[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 3

I’m seriously loving this show. It’s funny without being too slapstick, sometimes it does go over the top a little but that’s what sitcoms are about.

Just a warning, I don’t know all of the Girls Girls member’s names yet, I just know the short haired one is Woo Hee, one of them is Minah (Girl’s Day) and it’s either the brunette or curly hair girl, and the other one is silent girl. I think I’ll have to use code names for them until I get their names down.

Curly complains about eating a salad but since they are kpop idols, they have to watch their weight and miss out on amazing food, sadly. Sumi wonders how they have enough energy to dance when eating food like that. Curly agrees and says how she wants to eat soondae (pig intestines stuffed with rice and other foods, a very popular snack in Korea).

Woo Hee (I think she’s the leader and she is the president’s daughter) scolds her and asks her if she knows how many calories there are in soondae. Silence texts “498 calories” to the Brunette who exclaims it in shock.

The president comes in and greets everyone. He asks Sumi if Manager Shin was still sleeping to which Sumi says no and how he’s been gone since early morning to prepare for the Girls Girls concert. Woo Hee jokes that he’s probably not preparing but finding a daughter-in-law for Sumi (I think that’s what she says) and Sumi makes a face at her. The Brunette finds a strand of hair in her salad and screams bloody murder at Sumi. Sumi feels hurt and says exaggeratedly that she must deserve death for doing such a thing.

Sumi is taking the laundry out of the hanger when the president comes in, apologetic about what the girls did to her. He hands her some money and tells her to enjoy her time at the jimjibang (sauna). Sumi is not satisfied with only ten dollars so she puts on a show and acts pitiful. She says she could just stay home and eat kimchi with instant noodles which forces the president to give her additional money so she can eat rice. She bows gratefully until he leaves and then grumbles about how stingy the president is.

Prince Jung is unconscious after the collision with the truck’s side view mirror and is taken to the operating room. While the head doctor is giving a patient status to his fellow doctors, the wound from Prince Jung is slowly disappearing – a perk of being a vampire. (So I guess the wound from episode 2 disappearing was a cause of his powers and not a continuity error). The doctor takes a look at the patient and is shocked.

Doctor: That’s strange, there was for sure a wound…

Min Kyung: Yeah, there was for sure one and it was even bleeding.

The nurse interrupts with a comment about the machine acting strange as the pulse the machine notes is too low for a human being. His temperature is also too high and the doctor feels Prince Jung’s forehead with his own hand. From the touch, Prince Jung’s eyes open and he tries to get up, prompting the doctors to hold him down. They tell him to stay lying down and asks if there is any discomfort.

Min Kyung: Vampire-ssi, do you remember me? If anything hurts, tell us!

Prince thinks: Where is this place? Who are these people? (He says something else) I’m the vampire prince!

He struggles to get up again only to be suppressed again. The doctor orders the nurse to give him a shot which gets him even more worked up. Prince Jung gives them a warning to not do it, but they don’t listen to him and continue to hold him down. He tells them not to do it and his voice gets more desperate (aww who knew vampires were afraid of shots hehe). He screams out in pain once it is injected.

From the scream, Hyun Joong is able to figure out where Prince Jung is at. They run once again and Manager Shin struggles to keep up with the speedy vampires, I guess living on Earth has taken a toll on his agility.

Of course, in a hospital there is blood and when hottie Soo Hyuk sees blood…

He transforms into hotter  bloodthirsty Soo Hyuk! Manager Shin sees this and smacks him upside the head. He thought that the vampires of Vampyrutus had already controlled their blood thirst to which Jong Hyun says that some have more difficulty than others.

It’s like one temptation after another for poor Soo Hyuk as a whole buffet of blood appears on a tray. Jong Hyun quickly plugs up his nose before he could turn again. Jong Hyun tells him to think about Papa and Soo Hyuk says he’s okay now. Hyun Joong uses his super hearing to track his Papa.

Prince Jung runs out of the operating room with many things hanging from it, it looks more like an experiment than an operation to save a person heh. He runs in fear and Min Kyung chases after him.

