September Spreadelicious: Yeo Jin Gu

There aren’t many child actors who can sustain their popularity as they grow up like Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Hyun-woo (just to name a few), and Yeo Jin-gu is no doubt joining the band of grown up child actors making names both in big and small screens. He has a relatively successful career in his tenth year as an actor despite being only 19 in Korean age, and it will be fun anticipating how far he will go in the future. His latest movie, The Long Way Home with Sol Kyung-gyu will hit the cinemas this September, and the boy is being featured in the September issues of ELLE and VOGUE.



As much I like to see Yeo Jin-gu on my screen, I do hope he will choose the same path as Yoo Seung-ho, which is to complete his military service once he’s of age and then continue his journey as an actor without any interference. He’s got nothing to lose and his specs are to die for, and The Long Way Home makes me even more envious of him since he gets to act beside one of the Chungmuro’s big names, Sol Kyung-gyu. Hwayi might be one the best opportunities for him to work with many experienced actors (especially Kim Yun-seok!) and I do hope he will cross paths with Song Kang-ho in the future. One can dream, right?










Credit to: ELLE Korea | VOGUE Korea website | Facebook |

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