49 Days Episodes 19 & 20 : The End of The Journey

Nothing is better than this title. Sincerely, this is the best Kdrama that I’ve ever watched. Well, maybe there’s people who won’t be on my side, but each of us have our own opinion, right? For me, I really enjoy watching 49 Days. I cried, laughed, shouted, and get angry along with the characters. Surely, I won’t forget them : the soft-hearted Han Gang, the sweet Ji-Hyun, the playful Scheduler Yi-Soo, the strong Yi-Kyung, the mean Min-Ho, and the pretty In-Jung. Also, the great writer, So Hyun-Kyung-nim and PD-nim (sorry, I forgot his name) for producing this great piece of work for all the viewers to enjoy (or maybe not all).

What I learnt from the drama: life offers so many surprises to us. At times, we may feel bad about what is happening to us, but God knows the best. Everything happens for a reason that we might not know about it, but that is all given to us by Him that knows us the best, because He is our creator.

Okay, back to the story, I lost count (again) on how many times I cried. It gets worse as the story progressed. Even looking at Han Gang’s face made me cried until my head spun so bad. These episodes bring the resolutions to many questions that have been surfacing from the beginning of this drama. I can say that writer-nim did a very job because she has written a very well-planned story. Not many dramas can have a well-planned storyline, but 49 Days is one of them. It’s just nice, without rushed scenes.

Herm. I was pitying Mr Scheduler so much during this scene. Ji-Hyun got her three tears, and suddenly, she just vanished just like that. He looked quite disturbed when he was left alone but tried to play it cool. Poor Mr Scheduler, he must have felt somehow attached to his last troublemaker before his term ends..

As Ji-Hyun was gone, Yi-Kyung left Heaven and returned to her own place. She looked around, only to find herself looking at herself and Ji-Hyun..

in her memories. Awww..she finally got herself a friend, now the friend wasn’t there too..Poor Yi-Kyung..

And then, Min-Ho came over. I’m not so sure what was his intention, but he seemed to be there just to check on Yi-Kyung. But she told him to go because the person he was looking for won’t be there anymore; she had gone away. Min-Ho looks very..I don’t know what to say..caring? He had this look like he had when he was with Ji-Hyun in the first episode. I kind of liked his expression here because recently, he had been showing his I-am-meanie-Min-Ho face all the time, and it’s refreshing to have him looking so kind(and I can find a reason not to hate him.hehe).

Meanwhile, Ji-Hyun had wake up from her coma. Apparently, she couldn’t remember anything about her 49 Days journey (and she forgot Han Gang’s love~arrrgghh!). But there must be something wrong because: (1) she didn’t ask for Min-Ho, (2)she did asked for In-Jung, but she seemed not so interested in it, and (3)she thanked Seo-Woo when she hugged her. Pretty fishy right there, but I quickly looked away from these details.

This scene was quite funny, but I felt bad for Han Gang.

He was enjoying himself sitting there, watching Ji-Hyun talking and laughing with her parents, when she suddenly looked at him..

..and told him to go back.

If I were him, I would be really surprised too. Kang-ah~ poor boy!

Even her parents were so shocked when she did that to the person that (could possibly be their future son-in-law) have helped their family so much.

Back at his place, poor Han Gang started to recall his memories with Ji-Hyun during the 49 Days.

I wonder, didn’t he get all confused? Because in front of him was Yi-Kyung, but he’s able to differentiate between Ji-Hyun and Yi-Kyung (even me myself messed up several times). He’s a great man to be able to see through Yi-Kyung and see Ji-Hyun. His sweet memories also had Yi-Kyung between him and Ji-Hyun. Humm..

He’s back at the hospital the next day, along with a bouquet of roses and cake. Ji-Hyun looked somehow in between relieved and disturbed when she saw him.

This scene was a mix between funny and sweet. Han Gang was staring intently at Ji-Hyun when she was undergoing her physiotherapy session and was caught by her. Ji-Hyun was very uncomfortable (and she kept blabbering about it) with this, but it was so sweet of him to be so attentive towards her (although it would be weird to see someone who hated you suddenly seemed very fond towards you. It would be creepy).

