Jumping Ship

One of the thing that makes 49 Days so entertaining to watch: it is so full of mystery. Not just in the characters themselves, but the relationships between them are also surrounded with mystery. Everyone keeps guessing about what will happen next, for example, about the ‘Option #3’ that Mr Scheduler was talking about. Many were speculating about Ji-Hyun would be given chance to use Yi-Kyung’s body for the whole day, but actually turns out to be Mr Scheduler dressing up as a hippie and (sort of) lying/manipulating the coffee shop owner to help Yi-Kyung to get a new job.

Enough saying, for me,as the number of episodes increases, the harder it is to choose a couple to ship. Aahh..

A million-dollar question right now: which one should I ship for?



While at the beginning episodes, JH-MH are like the most compatible couple ever(with their fate-like meeting and their  big engagement ceremony), but later, JH finds out that MH only wants a revenge to her family through their marriage. JH becomes wary of MH and MH,seeing her as YK, feels challenged and confused with himself, whether he’s falling in love with her. Okay, I know MH is the bad guy here, but I think he becomes one with a solid reason behind it. JH loves him and right now, she’s too angry after finding out MH and IJ’s scheme, so she treats him like a pain in the neck. Maybe in the end, MH will be reunited with JH and sincerely loves her? Who knows..

Ji-HyunxHan Gang

My big question here: WHAT on Earth was their misunderstanding that leads a sweet schoolboy HG to grumpy-but-still-softy-at-heart HG? I’m dying to know the reason, because in his flashbacks, he’s completely smitten with her, but now, he seems to hide his feelings for her (but EVERYONE can see it~).  He’s confused right now, with all this body-soul thingy, and leads him to treat JH in YK’s body coldly. But one thing that could be possible is that JH might have feelings for him before this because she  is jealous when HG shows his affection to her only when she is in YK, but treats her like a total stranger.

*Does anyone realize this: Every time JH’s father looks at HG, he has this awkward glint in his eyes..I wonder why?

Ji-HyunxMr Scheduler

The pairing that gets  not that much on-screen time, but pretty much bickers at their every encounter. DS is clearly pissed off with JH keeps following and curiously asking questions, but he’s pretty much softens up after learning about JH perfect-but-not-so-perfect-after-all life. He even gives her some help, although it is not allowed to so so(and he keeps avoiding it like he’s innocent.Hah. Everyone knows~). He’s everyone’s scheduler, but he’s always there when JH needs him (except one or two times. Or more?). It’s nice to see them actually ended up together, but with that, JH has to die because he can’t return to live(which I assume might be possible,after all).


Ambitious, backstabbing couple (and many more nicknames..). I like IJ in this story (although she’s going to be a real villain) and I pity her how she is fooled by MH and been caught in his scheme to plot the revenge. I think she is blinded by her love to MH and her jealousy to JH. From the past photos of them (here‘s the BTS), it’s still unsure what is MH’s true feelings for IJ (they seems to be completely in love with each other) but if both of them repent and be together, everyone will be happy, I guess so..:)


It’s not the real YK that MH is seeing right now, so I can’t say much. But I’m pretty sure if he encounters the real YK, her reaction towards him is much more the same as JH’s right now, except she can be colder. Humm..quite interesting..


Again, this isn’t the real YK (HG, please don’t be fooled!^^;) but from the recent episodes, he is close to the encounter with the real YK (and I’m hoping for it to happen REAL soon). Hopefully they’ll fall for each other^^

Yi-KyungxDr Noh

Yes, the cute-Doctor-alias-stalker is Dr Noh Kyung-Bin. He’s responsible for YK’s lover death(according to he himself) and thus, trying to hepl YK. I find it’s cute (and a waste of money too =.=’) how he goes to the mart every day and buys the same cigarette just to have her notice him(which is not that successful). I view him as her savior because he’s the one who saved her twice during her suicide attempts. Moreover, he’s the only one (apart form YK herself) that knows her past and he’s the only one person again, (apart form YK herself)  that can help her to move on. He does have a painful past too, just like her..coincidence much? Maybe they’re destined to be together ^_^

Yi-KyungxYi-Soo(alias Mr Scheduler)

This scene makes me speechless for minutes. So intense and powerful..

For now, I’m sure that YK’s dead lover is DS, alias Yi-Soo. The way DS always has this weird feeling when he’s near her or when he’s in her house just makes it a solid proof of how they’re connected. Ahhh..now he’s also curious how YK ended up living like that, I’m sure he’ll investigate about this and I’m impatient to see what will be his reaction when he’s actually the reason for her to be like that now and not be able to recall anything? But, from my point of view, it is so heartbreaking how DS/YS, unable to remember her, can see YK but YK, having YS eternally in her memory, unable to see him, although they are close to each other. So close, yet so far away. T^T

OMG, this is killing me T^T*


At this point, every couple in this story is having their own developments (and I’m SO impatient and eager to know about their stories), so I can’t decide yet, which couple to ship. I’m torn between them. Wednesday,please come faster~~  m(=_=)m


*gif shared by phetbeo@soompi, from DC



Just my opinion: the tracksuit that he’s wearing here is so yellow and it makes him look like a banana. LOL sorry Mr Scheduler 😀







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