49 Days Episodes 13 & 14 : through Actions and Words

Honestly, these are the episodes that I couldn’t understand most of the gists presented when I watched it without subs for the first time. I’m neither a native speaker of Korean nor undergo formal education of Korean language, and these episodes have a lot of dialogs (and by a lot, I really mean it) so I have to watch them twice each episode. For me, they need extra attention as I’m someone who’s so particular about little details. Sue me, but what can I do. It’s quite tiring (with less flashback scenes..owww) but some scenes and characters never fail to make me squealing, laughing, screaming, clapping my hands, gasping, and finally, makes me really want to hold some of the characters and shake them into reality. Even my reactions are too dramatic.

a friendly advice from me : for those who haven’t watch ep 13, get ready to be distracted and annoyed, not because of the characters, but something else. Just be prepared, because that thing really bugs me and block my vision. Gaah~

Some things really perked my interest up, and others..just giving me goosebumps. Too much things being revealed, and some hinted that this show is really coming to an end: a reality that I find it hard to accept. Anyway, this time, my favorite character has changed! ^^

“I have a very limited time right now.” ~ Ji-Hyun

Ji-Hyun-ah..don’t be sad! Han Gang is beside you!

She’s…what should I say, amazing? She’s the most unselfish character I’ve ever seen in a drama. Although some might say that her action is driven by her difficulties to earn pure tears because no one except her parents love her, but still, who on Earth would be running around, asking for clues to make someone you don’t even know that well happy, when at the same time, you might be dead at the end of your given time?

Her dialog with Mr Scheduler touches me. ” 49 Days is just a gift for a person that dies an unfortunate death, right?” At times, she does feel disheartened, but that doesn’t hold her back to help others, particularly her father and Yi-Kyung.

Knowing that she has so little time to dig Min-Ho’s secret, she resorts to being closer to him (which I found quite…shocking at first, but then, it’s for her father’s sake) and eventually kicks In-Jung away from him. Somehow, it’s quite stressful to watch how she haven’t find out the pass code. Min-Ho even changed his house’s code. Can someone just tell her the code, please? So that she won’t be wasting her precious time by waiting in his house for three consecutive days? Pretty please?

Her effort to keep her promise to Yi-Kyung (although the other party is totally unaware of her promise) to find the Song Yi-Soo guy is finally taking a breakthrough, and it brings her to..Mr Scheduler, of course. She’s so determined to bring her host-unnie back to her happy days, and she’s always bugging Mr Scheduler to remember Yi-Kyung. Hah. Everyone’s sure being related (and intertwined?) with each other in this story.

She’s lucky to have someone who loves her as much as Han Gang, and although she doesn’t know about this, he’s taking good care of her. Awwww~I was squealing so hard when she’s being hugged by him, because she seems to be comforted by this. At least, there’s someone to cheer her up. She’s also finding bits by bits about Han Gang’s feelings towards her, and I’m sure she’ll be a little awkward in front of him. 😀

*sigh* These two girls. Be good friends with each other in the future, please. Ji-Hyun is surely someone who doesn’t know the feeling of being bored. She’s still beside Yi-Kyung, although Yi-Kyung can’t see her at all. She tries to give her host some strength, although she knows that she can’t be hear by anyone. She is trying to make her feel more at ease by being more careful (although that eats up her limited time). Could she be any kinder than this?

Argghh..her words during this scene is killing me! It shows how uncertain she is about her chance to live, but despite  of her decreasing confidence, she still hangs in.

“The wind is so good. The sky is beautiful too.

After 19 days, am I able to see this again? Maybe not.

No, I’ll be able to see it again, I’m sure I can.”

That. is. heartbreaking. T_T

This scene really gives me goosebumps. Thinking about if she does break the rules, and Mr Scheduler come (with grave expression and very very cold voice) and drags her to the elevator..Huh. My heart stops beating for a moment.

The thing I’m curious right now: how she’s going to deal with In-Jung and Min-Ho’s rising curiosity about her? Hopefully her cover will not be blown. [O.o]


“I’m in love with this kind of woman? Impossible!”~ Mr Scheduler

Yes, Mr Scheduler, you’re Song Yi-Soo, the one who made Yi-Kyung live her life like that.

He may seems to be one free spirit (who finds it enjoyable to hide when the other person can’t even see you), but at times, when his emotions takes their places in him, he has this crestfallen look. In the earlier episodes, he’s the one who keeps giving his hand to help Ji-Hyun, the poor soul, but right now, it’s Ji-Hyun that’s helping him to revive his past.

