Spazzing Around #1

Too many things to say but the words doesn’t appear in my mind at all.


Just a few updates on my Kdrama watching schedule…

  • Finished watching Scent of a Woman, and yeah, it’s an excellent drama! Pretty to look at, plus you’ll learn many things as you watch it. Simply touching and I do cry a few tears. Or more.
  • I finally found my favorite song in the OST and spend a whole day listening to it.

  • Yeon-Jae, can I  have hair like you? Okay, that’s a dream that’ll never come true. I knew it.

  • Ji-Wook’s face is so adorable. His expressions are so cute I want to squish him and put him in my pocket. All the time, so that I’ll get to see those squishy sulky faces.

  • Eun-Seok-ah…his expressions before, during, and after his tango performance was so priceless. Love him.

  • Late Hee-Joo..:’)

  • The Musical! It’s just been few minutes after it started but I was running out of breath because of too much grinning and laughing. I’m so gonna like Eun-Bi!

  • But I can’t escape myself about my guilt when I looked at adorable Jae-Yi a.k.a Daniel Choi. I’ll continue my Baby Faced Beauty recaps, promise!

  • Ji-Heon and Eun-Sul will be the death of be because of their cuteness. Kdrama God, please don’t separate them! Please…

  • Mu-Won and Na-Yoon. The royal NaMu couple. Enough speaking, Just get together already!

  • What should I watch next? Can’t Lose? Going to check it out after the camp.

  • Royal Family..I need to continue watching it.

  • Also, Paradise Ranch. I’m always stuck at the same place. Urgh.
  • Dorky Na-Yoon is pure love.
  • The camp is tomorrow. *yawn*

Rant Out, Souls!

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