Seo Ji Hye for Harper’s Bazaar

This March, actress Seo Ji-hye graces the pages of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine! Donned in various outfits, she shows elegance with class and style 🙂 She starred alongside Jo Dong-hyuk in KBS1 drama Moon and Stars for You which I more or less watched when it aired on the local television. I liked her portrayal as Prosecutor Choi Yeon-jin in last year’s legal thriller Punch – despite having personal ambitions, her unwavering support for the protagonist Park Jung-hwan (played by Kim Rae-won) was admirable and it made me root for her as a character. Now for the pretties!

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49 Days Episodes 19 & 20 : The End of The Journey

Nothing is better than this title. Sincerely, this is the best Kdrama that I’ve ever watched. Well, maybe there’s people who won’t be on my side, but each of us have our own opinion, right? For me, I really enjoy watching 49 Days. I cried, laughed, shouted, and get angry along with the characters. Surely, I won’t forget them : the soft-hearted Han Gang, the sweet Ji-Hyun, the playful Scheduler Yi-Soo, the strong Yi-Kyung, the mean Min-Ho, and the pretty In-Jung. Also, the great writer, So Hyun-Kyung-nim and PD-nim (sorry, I forgot his name) for producing this great piece of work for all the viewers to enjoy (or maybe not all).

What I learnt from the drama: life offers so many surprises to us. At times, we may feel bad about what is happening to us, but God knows the best. Everything happens for a reason that we might not know about it, but that is all given to us by Him that knows us the best, because He is our creator.

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49 Days Episodes 17 & 18 : between the Lines

Another two new episodes, and my reaction is still the same..they are so good until they sent me shouting and laughing and screaming at my computer screen like a maniac (luckily I’m alone here LOL). It’s coming to an end next week, and it’s sort of unbelievable how 18 episodes have ended and we’re left with another two. Sobs. I’m totally going to miss this drama and definitely going to watch it again. Oww..thinking about this makes me sad. Don’t make me cry like Han Gang.

*sobs* Kang-ahhh~

But then, on the other side, who could resist the cute Lee Yo-Won?

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49 Days Episodes 15 & 16 : of Tears, Anger, and Truth

It’s totally a mix of various emotions, but I was mostly touched by the characters, except some of them. These episodes are tearjerkers. No lies, I lost count on how many I cried when I watched them. Although it’s pretty unhealthy for someone who’s having two papers tomorrow to sob uncontrollably in the middle of the night because of watching dramas, I couldn’t help it. Addicted? Call me that. Because I can’t help myself but to be so addicted to see them every week : Yi-Kyung, Ji-Hyun, Han Gang, Yi-Soo/ Mr Scheduler, and even Min-Ho and In-Jung (although now I seem to hate them…a bit).

I’m still crying. Uh-oh. Need someone like Han Gang to wipe my tears (T^T)

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49 Days Episodes 13 & 14 : through Actions and Words

Honestly, these are the episodes that I couldn’t understand most of the gists presented when I watched it without subs for the first time. I’m neither a native speaker of Korean nor undergo formal education of Korean language, and these episodes have a lot of dialogs (and by a lot, I really mean it) so I have to watch them twice each episode. For me, they need extra attention as I’m someone who’s so particular about little details. Sue me, but what can I do. It’s quite tiring (with less flashback scenes..owww) but some scenes and characters never fail to make me squealing, laughing, screaming, clapping my hands, gasping, and finally, makes me really want to hold some of the characters and shake them into reality. Even my reactions are too dramatic.

a friendly advice from me : for those who haven’t watch ep 13, get ready to be distracted and annoyed, not because of the characters, but something else. Just be prepared, because that thing really bugs me and block my vision. Gaah~

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