He asked her, ”Is it good to be alive again?” and she answered, “Good. Very good.” These two kids.. I feel bad for them 😦

And as usual, they got another person watching them behind the trees: Min-Ho. He always had perfect timing. Great.

They resumed their conversation inside, with Ji-Hyun nagging him to work seriously with the talent that he had. He shot back a meaningful question: if he work seriously, would she be beside him? Kang-ah, why you’re so sweet? Ji-Hyun had this happy glint in her eyes, but she chased them away.


In-Jung came (after being dragged there by Seo-Woo and Ji-Hyun’s mother) to visit Ji-Hyun. Ji-Hyun said, “When I was sleeping in my coma, I kept dreaming about that time, during my engagement. My heels got broken, and you gave your shoes to me. Shoes are somewhat like a woman’s pride. But back then, you gave yours to me, and I thought, ‘You are really my true friend’.” Ji-Hyun-ah, I knew that you would forgive In-Jung!

Finally..the day that everyone had been looking forward was here! Scheduler Yi-Soo finally got to see Yi-Kyung! My heart was going to burst from being so happy while tears kept welling in my eyes. It was such a happy moment for both of them.sobs

They went on his bike (yess!) to his accident place to search for the missing rings, and he slipped the ring on her finger and on his. Then, they had the best date ever: going to a funfair (only two of them there~sweet!) and did all the things that they couldn’t do back then because they had no money. Both of them were so cute, and I couldn’t help but cried, thinking about their fate.

Yi-Soo sent Yi-Kyung away while he decorated her house when suddenly, Dr Noh came. Quite a showdown between these two: Dr Noh being worried about Yi-Kyung (and this young man being so cold towards him) and Yi-Soo was being an over-protective boyfriend (my Yi-Kyung, he said). This scene stopped me from crying and instead, I was laughing.

It was only a brief meeting for both them. Yi-Soo just came to say his final words, not to bring her with him, much to Yi-Kyung’s disappointment.

He threw away their rings, told her that she’s his most precious person, and he wanted her to continue being someone else’s precious person, so that she could live happily, and he could feel better in the afterlife. (Shoot, I’m crying rivers again)He kissed her, turned around, and walked away before he disappeared into thin air.


(I can’t stop sobbing and crying here)





sniff Min-Ho went to visit his mother but he was caught by the prosecutors there. His meeting with his mother was so heartbreaking: he was thinking about he wasn’t able to fulfill her wishes to see him successful and not becoming like his father, while she thought that he was successful. He cried with his mother (count me in) and then, he was brought away. He didn’t tell the prosecutors about In-Jung’s involvement in his plan, maybe because he felt that he’s the person who made him caught.

Ji-Hyun, on the other hand, told Yi-Kyung, who visited her, about her death that’s coming very soon. Mr Scheduler visited her to tell her about her death, and that’s why she couldn’t forget her 49 Days journey.

Ji-Hyun was indeed a strong woman: she didn’t waiver and quickly accept her fate, just like what she said: she couldn’t get angry, because that’s what have been arranged for her. I love her positive attitude: Yi-Kyung said that she’s so pitiful to die after being a 49 Days traveler, but Ji-Hyun said that she had the opportunity to help her father, and she had the chance to know that Han Gang loves her so much. That’s why she didn’t want him to suffer more, and pretended that she didn’t remember about 49 Days.

Ji-Hyun spent the next day making kimbap with Yi-Kyung (they looked like sisters T_T). She worried about Yi-Kyung and wished she could stay with her. Then..she went for a date with Han Gang(which she pretended that she had him as boyfriend).

Is it just me, or they looked too good together? They ate, teased each other and listened to songs. Han Gang commented on how good looking he was in the photo, while Ji-Hyun wasn’t. While she was trying to take his phone from him, something fell from his pocket : the bracelet!

He finally got to know about the bracelet that’s actually from his mother, given to Ji-Hyun. Ji-Hyun told him she was close with his mother, and asked his mother why he hated her so much. His mother said,” Love is, making someone misunderstand you, so that it would cause them less pain.” Then, he showed the way to a place where people tossed coins and made wishes (sort of a fountain, but there’s no water there).