Part of  him doesn’t want to believe that he’s Song Yi-Soo (LOL at his ” Is this face being borrowed from someone?” ), but after thinking about himself and weighing his weird feelings every time he meets Yi-Kyung, he decides to give it a try: to appear in front of Yi-Kyung.

He behaves like a total stalker (even the infamous ignorer Yi-Kyung looks at him weirdly) and even buys coffee. Poor him, he doesn’t know that Yi-Kyung can’t see his true form, and only see a chubby short stalker-like guy in front of her. Maybe the greater power doesn’t want him to reveal the secrets of nature and freak Yi-Kyung out? Mr Scheduler, don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten what you once said?

He still can’t accept the fact that he liked that kind of woman (and how he keeps looking at some sexy women and went, “Oh, that’s my ideal woman. No, that one’s better!”) but when she doesn’t recognize him, he feels..so upset. Poor boy. If only you knew and remember all the things that happened..

And his action of appearing in front of Dr Noh is hitting on him. Instead of being concerned about Yi-Kyung that’s about to find out that the things happened back in Jinan was not a dream, he’s more scared about gaining himself another penalty. That’s the effect when you just do something according to your emotions, Mr Scheduler! 😛

Now, what will happen, will he get to know his past before his Scheduler term ended, or the greater power won’t allow him to know?


“Someone..is beside me..”~Yi-Kyung

Yes, unnie, a wandering soul is living off your body right now, but she’s one kind soul, don’t worry too much! She won’t rob your house or anything.

Yi-Kyung right now can hear and feel that someone’s so near with her.She’s a brave woman (if I were her, I’d totally freak out. And probably kill myself with the thought that I’m being possessed by ghosts) and instead of telling Dr Noh about this (doctors seldom believe in these souls and ghosts things), she keeps it to herself, knowing that there must be a reason behind that.

She’s so pitiful. 😥  Crying by herself, but still, she doesn’t let all of them out. It hurts so much to watch her restraining herself from crying out loudly. Writer-nim, please make our Yi-Kyung happy…I beg you..

Yi-Kyung downright awesome here. Still maintaining her ‘normal’ expression, she answers Min-Ho coldly. I was half -expecting her to ignore him, or at least asks him who he is, but she’s a smart woman. At first, when she’s undergoing hypnosis and she remembers what Ji-Hyun has been doing with her body, I’m afraid that she’ll confuse it with her own memories. Luckily, she’s able to differentiate her the memories, and maybe from that, she knows that she has to take part in her inhabitant’s act. I love you, Yi-Kyung unnie!

It is true that she knows Min-Ho’s name from he himself, but I’m wondering, is she able to hear Ji-Hyun clearly now and hears her warning about Min-Ho? Is Ji-Hyun there with her?


“I’m a cold-hearted man who’ll do anything to achieve my goal.”~Min-Ho

I know, I know you’re cold and mean, but I also know that you’re kind at heart! Please don’t carry on your plan, Min-Ho..I still have some hope stored for you!

He hires someone to follow Yi-Kyung. Okay, because he finds her suspicious. He’s jealous with Yi-Kyung and Han Gang. Okay, because he can’t understand why he feels like that. He tells In-Jung that he’s fallen for Yi-Kyung and their love have turns into a business. Okay, that’s logic. He can accept Yi-Kyung being Ji-Hyun’s friend. Okay, when you love someone, you’ll find it hard to hate them. That’s how hard I have to deal with Min-Ho. He has some tricks up his sleeve, but I find him not that detestable.

He’s a man with logic and reasons, so I’m sure he has a strong reason why he’s doing this. Judging how he’s unable to face his mother, he might feel guilty because of his action. I really wish that he has a very strong reason for him to do this awful thing to an innocent family.

When he says that he’s doing this because of his unfortunate life, thus his hatred to the world, and Ji-Hyun’s family is just unfortunate to become his target, he might be worth detesting. Wow. There’s even people like this. When Han Gang says that he’ll stop him, he laughs and tells him he’ll never be able to stop him. Ouch. But wait..if he said it like that, does this mean that In-Jung is the reason Ji-Hyun’s family being dragged into their revenge-for-no-solid-reason? He mentions that In-Jung is the one who suggested to him to bring down Ji-Hyun’s family. Wow..a big matter actually comes from a very superficial reason : jealousy.

