manager Shin.

Manager Shin runs to an entrance to hide and sees the president who asks where he has been. The minions catch up to Manager Shin so he keeps running. The president shouts after him that there’s a performance but it goes unheard.

Manager Shin pushes through the crowd and goes all the back. The vampires fly around the stage in order to find him causing cheers from the audience. Everyone on stage doesn’t notice this and continues performing. Prince Jung sees Manager Shin and leaps to attack him.

The minons bring him outside where he begs for mercy and asks Prince Jung to spare his life just this once. Prince Jung ignores him and orders them to attack. Manager Shin asks for a moment to say his last words. He talks about how humans hate vampires here and if people find out they are vampires, they’ll be persecuted and burned to death.

Prince jung and Soo Hyuk shiver at that thought. Manager Shin then says it could be worse, they could stuff him and put him on display at a museum.  The king and queen would be so sad to hear such a thing happen.

Now that he has said his last words, Manager Shin tells them to kill him. He had a little tidbit: he really does know Girls Girls. At the words Girls Girls, Prince Jung turns into fan boy mode. LOL. Jong Hyun tells the prince that Manager Shin can’t be trusted. Manager Shin then does the vampire swear which is touching the tongue with his thumb and gliding the thumb all the way to the forehead.

Manager Shin takes them on his broken van to his home and he points at the posters of Girls Girls. Prince Jung then says if the Girls Girls are really in there. Manager Shin says yes. Soo Hyuk asks what about what the king said? Prince Jung declares that they will keep this a secret until they die. Jong Hyun says something that I couldn’t catch. Manager Shin tells them that they have to be quiet.

He sneaks them inside and Prince Jung marvels at the place Girls Girls live at. They hear someone coming so they quickly hide behind the curtains.

It turns out the person is Curly who came out after being hungry. She senses something is behind the curtains and is about to reach over to pull it when she gets interrupted by Woo Hee.

Woo Hee: Yah Minah, what are you doing?

Minah (finally a name!): There seems to be someone here.

Woo Hee: You have been eating junk food haven’t you?

Minah tries to use her aegyo on Woo Hee to let her eat snacks but Woo Hee forbids her to do so. Minah pouts and walks away, telling Woo Hee that she hates her.

They come out of the curtains once Woo Hee leaves and Manager Shin breathes a sign of relief at not being caught. He tells the vampires to follow him but Prince Jung is too star struck to move. The minions have to drag him out of there. LOL.

Sumi sighs at falling in love with a vampire and wonders what is love anyways. The vampires walk into the room and Sumi quickly goes into cleaning mode.

Manager Shin greets her as baby and she greets him with oppa. Prince Jung is confused at Sumi being a baby and Manager Shin tells him that she’s only sixty years old. Prince Jung is in shock and asks what’s wrong with her face because she’s only sixty and she looks older than the king. Dang, it’s like he’s asking for a beating.

Sumi walks out depressed and Manager Shin reprimands Prince Jung. His words were too harsh for a woman and Prince Jung is shocked that the person IS a woman. Poor Sumi. Manager Shin tries to alleviate her sadness and informs her that the short one is the prince. Sumi is shocked that a prince would look like that since they’re usually tall and handsome, but Manager Shin says that’s how princes look like in Vampyrutus. Sumi is no longer sad and asks for a kiss, they almost do except Woo Hee walks by so she ends up hitting Manager Shin like an angry mother would HAHAHA.

They walk into the room to see the four vampires hanging upside down. Sumi apologizes for earlier and tells Prince Jung to speak comfortably. Prince Jung asks when they will get to meet Girls Girls and Manager Shin says tomorrow morning.

She then gets her own little revenge by saying how their outfits are a little overboard and it’s not like they’re in a circus. Pfft. Jong Hyun says that these outfits were the best design and she says designer or not it doesn’t even look at least like an American style. HAHA. She tells them to sleep here and leaves while they look at their outfits and the surrounding area. Manager Shin feels bad when Sumi has to sleep outside on the couch but she says she’ll be okay. Sumi is sleeping when she wakes up to see four hot guys staring at her.

