[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 6

This episode was one where we jump on a time machine and travel back to watch a beautiful and hilarious story unfold. It’s going to be filled with laughter and little heart tugs along the way so prepare yourselves!

A tall woman addresses Sumi as “omoni” (mother in a more formal way) and helps her clean the window. While cleaning, she asks if her son (Manager Shin) is still single and Sumi responds that even if he was, the tall woman isn’t her style. He likes short and plump women like her. Sumi kicks the woman out and in a sour mood, she does her trademark fast smack talk about being called “omoni.”

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White Christmas: a Review

When one thinks of White Christmas, things that come to that person’s mind are probably the song or a happy love story; or the true meaning of opening his window to falling snow on the joyful day. Now imagine this: instead of being stuffed with your loved ones inside your cozy homes, you have to spend your Christmas in your boarding school during the only holiday. Don’t worry so much, there’s plenty of snow there, but joining you are a teacher, a psychiatrist, and your schoolmates who get murdered one by one mysteriously. Welcome to another version of White Christmas, where it’s as dark as the night sky and beware; your life is going to change once you decide to explore it.

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