MV: In Heaven (JYJ)

Maybe because I’m so affected by Scent of a Woman, this MV makes me cry only with its trailer. There are times where an MV could be as enjoyable as a drama or a movie with a solid storyline, and for me, this is one of them. As the title suggests, it deals about death, and an uncommon issue: a second chance.

In Heaven is a self-composed, self-written, and self-arranged song by Jaejoong. It is known that Jaejoong was a close friend to late Park Yong-Ha, who committed suicide last year. This song is written beautifully by someone who misses and longs for his friend.

Mix the song and the storyline, we got a beautiful yet heartbreaking love story of a young couple: Junsu and Ji-Hyo.

Junsu was a successful young executive, who became so immersed with his work life, turned into a workaholic and  started to neglect his girlfriend Ji-Hyo. And Ji-Hyo, who was left alone, died in a car accident.

Three years had passed but still, he’s still haunted by his guilt towards her. Nevertheless, he’s living his life well, but alone, without anyone beside him.

One day, he woke up, thinking that it’s like his normal day, except that it’s not. Someone came knocking on his door..

..and it’s Ji-Hyo,

who left him with a dumbstruck face.

She walked into the house like nothing happened while Junsu was looking at her weirdly, until she asked, “Why? Did you see a ghost?”

This prompted Junsu to take a look at the calendar and it turned out that the time had returned to three years before, before Ji-Hyo was dead.

Believing that that’s his second choice to make her happy, Junsu listed out all the things that he’d like to do with her and began his plan.

mismatched concept of cycling together

surprising Ji-Hyo during a dinner

Time passed by, both of them living happily. Junsu looked at his planner and realised the date: it’s Ji-Hyo’s death anniversary. Unknown to Ji-Hyo, she went out to buy some flowers for him and arrived at the accident site.

Junsu tried to call her but left unanswered. He started to have deja vu about what happened before, and without much thinking, he left his presentation and ran out to save her.

Just in time, he saw her, safe and sound, before a car came into sight. Off he went and threw himself in front of the car, trying to save her.

In the end, both of them ended together, even after their death. Keeping their love for each other, eternally..

A second chance doesn’t come knocking on your door every single day and when you have the chance, grab it; turn it into the best opportunity you’ve ever had: not only for you, but also for people around you.

Go check out the lyrics because they are wonderfully written and this is the full MV:

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