49 Days Episodes 15 & 16 : of Tears, Anger, and Truth

It’s totally a mix of various emotions, but I was mostly touched by the characters, except some of them. These episodes are tearjerkers. No lies, I lost count on how many I cried when I watched them. Although it’s pretty unhealthy for someone who’s having two papers tomorrow to sob uncontrollably in the middle of the night because of watching dramas, I couldn’t help it. Addicted? Call me that. Because I can’t help myself but to be so addicted to see them every week : Yi-Kyung, Ji-Hyun, Han Gang, Yi-Soo/ Mr Scheduler, and even Min-Ho and In-Jung (although now I seem to hate them…a bit).

I’m still crying. Uh-oh. Need someone like Han Gang to wipe my tears (T^T)

Almost everyone cried (including me…fufufu), well, obviously, except the bad side : Min-Ho, In-Jung, and another addition to the Min-Ho alliance : Dr Noh. An unpredictable move made by someone that I put so much trust to take care of Yi-Kyung (because he saved her twice, or who knows, more that that), but now he’s the one who’s sending her (and practically, Ji-Hyun) into Min-Ho’s no-one-knows plan. Moreover, he’s also encouraging Yi-Kyung to move in order to avoid her being possessed by the said ghost. Excuse me, but the ghost you’re talking about is one kind soul and she’s not a random ghost like you’ve seen on TV, sir! Urgh, I don’t know what to say, but sir, you’re out of my ship for Yi-Kyung. Kthanksbye.

Enough about him. LOL sorry for the rambling but can’t help it. I thought he’s the savior, but now he’s like a gem in Mighty Meany Min-Ho’s jewel box. Ack! And talking about Min-Ho, wow…I think I can hate him now. He’s a total psycho person, with all the shouting (not to forget the throwing-frame scene),  background checking and following Yi-Kyung, to the extend of forcing Ji-Hyun to admit she’s living inside Yi-Kyung’s body (I really hate him because of that >.<). Is there a person like him in this world? Maybe we could find one if we search up and down.

But I’m totally satisfied when he sees Han Gang and Ji-Hyun together, not once, but twice. Ha, serves yourself, man! I kind of flinched when he refers to Ji-Hyun as his ‘woman’ at the hospital. Someone needs to stop him from daydreaming and I know, Han Gang’s the one who’ll shake him to reality very soon (he’s already doing it, telling Min-Ho not to meet Ji-Hyun again.heh). Oh, about his bribery to the landlady and the job offer: that’s so cruel! He obviously knows about Ji-Hyun (although not into details like Han Gang, thank God), so he tries to keep Yi-Kyung away from Seoul. Hope Yi-Kyung thinks again and hops off that train to Busan.

Okay, back the original topic: tears. How should I start this? Um, yeah. The person that cries the most is not Yi-Kyung anymore, but her other half, Yi-Soo alias Mr Scheduler. The cheerful and happy-go-lucky Mr Scheduler is shedding his tears. 😥

I just can’t hold my tears when Yi-Kyung tells about her past to Dr Noh, with Mr Scheduler beside them. Shes being abandoned at a very young age, being cherished by Yi-Soo, but then, he also abandoned her. He tears up involuntarily, thinking about how he has the heart to do that. Yi-Kyung says, ” I’m someone that nobody wants..”

The scene when Ji-Hyun shows him the photo of him with another woman just kills me. Such a powerful scene, until he can recall his memories about Yi-Kyung. The way he keeps denying about the photo, the way he calls her “Yi-Kyung-ah..”,and how he says about her face looking so thin…:'[

It’s a sad thing about how he’s able to know the truth only after his death. And how he recalls all his memories prior to his death…that’s pure heartbreak. Their misunderstanding…Yi-Soo thought that it was just a simple lovers’ spat, but unknown to him, Yi-Kyung thought that they’ve separated because of another woman. The way he did the part-time job continuously after his time with his band until he got nosebleed (the sign of overworked and fatigue in Kdramas), how he cheerfully chose a pair of rings (with engravings, so sweet of him!) to reconcile with her, added with the ‘S love K’ sticker on the bike and his guitar case, all of the it’s-going-to-be-perfect-for-both -of-them hope was swept away with the accident. That’s second heartbreak for me. The way he recalled all his moments with the only person he loves, Yi-Kyung before he died just marks my third heartbreak, and with that, my heart shatters into billion pieces.