I know it’s creepy to have someone stare at you, but I think I would forgive Lee Soo Hyuk if he did that to me since I’d probably do the same thing too cough cough.  Prince Jung orders them to eat.

They all start biting her while she screams. It turns out to be a dream as the vampires are actually watching television – a vampire movie haha! Jong Hyun is trying to make the signal clearer and the other vampires laugh when the girls gets dragged away screaming.

Soo Hyuk makes a joke and the others start cracking up. Sumi tells them to be quiet because people are trying to sleep.

Jong Hyun starts his adorable rambling about the television to Sumi but all Sumi is focused on is how he used banmal (informal speak). Manager Shin wake up and drags the vampires back to the room. He sleeps by the doorway to prevent them from leaving.

Prince Jung realized that Woo Hee might be sleeping too! The minions tease Prince Jung for having Woo Hee as his first love. It’s stalking time! The boys hang upside down where Minah, Brunette, and Silence sleep. Minah wakes up and screams and gets reprimanded by Brunette who was dreaming about her Prince Charming. Minah decides to sneak out of bed. Prince Jung has crawled back into their room, disappointed that Woo Hee wasn’t there. Hyun Joong uses his super hearing and locates Woo Hee’s bedroom where she is sleeping sloppily.

They hear Minah coming in so they quickly hide behind the short curtains. Minah came into check if Woo Hee was sleeping so she can go and sneak some snacks. She sees their feet and scream. Woo Hee must be a light sleeper as she doesn’t hear anything but Sumi and Manager Shin come in. She tells them how there are people there and they open the curtains and pretend to see no one. The vampires escape out  the window while Minah screams how they are there.

Minah thinks she’s hallucinating now so at breakfast the next morning, she stares at the bibimbap and asks if it’s real. Sumi eats it as a confirmation. The president comes in and asks if Manager Shin is here and she says he’s still sleeping. She realizes that the vampires could still be there and rushes after the president, leaving the bibimbap alone.

I don’t blame her for trying to crawl over to eat the bibimbap; it looks really good and that beats a salad any day! The president walks into Manager Shin’s room where he’s sleeping and Sumi’s surprised that no one is in the room. The president yells at Manager Shin for yesterday’s concert and punishes him. Outside, the public is enraptured in figuring out who where the four mysterious vampire boys.

The girls are also reading the news article on a tablet except for Woo Hee who is practicing. Kwang Hee comes over and says cockily if  they are in love with oppa to which none of them respond. He dances and none of them are interested and he walks away. Woo Hee shouts at them to practice instead of being lazy. At the car mechanic shop where the van is being fixed, the president gives him beef about the mysterious vampire guests and Manager Shin tries to apologize. However a news report says that people are interested and the public likes the mysterious vampires so Manager Shin has the upper hand now. On the drive back, they are negotiating money and Manager Shin says he’ll show it to Sidus instead and the president ups the price. He doesn’t want it to be taken away by Sidus. Haha nice meta moment with the Sidus comment. :]

Oh the look at Manager Shin’s face when he gets more money. He calls up Sumi to tell her the good news and to tell the vampires. She walks into Manager Shin’s closet (lol), but she finds it empty. She quickly runs out of the room, knowing for sure where they are. Once again, the vampires are creepin’ it up as they hang upside down in Woo Hee’s room while Woo Hee undresses with her back facing them. Sumi runs into the room and Woo Hee says she could knock, you know.

Sumi quickly closes the curtains only to have Prince Jung open them again so she decides to push them down hah. The president asks where he found those boys and Manager Shin says literally that they fell from the sky haha.

Prince Jung falls to the ground while the other three float down like angels. Poor prince, that must have hurt. The other two are amazed at this whole ordeal.

Vampire Idols are officially born!


I think this episode finally got things moving and characters are more established though I’m sure we’ll know more about them as the episodes continue. I can’t wait to hear them sing, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR MONOTONE VOICES. I asked my friends if we could sing like that but no dice :[

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