Addicted to the Bosses

I’m back for a very short time from my hiatus and the first thing I did when I got my chance to go online is scrolling down dramabento and have a peek on Protect the Boss‘s recaps. I’m crazy enough about it to have it comes into my dreams every day and made me replayed episode 7 for countless times before I got the recent episodes. Waiting for a new episode is already a torture, but having something that keeps holding you from watching is even worse. Mu-neun-nim, please save me from this craziness~ I need to score in my exams! I think I’ll refrain myself from going online, starting from today. I’m going to miss my routine *sobs* For the time being (which is sooo short!), let’s just enjoy the moments. I can’t even express how happy I am when this comes into my view~ Yes, that’s Ji-Heon, for goodness’s sake! He finally gets his share of makeover! Yeay! Not that I resent his old curls, but this just makes him looks million times better. Ji-Heon, now you don’t have to worry, you look so manly to Eun-Sul! Guess that Kdrama Gods (plus the coordi team) heard my (and heaps of people’s, I think) wish. That makes me remember this comment from DramaQueen: And that’s exactly what I’m doing every time Ji-Heon appears: squealing and screaming alone. That’s not a healthy habit to do, but who can resist this face? Ji-Heon-ah, why do you do this to me? I’m dying from too much happiness. Someone help me @.@ His cousin is not much different from him. The all-serious, capable, straight-faced Mu-Won has come to my liking, bit by bit. Hey, he doesn’t earn the nickname Mu-Won-God for nothing, right? This capable young man is a heartrob and that explains why his secretary is having one-sided crush on him. Working besides this young man can be troublesome especially for women, when he starts to reveal his charms. Mu-Won makes people who initially tries to dislike him (like me) to actually liking him more. I’m not that fond of his romance with Eun-Sul (yes, I’m a proud Eun-Sul+Ji-Heon shipper) but one can’t help but love how he behaves around her. It’s almost like he’s becoming another person when he’s with her and I find it refreshing. Just looks at how blissful he is when he’s with her! I ship the main couple and also Ji-Heon+Mu-Won. Who doesn’t want them to be together? This is the couple that I have my faith the most to be together. Kyaaa~ bromance! Pulling each other’s hair and pillow fights might just be some reminiscence of endless childhood fights between them. These rival cousins are just perfect for each other. Quite balanced with each other’s strength and weaknesses, it’s just that they are groomed to be rivals. If that’s not the case, they’ll make a perfect team. And from this drinking scene, several facts can be seen collected:

  1. Cha family men are not that great drinkers.
  2. They are worse in state when they are drunk.
  3. Hence, one shouldn’t be involved with them when they’re drunk. Never ever try.

Nevertheless, the Cha cousins  are beyond cute when Mu-Won tries to stay sober by mixing his soju with Coke while Ji-Heon goes “Ahhh~ ahhhh~” in his aegyo voice every time he empties his glass. Try replaying this scene for several times like me and you may end up copying Ji-Heon. I already did that. Behind their fights and competitions, they are secretly wishing that they can be as close as before. Like what Na-Yoon said, their circle of friends only include herself, Ji-Heon, and Mu-Won. Mu-Won takes every chance he has to bug Ji-Heon while Ji-Heon keeps yelling at his annoying cousin. But secretly, he also longs for him and even strokes his picture so lovingly. Awww. I really want both of you to make some alliance or something. That would be really pretty. Na-Yoon-ah, you really deserve a pat on the head or on the back. Let Ji-Heon do that for me. I’m loving Na-Yoon. So much until I keep wishing she’ll appear more in the upcoming episodes. She didn’t even came out in the first episode, so it’s sort of a make up for that. She’s so far the most sensible second female lead I’ve ever seen, athough quite comical and childish.

