Oh, Hae Young

Maybe it’s the silence; maybe it’s the space; maybe it’s the conversation that takes place; or maybe, it’s a combination of all three: the silence between them and the conversation that follows afterwards, as if there is no space between them. I can’t quite pinpoint what is it exactly that makes me like this drama so much even if it is quite early into the series. Still, four episodes are enough for the viewers to weigh in whether the drama will be actually watchable or not, but for me, I’m in for Oh Hae-young Again. Oh wait, I think I know why now. It makes my heart flutters like crazy.

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Myung Wol the Spy: Final Thoughts

Everything had gotten delayed for the past few weeks and thank God, I was able to finish watching the last seven episodes in one go. Although there were so many things happening inside and outside the story, I watched it despite my own fear about the flow of the story itself. It turned out that the writers still managed to pull off the plot quite well, though not perfect, it still satisfied me, at least. Watching this just needs some patience and willingness to accept that everything is not perfect.

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Myung Wol’s Ships

Here we are, stuck in the middle of the story. Episode 8 has aired, and this left the story another eight episodes to go. Wow, time does flies very fast when I am doing something that I love to do (for instance, watching a favorite drama of mine) and it sure knows how to slow down very well at times (especially when I’m sitting in a class that bores me to the brim of sleeping). I’m torn between right now, with the ending fast approaching us in four weeks’ time, about my ship. Oh, how I wish that Myung-Wol would be all childish and playful with Kang-Woo, but a little part of my heart also wants Choi Ryu to get her. That’s the problem when you are such a softy at heart: you’ll always falls into the category of those who are experiencing second lead syndrome, just like me.

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Myung Wol the Spy : first impression(s)

Great. Just great. I’m trying to cut down my daily dose of Kdramas lately as I can sense that my grades are going to go down this semester, but the plan is all ruined now. Oh, I mindlessly downloaded the episodes, watched them, and here I am, writing away my first impression of Myung Wol the Spy. I think I’m completely hooked right now, ready to ship Myung-Wol and Kang-Woo. Aahh…why they look so great together?

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