2011 Appreciation Post

Another year is going to end and another year is coming in less than 24 hours. Sounds pretty fast, right? Many dramas started and ended, some being better than the others and a few went down the lane pretty miserably. Rambles aside, this year is pretty much a good and bad year for me. The reasons, in no particular order…

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A Lee Dong-Wook / Kang Ji-Wook Appreciation Post

Because he’s such a cutie that everyone loves since his My Girl days back in 2005 (that’s a long time ago!), it’s almost a waste if I don’t give him an appreciation post. His performance in Scent of a Woman is so great, although what amuses me the most about him in the story is his expressions. I don’t care if it’s Kang Ji-Wook’s expressions, but behind those poker faces, he’s still the handsome man Lee Dong-Wook.

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