Ji-Hyun made a wish, and that’s when Han Gang remembered the conversation he had with Yi-Kyung about Ji-Hyun’s upcoming death. He looked at Ji-Hyun and closed his eyes.

Han Gang: I wish for Ji-Hyun to live.

Ji-Hyun: I wish for Han Gang to forget me.


(Can’t stop crying my heart out from this point)



Ji-Hyun went back to the hospital. She hugged her parents for the last time and she fell down.

She was greeted by Mr Sheduler, in his formal attire. They walked side-by-side towards the elevator.

They shook hands as their final greetings and Ji-Hyun stepped into the elevator.

They smiled at each other, before the door closed and the elevator disappeared from sight.






Although Ji-Hyun had gone, some details hadn’t been disclosed: like who were the two persons that cried for her? This lead to another mega-piece of the puzzle:

Yi-Kyung was really the long-lost sister of Ji-Hyun. Wow..she was kidnapped by a woman because she didn’t have any child(it looked like that, the way the woman kept looking at Ji-Hyun and Yi-Kyung) but when she had another son, she abandoned Yi-Kyung. This was such a big twist, but it’s quite good because Yi-Kyung would never be alone and Ji-Hyun’s parents still had another daughter left, that could ease off their pain of losing Ji-Hyun.

Then, the real person behind the third tear:

It’s really In-Jung! Mr Scheduler told Ji-Hyun about the tear givers and one of them was Seo-Woo, but another one wasn’t Yi-Kyung (because she’s her sister), but In-Jung. In-Jung did have the intention to kill her, but she retreated. She wasn’t that lucky when her action was misunderstood by Han Gang (and me too).

In-Jung was one of the people behind Min-Ho’s arrest, and she cried when she thought about how nice if they could return to the time when they were true friends, without any grudges. Awww..Ji-Hyun was really proud of In-Jung when she get to know about this.

It’s the time for Mr Scheduler to follow Ji-Hyun’s steps.

He went to see Yi-Kyung for the last time, and told her to live her life well. With that, his 5-year and 1-week term as a Scheduler ended, and with full heart, he disappeared forever.

Two years later..everyone’s moved on..

In-Jung went from a place (her office, maybe) and saw some school girls, which sent her into flashback..

To the time where she’s still in school, with Seo-Woo and Ji-Hyun. They were punished for being late, and suddenly, Ji-Hyun’s stomach grumbled. In-Jung fed them some cake. (I’m crying even during this scene)

I guess In-Jung would end up with Min-Ho, after all. She’s the only one who came and visited Min-Ho for the past two years and kept him informed about his mother’s health. She’s the one who told him that he would be able to forgive himself, and she would see him again after three years, when the sentence ended. Hopefully, they would be able to be together and lived happily.

As for Heaven’s big family~

The manager ahjusshi’s wife’s pregnant! 😀

Seo-Woo’s (unexpectedly: didn’t see this coming at all!) dating Ki-Joon, the waiter who’s now working for Han Gang for his architecture company, apparently.

Dr Noh still in contact with Yi-Kyung, but he’d be together with Soo-Jung, the waiter. Hehe

Yi-Kyung’s working there too, but she’s going to quit to manage the Haemi-do project under her father’s company. Han Gang’s also looking good, working hard (and still had his temper) as an architect.

Yi-Kyung (or Ji-Min, her real name) was living happily with her parents.

And then,

Their ashes were buried side-by-side. Han Gang and Yi-Kyung went to visit them together, while thinking about how these two had brought happiness into their lives, although it’s not for a long time.



“There would be times where our loved ones would be gone forever, but we ourselves that are still living must carry on our lives and must not dwell in the sadness. Although the person is not here anymore, it’s our love towards them that keep them alive, deep in our hearts and memories. “


Ahhh…it has really ended. Another amazing work has ended, and kudos to all who had made this drama a huge success. I truly enjoy it, and there’s no regret. You’re all the best!^^

3 thoughts on “49 Days Episodes 19 & 20 : The End of The Journey

  1. Nice, nice, nice… I am crying, laughing & crying…

    Best drama ever… I salute to writer-nim, the PD & the cast.

  2. Wow! I love 49 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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