October Spreadelicious: The Guys I Love

Someone once asked me,”Who is your favourite actor?” To be honest, I cannot provide a definite answer to that question until now. I just can’t pinpoint which actor has captured my heart wholly, because there are just too many of them. Tee-hee! I guess it’s okay not to be faithful when it comes to this, right? October will be a great month, because the magazines are so generous in supplying all the eye candies to us! It’s raining guys I love, and it’s indeed an early Christmas for me!

In case someone forget about it, Song Joong-ki is back from the army, and he is courted by ELLE Korea to be interviewed for the magazine’s October edition. This will be his first appearance in a magazine since 2013! He shares his take on army, friendship, and his upcoming drama Descendants of the Sun in the interview. It will be a while until 2016 arrives and for us to see him on the screen, so I am so grateful for this pictorial!



Yoo Ah-in is set to take over both small and big screens in the second half of 2015: his movies Veteran reached 1 million admissions while Sado/The Throne is raking in good reviews from both press and fans, and his upcoming drama Six Flying Dragons is airing in early October. If everything goes smoothly, he will leave a deep impression in the industry before leaving for army, and everyone (including me) will be weeping and waiting for the day he come back to us. VOGUE chooses him as the cover boy for its October issue, and there will be three different versions of the cover. Oh, wow.



Not everyone can pull off a successful career in both acting and singing, but Seo In-guk has what it takes to shine on the screen as an actor and a singer. He sits down for an interview and photo shoot with CeCi, talking about his future plan of producing his own music and also his take on his recently completed drama, I Remember You. The only gripe I have right now is that only one shot has been released so far. I hope there will be more pictures coming up!


Credit to ELLE | VOGUE Facebook | CeCi |


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