He looks so..sad and heartbroken and many more emotions shown on his face, until he can’t differentiate between Yi-Kyung and Ji-Hyun. It’s a turning point for him to know his past, because he, the scheduler who’s always in perfect composure, right now, can’t stay in his right mind anymore. Yeah, who can stay calm, when you find out about someone that you’ve forgotten for five years, and the person isn’t living well because of you?

He does look like a scary stalker, following her around, but I find this scene touching. He’s taking care of her, even he’s not visible to her. What hurts me is when he can’t do anything when Yi-Kyung suddenly feels pain. Awww…he’s so sweet when he keeps reminding Ji-Hyun to take care of her host, and if she hurt ‘my Yi-Kyung’ (double awww~), she’ll be dead. Although for the time being it’s not clear what will happen to both of them, but I do hope they’ll get together…but both of them must be living. Not dying together and go away to Lalaland, living as souls happily ever after. No, I know our writer-nim won’t disappoint her loyal viewers. I hope so.

But then, a not-crying Yi-Kyung doesn’t mean that she’s living a peaceful life. Maybe she’s fated to suffer (as for now) and when the 49 Days duration ends, she’ll find her peace back. I must admit that Yi-Kyung is one tough character. She might have been attempting suicide for countless times, but still, she hangs on and continues with her life, although she’s not enjoying it that much. Considering how much she’s suffered before, she’s truly strong to stay alive by herself. I am so impressed with her strength, how she admits that no one wants her. God, please give this woman some bit of happiness.

She can hear Ji-Hyun clearly right now (although that’s spooky, but Yay!) and sometimes she can even see her, but all my hopes are trampled over when Ji-Hyun find out about the truth: Yi-Kyung is one of the factors that lead her to be in the state she’s in right now. Yi-Kyung, being so confused and tortured with all the people that keeps coming to her, decides to go away after she’s being chased out by the landlady and tells Ji-Hyun to go away too, although she clearly doesn’t want that too. Maybe she feels guilty about her suicide attempt that makes Ji-Hyun suffer. Gah. Hope she’ll return. She’s one of the important benefactors for Ji-Hyun to return! Please, Yi-Kyung! Don’t leave your friendly soul, she’s the one who will be the connection between you and Yi-Soo! Please!

Ji-Hyun..I’m actually worried about her. With her declining days available to collect her tears, the problems around her starts to pile up. Pity her. Two things that’s good for her : her dad’s surgery went well and she realizes Han Gang’s feelings towards her.

When I watch this scene, I could totally understand why she puts aside her mission to collect the tears and decides to ruin Min-Ho’s plan : because she loves her family so much. The moment when she hugs her dad is a very touching scene. She’s unable to say directly everything to him, but her action conveys something that moves him. Also, the moment when Ji-Hyun goes to visit him and tells him to return, and her final words before he wakes up: “I love you, dad.” I need my dad right now :’|

Ahh…Ji-Hyun is totally aware of Han Gang’s feelings towards her, and I think it’s just a matter of time for them to admit it (just admit it, both of you!) . I love it when she’s the one who comforts him when he cries thinking of his mother and when she makes toast for him. So sweet! The scene when they’re having seaweed soup for Ji-Hyun’s birthday even brings me into tears. Both of them can’t really say what they mean and what they feel, so I find their conversations through their hearts and minds (as if they’re connected through some invisible cables) tugs my heart (so emotional of me).