He meets up with them and starts yelling at them for their incompetence. His minions bow down in remorse. Manager Shin bows down to honor Prince Jung but not without eyeing the diamond. Prince Jung’s anger turns into tears.

Prince Jung: Do you know how scared I was?

Minions: PAPA!

Aww, the bromance is sooo cute. They hug him while Prince Jung sobs. He hears Min Kyung’s voice and she says how could he run away? Prince Jung screams and runs up the stairs followed by his minions. Min Kyung chases after them.

They end up on the roof of the hospital. The minions grab Manager Shin and jump off the roof (they must have done this scene last as the sky is dark).

The minions didn’t wait for Prince Jung and left Prince Jung up on the roof by himself. Min Kyung runs up to the roof and sees him on the edge, she panics as she assumes he’s about to commit suicide. Prince Jung sees her and gets scared, telling her not to come any closer. Min Kyung tells him to be careful. He jumps off and Min Kyung faints from shock. In the van, with the van door gone, the vampires celebrate and drink some blood in vials.

Soo Hyuk tells Prince Jung that he’s glad that he is safe. Prince Jung says something about how in his hundred years of living, he has never experienced anything like this. I think Jong Hyun then says how he has him to thank and starts cracking up happily. Prince Jung  glares at him.

Prince Jung: Laughing? Laughing?! What are you going to do about our perfect project?!

Jong Hyun starts his adorable rambling until Manager Shin interrupts.

I don’t know exactly what Manager Shin says but for sure, Manager Shin tells them he’s able to help them meet Girls Girls because he’s their manager. The boys look so giddy at the prospect of meeting their favorite girl group.

They end up at the sauna and Prince Jung is confused as to if this is where the Girls Girls concert is held at. Manager Shin lies to him and they believe it as they go and undress for the sauna. Haha I love how they use happy bats to censor LOL. Some might notice this but they used a body double for Soo Hyuk, he was probably filming for Tree With Deep Roots, so no shirtless Soo Hyuk for you all. Boo. 

They put a cape on their prince (it’s like a fashion statement that would never die lol) and Manager Shin tells Prince Jung that he’ll take care of the necklace for him. He wouldn’t want to lose it in here or get it stolen. Prince Jung hands it to him and the vampires leave.

Manager Shin gets in his car and has a little mini celebration. He avoids answering a call from the president and he shouts that all the unhappy days are over! He starts his car and leaves the sauna.

At the concert hall, the president is trying to contact Manager Shin but gives up when he doesn’t answer. He focuses his attention on Kwang Hee (Z:EA member) and tells him to do well or something like that. Kwang Hee replies with distress and shouts random English phrases with his Korean. He shouts “O.M.G” and “Oh my God.” LOL The president assuages the little diva and Kwang Hee says he’ll do well. He wears the fake vampire teeth and does a little growl.

The president leaves the makeup room to call Manager Shin again. Brunette starts to ask Kwang Hee something.

Brunette: Oppa, at the ending, does the vampire bite the neck sexily?

Kwang Hee: Of course. Yes ji. Why? (he speaks in English)

Brunette: Then I’ll do it!

Woo Hee glares are her angrily.

Brunette retracts: Um..good thing Woo Hee unni is here.

Curly: Unni (Woo Hee) your neck is too short! Of course it has to be me.

Silent texts: Minah, today you didn’t wash. Of course I have the longest neck.

They stop arguing though once the reporters come in to do a special on them. They turn on their aegyo and start acting cutesy, trying to win over the reporters. Kwang Hee’s expression totally expresses the moment.

Meanwhile at the sauna, the minions wash Prince Jung with seriousness while he chants a bathing ritual song. The other bathers looks at him oddly. Prince Jung spots a little boy being washing by his dad and says that the kid must be a Papa too LOLOL.

After the bath, they strut around the sauna while other laugh at Prince Jung’s cape. They accidentally strut into the ladies room and get things thrown at them while they run away. The owner reprimands them for walking into the ladies room and mocks their explanation about them thinking it was the Girls Girls fan club room (?).

