Tree with Deep Roots: Towards the End

As much as I dreaded the ending, the urge to watch it till the end is much stronger than ever. Three months feels so short and here I am, writing the last chunk of recap (sort of). So many emotions rolling in and out, so much turns, but it’s worth the ride. It gets bumpy at times, and I’m glad because despite so many unexpected surprises that made my heart and head pounded, I finished this drama without a glitch. It’s not exaggerating at all; this might be the best dramas I’ve ever watched – Tree with Deep Roots.

A friendly advice from me: if you haven’t finished it yet, stay away from this. Too much spoilers ahead and it’s better if you watch it first.

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[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 5

This maybe my favorite episode so far. You have funny dialogues, great facial expressions by Lee Soo Hyuk in particular. Cute antics and the four trying to learn human emotions which is something I never thought would be as hilarious as this because we find it so trivial hahaa!

But if I had to title this episode, it would be Prince Jung: Reality Strikes!

The episode starts off with the vampires in the president’s office and the president is drawing up a contract. Prince Jung whispers to Manager Shin if signing this will really make them Girls Girls’s friends and Manager Shin said yes. Oh the things people do for their idol. hehe. The president sits down and looks at the three pretty boys and assumes that Prince Jung is the manager (aww poor prince). Manager Shin says no and that Prince Jung is the leader and that he sings well.

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