August Spreadelicious: Three Musketeers (and A Prince)

There’s a month left until the premiere of tvn’s new drama Three Musketeers on 17 August and the cast is already participating in promoting the drama, including a pictorial for VOGUE. They will be dressed in fine Joseon garbs for the drama itself but for the photo shoot, the four leads: Lee Jin-wook, Jung Yong-hwa, Yang Dong-geun, and new actor Jung Hae-in, will be grazing the pages decked in tailored suits (and armor). I’m so excited for the drama and this teaser photo for the spreads make it better!

The sageuk will follow the Joseon era musketeers or the guards of Crown Prince Sohyun, who is the son of King Injo. The prince had been portrayed several times before and it will be interesting to see how Lee Jin-wook will pull off this character, considering that it’s his first sageuk. I’m also anticipating this drama because of the team behind this worked on Queen Inhyun’s Man and Nine! The cast gives more reasons for me to tune in, so I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that this will be decent, if not epic. If they can pull something like Joseon X-Files (aka Secret Investigation Record), then I can’t be any happier!

threemusketeers+vogue+aug14+1Crown Prince Sohyun is based on the character Athos in the original novel by Alexandre Dumas and instead of Milady, he will be involved with two women: his wife Kang Bin (Seo Hyun-jin) and his ex-lover Jo Mi-ryung (Yoo In-young). Park Dal-hyang is the group’s d’Artagnan Park Dal-hyang, a lad from a poor yangban’s family meets the prince and his two bodyguards: Heo Seung-po (Yang Dong-geun – Porthos) and Ahn Min-seo (Jung Hae-in – Aramis). I’ve read that Dal-hyang will harbour feelings for Kang Bin, so we’ll see what happens. The first teaser is out and the cast is busy filming as well getting involved with various trainings. Oh, it seems that they’re going for the Western look of the musketeers since they will be rocking the shining armor. Yeah!

threemusketeers+vogue+aug14+2 threemusketeers+vogue+aug14+3 threemusketeers+vogue+aug14+4 threemusketeers+vogue+aug14+5 threemusketeers+vogue+aug14+6 threemusketeers+vogue+aug14+7Enough harping on about the drama (I’m so ready for it, in case you don’t realize it :P), here’s Jung Yong-hwa belting out his sexy charms for the August edition of Esquire. I approve of this look!

jyh+esquire+aug14+1 jyh+esquire+aug14+2 jyh+esquire+aug14+3 jyh+esquire+aug14+4 jyh+esquire+aug14+5  Source | VOGUE | Esquire Korea |

Oh, if you’re interested, these are the teasers for the main characters from tvn. Check them out!

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