Jung Il Woo for Vogue

I am a not a good fan of Jung Il-woo since I couldn’t even finish The Night Watchman’s Journal last year (please forgive me ;A;) but I do hope that he will have a good and watchable project soon. He’s recently reported to join a Korean-Chinese web drama but he still make some time for another pictorial. Yeay! His latest photo shoot is with the clothing brand Theory Men and it will be featured in VOGUE’s September issue.






(Credit to VOGUE Korea via naver news)



4 thoughts on “Jung Il Woo for Vogue

  1. Hi, Mimi, thank you for this pictorial, he’s gorgeous :). I was missing your blog a lot, my old laptop die on me a few weeks ago and I was looking to repairing it or buying a new one. So ultimately I decided to buy a new one. And now I´m back to reading you. So see you soon.

      1. 😀 Don’t feel bad for my old laptop she was great, but the new one is better. I was watching a few like “High Society” “The Time I’ve Loved You” and “Oh My Ghostess”, but all of them finished in these few weeks, so I feel a little bereft, I think I’m going to watch “Yong Pal” and maybe “Twenty Again”. What are you watching these days? See you again soon. Take care and have a good monday.

        1. Hehe have fun with the new darling then 😉 I’m watching Hwajung and Scholar Who Walks the Night while marathoning I Remember You. I’ll probably start Yongpal soon and marathon Oh My Ghost. Twenty Again looks so promising and I like the leads!

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