This unnie-dongsaeng…what will happen to both of them? It’s creepy and at the same time, funny, how Ji-Hyun keeps calling Yi-Kyung “Unnie…unnie…unnie..” like a chanting ghost to check whether she can hear her or not.  It’s unfortunate for both of them because they’re connected because of an accident, and (for the nth times in this drama) they’re having some sort of misunderstanding between them. If I’m in Ji-Hyun’s shoes, I’m also going to blame Yi-Kyung. Humans tend to blame others and never admit their mistakes, and we’re all humans. It’s normal; what Ji-Hyun is doing at that time is something that a normal person would do. But then, she realizes her mistake and tries to apologize. I pity her when she chases behind the taxi Yi-Kyung rides, but Yi-Kyung ignores her. Ahhh…

It’s an irony for Ji-Hyun and Scheduler Yi-Soo : she tries her best to find Yi-Kyung’s lover, and ends up discovering her scheduler’s past. After all her sacrifices, now all people around her is leaving her side, including Mr Scheduler. I’m sure she feels at loss when the only person that she could talk to and ask for help directly: someone who she regards as friend leaves her side, and with her energy declining, she don’t have anyone to hold onto. Poor Ji-Hyun. Someone please save her.. Kang-ahhh~

Sweet Han Gang is getting sweeter day by day. Heee~ It’s so fun watching him taking (too much) good care of Ji-Hyun. Sweet Han Gang is also getting fiercer. The way he tells Meany Min-Ho not to pester Ji-Hyun anymore is so cool. Way to go, Kang-ah!

Uhh…he cries when he’s talking about his mom, about his understanding towards her, and not able to be by her side when she’s dying. Oh, there goes all my tears. And the best thing is? He gives back the bracelet to Ji-Hyun! ^^

The bracelet turns out to be something so meaningful: it’s something that Han Gang’s mom gave to Ji-Hyun (whom she regarded as Han Gang’s girlfriend.haha!) because she don’t have any daughter to give it to. Awww~ That’s super duper sweet! Your mother already gave her blessings to both of you, Kang-ah.. 🙂

Sweet and smart Han Gang also finds out about the tears and tells Ji-Hyun about it. Yay! She knows the truth!~ But Yi-Kyung’s sudden leave makes him bewildered. He looks like a kid losing something so precious to him, and it’s frustrated because he can’t see Ji-Hyun but he still searches for her (I was like, “Ack! She’s there! THERE!”). Will he succeed to find her? And most importantly, will he be able to help her find another two tears (practically convincing the closest target, Seo-Woo), and also ruin Min-Ho’s evil plan?

A potential tear giver, Seo-Woo, also the heroine of the week: because she helps me to convey some beatings and hair pullings to In-Jung. Good girl! Just as everything seems to be on the right track, In-Jung comes to her with the revelation about Han Gang’s feelings towards Ji-Hyun and that Yi-Kyung (Ji-Hyun in her body) is Ji-Hyun’s friend. Bad In-Jung, and that sends her into jealousy and she’s treating Ji-Hyun coldly. Argh! Hopefully she won’t be like In-Jung, being blinded by jealousy..

In-Jung, you are deserved to be hated. Yeah, because you’re so bad at heart. She explains her reason behind all those plan with Min-Ho is just because she wants Ji-Hyun to feel how is it to live like her: someone that doesn’t have wealthy parents or everything that she wishes to have. That’s a pretty bad reason, and it’s just proves that she have a sick heart. After all the explanation, she tells Ji-Hyun that she did all of this because she loves Ji-Hyun. Wow, that’s such an unhealthy love you have, In-Jung.

I hate it when she puts too much effort in proving to herself and Min-Ho that Ji-Hyun is indeed in Yi-Kyung (to the extend of going to meet some weird shaman to get rid of her. Ew.) because she looks like she doesn’t want Ji-Hyun to come back to life. She’s totally sick. She’ll make a good couple with the psycho Min-Ho.Heh. So compatible, both of you. If both of you don’t have any intention to repent and ask for Ji-Hyun’s forgiveness, then I wish both of you an unhappy life forever.

*I think I’m going crazy waiting for another week to pass. Oh, I’m so curious about everything! :O Sorry for the over-emotional rambling, can’t help myself but to express my thoughts. Urgh..have a nice day~

3 thoughts on “49 Days Episodes 15 & 16 : of Tears, Anger, and Truth

  1. awesome review! it’s just like I feel about this drama, I’m starting to hate to that evil characters, so evil >.<

    I hope Song realize that Ji Hyun is a good girl and she really care about her.

    u.u another long week to wait…

  2. I’m crying so much. It’s so sad…he died and theres no how they stay together T T. I think that the only mode is if she die, but it’s would be so sad too so… i don’t know! there are very feeling inside of me.

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