My wish is: I want him to snap into reality. RIGHT NOW. Grrr…forget your unreasonable revenge and leave In-Jung immediately! (Wait..he’s already dumped her. Umm..)


“I’m a MAN with sleepwalking disease and bad appetite.”~Han Gang

Pretty good reasoning to comfort someone, Han Gang. But you can’t use it everyday. Try something new, Kang-ah!

Like I’ve said, Ji-Hyun’s knight in shining armor is Han Gang, except he’s wearing casual outfits and occasionally suits. The knight that cannot say anything, only able to give her comfort and care. I love how quickly finds a reason why he hugs her (sleepwalking and cheering her LOL) but then stutters when Ji-Hyun brings up about ‘the bouquet and the woman that he likes’ from before. Still need more practice on that, Kang-ah.

His indirect advice to her is something to be thankful to. He says about how living is important, and love, hate, and revenge are only meaningful when the person is still living. Kang-ah, just tell her to abandon the ‘break Min-Ho’s revenge’ plan and you’ll take care of it. She can just do whatever it takes to live again!

Ha. Love the awkwardness between these two. Ji-Hyun suspecting that he has some feelings towards Yi-Kyung, while he’s showing his affection to her. His “I’m a man” makes me laugh, because just like what he and Ji-Hyun are thinking, he does seem like a pervert. And the moment where he accidentally holds her hand (actually to avoid her from finding out her seal and bracelet’s whereabouts, but turns out to be “I’m cheering you!” thing) is so cute. He doesn’t even feel guilty. LOL Kang-ah, you sure have changed a lot.

He’s totally a savior of Ji-Hyun’s life: from In-Jung’s suspicions to her father’s surgery. Hopefully, he’ll be the one who save her family’s company (which is almost in his hands, from the way he’s investigating into it) and gain more points from his in-laws-to-be. His mother-in-law-to-be right now is already liking him, so one more person to be affected by his charm: her dad (he’ll love him in no time if he gets to know what this man has done to protect his daughter. 😀 ).

One thing to be curious about: When are you going to confess to her, Han Gang? Or you want her to be back in her own body before you say it?


“There’s no ghost in this world, right?” ~In-Jung

Nope, but if you’re so full evil like you are right now, then you’ll be a ghost, pretty-but-bad girl.

Finally, I found the reason to hate In-Jung (not Seo Ji-Hye) after 14 episodes. She’s only jealous of Ji-Hyun, but her jealousy takes over her to make her able to go with the plan by collaborating with Min-Ho. Something as small as mere jealousy can lead to a plan of ruining people’s lives. She’s quite wicked, I think, and from the way she’s investigating about Park Jung- Eun (from using Ji-Hyun’s mother to trap her to taking her letter without Han Gang’s concern), she’s a woman that can do anything when she’s determined. Good spirit, but it’s being used at wrong places.  I’m actually scared if she’ll be able to dig Ji-Hyun’s secret, and more dangerously, she’ll harm her. Please don’t do that!

Although there’s possibility she’ll find out about her, will she believe it? About ghosts, spirits, and souls?


I’ll stop there. Hmm..there’s good news (Ji-Hyun’s daddy agrees to undergo surgery) and bad news (In-Jung and Min-Ho’s risk of finding outabout Ji-Hyun), but the episodes are pretty good, with lots of skinship. Heh.

These two lovebirds-but-not-in-total-love-yet~ I just love their contact with each other. How Han Gang’s gestures sent Ji-Hyun’s heart into confusion.Oh oh~please be together as soon as possible, both of you!

OMG~~Awwww~~*melts into puddles* I LOVE this. The ahjusshi and Han Gang are so adorable! It’s sweet how ahjusshi always cheer him up, whenever he’s feeling down, or when he needs someone to talk to. He’s like a father figure to Han Gang (and Kang-ah is an orphan..) so I find this so heartwarming to watch. Again, Awwww~~

Attention to both men : you’re meeting the wrong girls! Dr Noh, who always meet Yi-Kyung at the cafe, suddenly visits her at home, which makes him meet with Ji-Hyun.  Min-Ho, who is waiting in front of Yi-Kyung’s house to meet Ji-Kyung, follows her to the cafe, only to meet eye-to-eye with the real Yi-Kyung. Life sometimes get a little complicated, but luckily these two girls (at this point) are able to convince the two gentlemen that the person in front of them is the same as what they’ve seen before.