Now, where can you find women (in Kdramas) competing for men sitting across each other while emptying their soju glass? Na-Yoon is pretty straighforward and she just says whatever comes into her mind. Poor girl. She’s in dire need of girl friends in order for her to let her heart out and to give her some life lessons, apart from her etiquette education. I just can giggle and pity Na-Yoon when she is almost ignored by everyone when she’s running away from home. At last, she contacts the person that she doesn’t like that much: Eun-Sul. I can’t even bring myself to hate her anymore. She’s so adorable, particularly this scene. The best part is, although Myung-Ran finds Na-Yoon annoying with her words and she’s saying that their small house is like a tent, she still tries her best to treat her nicely. Ha. I really want to see these three become best buddies. Okay, I think she’s not ready to be treated as close friends by Eun-Sul. LOL at Myung-Ran comforting her like a baby. To Na-Yoon: keep being like this and I’ll love you more. Run every time you have the chance. Keep being cool and funny because that makes you lovable! ^o^

People are not that happy with Eun-Sul right now: either they are not liking her condition right now, or they just being plain jealous at her for being the center of attention of two gorgeous guys. She’s a woman full of sensibility in herself and she surely knows what’s the best for her and people around her. Put yourself in her shoes: she’s being careful not to hurt the people who are precious to her. Mu-Won gives her a new work, while Ji-Heon gives her a new experience of life. It’s pretty hard to hurt them, right? So what she’s doing right now is just giving them their chances to realize the reality themselves without having to hurt them. When the time comes, as adults, both Mu-Won and Ji-Heon will realize what is the answer that they’re waiting from Eun-Sul: who does she loves more. Ji-Heon is just being plain romantic all the way. I’m practically swooning over him every time he’s with Eun-Sul. He’s doing everything he can and slowly, he’s maturing at his own pace. And almost every time he’s trying his best, my tears will come involuntarily. It’s like watching your child finally learning to be independent.

I bet that’s what Eun-Sul is feeling during this scene.

There’s so many times that I am really getting ready to spill my tears but it turns into laughter instead. It’s Ji-Heon who makes me cry, but he’s also the one who makes me burst into laughter. Insanely adorable, that’s an appropriate description of him.

Daddy Cha just makes everyone love him even more. I just want to hug him like Grandma does. It’s so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time to see him crying. It’s so heartbreaking when he’s so proud when he learns about Ji-Heon doing well for his part-time job but when he sees his son struggling at his workplace, he gets very sad. Ah~

They are so cute! i almost want them to get together or something. No, if they reconcile and stay like close friends is enough for me. Chairman Cha looks like he wants to be friends again with Suk-Hee but she’s too geared up for the company and her son. At least, they are trying hard not to fight every time they have meals together, especially in front of Grandma. I love their shared sentiments about being a single parent to two grown up sons, although Chairman Cha is not that clear about this.

So that’s why the children are behaving like kids, their parents are like teenagers. Suk-Hee and Curator Hwang, Na-Yoon’s mother are another pair that I love to see. Well, they are not that kind, but their expressions when they are being chided by Grandma are so hilarious. Suk-Hee is funnier when she’s with Chairman Cha, but Curator Hwang is amusing when she’s dealing with her Na-Yoon. I’m wondering what will happen if Mu-Won is really going to end up with Na-Yoon. There are two options: they can either be friends or fighting in-laws.

(They look like a creeping ghosts LOL)  I’ve just read the written preview for episode 11 and looks like Ji-Heon is withdrawing himself from liking Eun-Sul…or not? Oh, please don’t! I really really want them to be together! And no one is leaving to go anywhere, pretty please!

7 thoughts on “Addicted to the Bosses

  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog!

    Yes, I do remember that comment I made – I’m so glad my wish came true – he wore black AND changed his hairstyle. Hahaha!

    About Moo Won and Ji Heon – I do agree with you that they actually like each other. Unfortunately, they can only relate to each other right now by fighting. Any kinda touchy feely conversation would be majorly weird for the both of them. In episode 10 – have you seen it – Ji Heon tried to be a little warm to MW but was rebuffed. I felt quite sad for JH then because he was trying, but he had to mask his concern by being gruff. Unfortunately MW misinterpreted JH’s remarks as gloating, so didn’t react well.

    I do hope the cousins join forces one day. Both of them running the company – that would be ideal!

    1. no worries, your blog is my primary source to relieve my addiction^^

      I really want MW and JH to be close again~ Sometimes I really hope that someone else would get the Chairman position and ends all the quarrels. I even pictured NY and ES as the chairman 😀 And both MW and JH keep their current positions, working with each other in harmony!

      Our wishes were heard by the stylists and the Kdrama Gods, apparently. Yay for Ji Sung in black!

  2. I’ve been watching the movie right now, and I find it very funny, wich makes me laugh because of their dorkie slank they use.

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