Prince Jung is angry with Manager Shin and with the fact that he has his necklace. Jong Hyun says there is no time and they have to leave. Prince Jung says they have no choice and they should go. Soo Hyuk says they should get their clothes first.Prince Jung asks the owner for their clothes only to have a towel thrown at him and she asks him for the money. Min Kyung interrupts and sees that Prince Jung is still alive.

Min Kyung: Vampire-ssi? Thank you. Thank you for being alive.

The minions look shocked. Prince Jung pushes her away.

Min Kyung: You’re Vampire-ssi, right? God, thank you, thank you!

Prince Jung says something about how he wasn’t really comfortable.

Min Kyung: But how did you survive? You for sure jumped off. Then how…?

Owner: These people, do you know them?

All of them leave the sauna and Prince Jung thanks Min Kyung for paying for their fees. Jong Hyun takes out his tablet and notes that it’s time to leave. Min Kyung asks where they’re going. Meanwhile, Manager Shin has taken the diamond to a jewelry expert that tells him that the necklace is not a real diamond but cubic zirconia LOLOLOL. He walks to every store only to get the same answer from each of them. Manager Shin answers the president’s phone call and says he’ll be there. Min Kyung takes Prince Jung to the concert hall on her motorcycle while the minions run behind HAHAA.

Prince Jung thanks her for the ride and asks if the sauna is her home. She says she doesn’t have a home which is why she works part time there. Prince Jung is shocked that she doesn’t have a home and Min Kyung leaves when she gets a call. Prince Jung says that’s she’s an alright girl after all. Jong Hyun uses Prince Jung as an arm rest which earns a glare for him. Hehe. Prince Jung says something to Hyun Joong. Jong Hyun tells him it’s almost time to leave. Prince Jung mutters at his bad luck and spot Manager Shin driving in. Manager Shin tries to open the van door, only for it to fall apart so he takes his anger out on it.

Manager Shin gets a shock as he sees the four glaring vampires. He lies and says how he was worried about them and tried to find them everywhere. Prince Jung orders Hyun Joong to do something which causes a frantic Manager Shin to show him the necklace and say it’s here. Before they can hurt Manager Shin, the king’s voice is heard.

King: Papa, where are you?

It’s too late to avoid the call so the four try to hide Manager Shin behind them so the king wouldn’t see where they are. They all try to act natural which makes them all look stiff haha.

A holographic king appears from the device and asks where Prince Jung is. Prince Jung lies to the king but gets caught when Manager Shin jumps up and down shouting that he’s lying.

Manager Shin: He’s lying! Lying! This is Earth!

The King: what is that?

Prince Jung: Uhh…nothing. What is it that you want…

Manager Shin keeps interrupting and causing a ruckus. He starts telling the king how they are here to see Girls Girls live.

The king gets mad and the queen runs into the screen, telling the king to calm down. The queen asks if Prince Jung is crazy and why would he go there? The king is angry and the queen quickly tells Prince Jung to kneel and he quickly does. However the king is too angry and tells them that they are banished from Vampyrutus, this gets Manager Shin begging too for him to take the vampires back. The holographic parents disappear. Jong Hyun says how they can’t go back anymore, I think they might have missed the portal time.

Prince Jung angrily shouts at Manager Shin and orders his minions to attack him. They all bare out their fangs and I’ll give you guys a moment to fangirl :].

Manager Shin says wait! And bares out his fangs.

Which turns out to be no fangs because he’s been in the human world for so long  that fangs don’t even come out anymore haha! I love Soo Hyuk’s face when Manager Shin tries to bare the fangs. In the end, Manager Shin decides it’s better to run.


I’m already laughing at these parts and their facial expressions, I can’t wait until they meet Girls Girls hahaha! I wonder how he’s going to be forgiven by the prince, maybe a bribe of an autograph and fan service picture? lol


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  1. Thanks for recapping this drama! I had heard a lot of good things about this drama, but I could find it subbed. Keep up the good work and have a great day 🙂

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