This really piques my interest : Han Gang’s suddenly going for a total rock-star makeover and Mr Scheduler being not-so-fashionable in his choice of clothes. The first thought that comes into my mind: do they accidentally changed their stylists? Or their wardrobe? Or their fitting rooms? Sounds so impossible, but when I just about to accept it (maybe Han Gang wants to try something new while Mr Scheduler is busy thinking about his past and he just aimlessly picks his clothes) and something sparks in my mind : is it an early sign about how Mr Scheduler’s going to carry out his wish? Maybe…Kang-ah will be the host for him to approach Yi-Kyung?? Just a speculation..

Finally..the significance of these pink roses are they’re the reason for Ji-Hyun to realize Han Gang’s feelings towards her. Your investment for buying flowers is totally worth it, Kang-ah. Excellent job!

The little bead from Yi-Kyung’s shoes that Min-Ho picked up at the hotel in ep 3 made its appearance again! Would Min-Ho find out the truth? The ending is such a cliffhanger and it makes me shivering just from watching it.

I like Ji-Hyun’s phone number here 🙂


Just for curious eyes (nothing associated with the plot or anything), notice how In-Jung’s hairstyle changes every time the camera focus to and away from her.

Silly me~sorry for the long rambling, got to study right now after spending so much time for this. Oh, who cares, I really enjoy doing this! ^^

4 thoughts on “49 Days Episodes 13 & 14 : through Actions and Words

  1. arrww,,, i love your rambling kaeru-chan !!!!

    go Yi Kyung Go Go !

    Opps, her name is Song Yi Kyung, not Go Yi Kyung… lol

    1. thanks, ninimi! LOL you remind me of Go Eun-Sung, one of the characters from another writer-nim’s drama, Brilliant Legacy 😀

      I got a feeling that Yi-Kyung will be a hero and plays an important part in saving Ji-Hyun’s life, and eventually, saving her own life, i.e. turning her lifeless life into a better state 🙂 Let’s hope for the best for our Yi-Kyung, so that she can smile her beautiful smile again! ^^

  2. Hi, love your points, and wow this drama sure surprise us! I thought deep, very deep in her heart In Jung had a reason to do it, a misunderstand she had with Ji Hyun, but it turns out that nothing like this happened. This is all about jealousy. She is such a bit**…. to think she come up with the plan… wow.

    I do think Seo Woo will gave Ji Hyun a tear and so will the scheduler! Don’t ask me how.. hehehehe I think he will host a body later too. Can’t wait…

    Also as someone pointed out, how come Yi Kyung saw the scheduler’s face at the park when he said when he meet someone from his past live this person can’t see his true face?? o_0

    1. Yep, I also thought that In-Jung is being trapped into the plan by Min-Ho, but the idea actually came from her. Huh. Bad girl..hmm..

      Hihi..I don’t dare to give any guess, but Yi-Kyung also has the possibility to give a tear to her 😀

      My two cents regarding Mr Scheduler and Yi-Kyung:

      ~at Jinan (or at the park), it is agreed that as Yi-Kyung suddenly wakes up in the middle of Ji-Hyun using her body, she will think all of this as a dream, and as a result, one of Ji-Hyun’s remaining days will be deducted. Because of this, maybe the greater power allows Mr Scheduler to appear in front of her. Moreover, at that time, he didn’t know that he’s related to Yi-Kyung and he didn’t have any intention to appear (he did that to save her, no other intention), so he can show himself.

      ~at the Purple Coffee, when Mr Scheduler is replacing Yi-Kyung for her part-time job, he can appear in front of Dr Noh. He has the intention to let himself to be seen, but he’s allowed to do that to Dr Noh because he never saw him before, or in simpler term, not being related to Mr Scheduler.

      ~meanwhile, at the Purple Coffee, at that time, Mr Scheduler has suspected he’s somehow related to Yi-Kyung, and he wants to appear in front of her to see if Yi-Kyung recognize him. Surely the greater power won’t allow this. I mean, imagine having someone whom we knew was dead suddenly appeared in front of us. We’ll be totally freaked out, right? At that particular time also, it’s because he has his own intention of finding his past (which is forbidden for him to know before his job is completed) and he has told his sunbae that someone recognized him, I’m pretty sure his sunbae won’t let him easily dig things up. Because of that, he tried to show his face to her, but he’s blocked by the greater power. Unknown to him, she sees him as someone else.

      It’s becoming quite complicated as Dr Noh is related to Yi-Kyung and she’s thinking that it’s not a dream.Hmmmm~

      (Sorry it’s so long^^;)

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