49 Days: Episodes 11 & 12

Firstly, I just want to say that these episodes are the best. Although some may complaint about stuffs here and there, but for me, writer-nim and PD-nim did a very good job. A lot of things happened, where some of them makes me feel relieved, but most of them left me with a big turmoil of countless emotions. Wow. Never thought that a drama could turn me into this kind of person. Tears? I don’t know even how many times I cried. Um.

Each of the characters have their own share of development. Although the story itself is centered mainly on Ji-Hyun’s 49-day journey, I like how the story doesn’t leave behind the supporting characters behind and let them disappear. It’s too early to make any conclusion, but so far, I’m enjoying the show. Surprisingly, I was feeling so low after I finished both of the episodes. I watched them without any subtitles (can’t wait no longer), but I could understand the gist of the scenes. Thanks to the actors and actresses that play their roles so well, I can feel their emotions even without subtitles.

And the most lovable character this week goes to…

Well, everyone must be agreeing with me, right? He’s  the very owner of the first pure tear earned by Ji-Hyun. At first, when I read the recaps, I was thinking: Kang-ah..why did you cry so early? But after watching it myself, I understand. Right now, besides her parents, from my perspective as a viewer, only Han Gang’s love towards Ji-Hyun is shown to us. Yes, Seo-Woo might be another person that loves Ji-Hyun, but that side is not shown to us. Han Gang’s tears act as her savior, that saves her from her intention to give up the chance. Not just that, to me, it means a lot more, especially to Ji-Hyun who’s desperate to find someone that sincerely loves her. It serves as her driving force to keep searching and not giving up. And the significance? Well, Han Gang could be the source of Ji-Hyun’s strength, literally.

Arrggghh..he totally kills me in the hospital scene. What makes me happy is he is now willing to show his affection towards Ji-Hyun, although not all the time, but he’s become a braver man in showing his true feelings. His understanding towards Ji-Hyun’s situation is amazing. Imagine you’re dying to know about something, but you can’t ask anything, afraid that it may cause something bad to that person. Nevertheless, he keeps staying beside her.

Still, awkward Han Gang is awkward. At least, he’s trying his best to make Ji-Hyun’s situation easier. Thank God, he doesn’t give her seal to Min-Ho. A very wise decision indeed, Han Gang! Back to the understanding part, he’s not jumping into conclusions about her going to Jinan with Min-Ho. Instead, he just went, “Ahh…she must have lingering feelings towards Min-Ho.” But he is still a man with rationale. After finding out about Min-Ho and In-Jung’s relationship, he decides to tell Ji-Hyun not to meet Min-Ho anymore.

Hehe. The way he looks at her proves that he’s totally smitten with her. Enough to go and punch his respected hyung that hurts the woman he likes. Cool~ And when he knows about the horrible things that Ji-Hyun gets to know only after her accident (her fiancée’s betrayal, company’s problem, dad’s disease, just to name some), he feels burdened. Burdened with his inability to do anything to help her. Not being able to protect the person you love. And on top of all, not being able to say anything, even “It must be hard on you, Ji-Hyun.” And he does the only thing that he’s able to do right now..

…and that’s the most beautiful hug that I’ve even seen 🙂

For the most heart-tugging character…:'(

I cried every time the real Yi-Kyung comes on screen. The tears won’t stop, even right now. God…I feel so miserable just from watching her. Not just having to deal with the supernatural-soul things going on around her, but her memories of her only other half, which is no longer exist (physically) in this world. First time watching her flashback, I was so happy, because they looked so blissful in each others’ arms. But the second time, I couldn’t watch it anymore. I skipped that part because it made me cry. They might be so happy at that time, but thinking about the excruciating pain that Yi-Kyung has every time she remembers Yi-Soo, sends me bawling my eyes out on my bed.

(Crying just from seeing this caps) They were so happy and that made me so sad. Because they are being separated from each other. Can’t think of anything about this (Sniff) but please, writer-nim, could you please let them meet once? So that they can settle everything and Yi-Kyung can move on?

Yi-Soo’s promise to Yi-Kyung to build her dream pension breaks my heart again. A promise that couldn’t be kept anymore. And the forehead kiss..(T.T)

Yi-Kyung is saved from hard falling by Mr Scheduler / Yi-Soo and for a moment, she could see him.Ouch. But she was too tired and passed out. Still, her tears flow. She’s carrying so much burden of dwelling in her sadness for her lover’s death, and now, she could see him.

The way she calls him, “Yi-Soo-ya…” ..um. Heartbreaking. She pleads him not to come into her dreams anymore. It’s not easy to forget people you love, yet you have to, because you’ll be hurt more if you continue to remember him.

The most at-ease character~

This time, I think she deserves some relaxing time, after successfully earning her first tear. Though Ji-Hyun seems to be quite stable, she still have some moments that is not that pleasant for her, for instance, the flashback during their school festival.

I feel bad for her, actually. She was trying to make her booth’s visitors happy, and because she felt guilty of asking them to pay while they were poor and came from a very far place, she lied to them, but Han Gang couldn’t accept this and accidentally pushed her aside. Ji-Hyun must felt very bad to be tossed aside by someone that she treated so nicely. It’s a misunderstanding, but because they couldn’t meet each other, they are not able to clear it. Regardless of that, she stills treat him as her friend,although the other party doesn’t. It is indeed being too kind, but that’s the way Ji-Hyun is, and that’s her specialty. Somehow, hopefully, Han Gang can ask for her forgiveness about the incident.

Now, she’s started to notice Han Gang changed treatment towards her. She feels weird, but she doesn’t give too much thought on it, being a simple-minded human being. And..she’s started to feel a bit jealous when he mentions about going for a date. Now now now..I want the real Ji- Hyun to meet Han Gang as soon as possible. Can’t wait to see how their progress is! Oh, she must be totally shocked about the hug from Han Gang..:D

Next, the most confused and clueless character!

He knows everything around him but himself. He gets to enjoy what he didn’t get to do when he’s alive, but doesn’t know what he has done when he’s alive. Just based on feelings without any memories, he do feel some connections between himself and Yi-Kyung. Judging from how different he treats Ji-Hyun when she’s inside Yi-Kyung and in her soul mode (although the reason might be Ji-Hyun is smarter in the former mode than the latter), he is really fond of Yi-Kyung although he doesn’t realize it, or being confused with his instinct for always wanted to be nice to her. 🙂

He looks totally like a jealous boyfriend when he tries to prevent Ji-Hyun inside Yi-Kyung to go to Jinan. Suddenly appearing beside her, Ji-Hyun guesses that Mr Scheduler must be caring a lot about Yi-Kyung, and that sends him stuttering, trying to deny about it. Again, he’s confused about his own action.

Mr Scheduler is so clueless when he sees that everyone is so immersed in the memories of their past. He just looks at each of them amusingly, but when he looks at Yi-Kyung, his expression changes. Awww…your lover is thinking about you, yet you don’t have a clue about it!

I totally didn’t see this coming. Because of his instinct, when Yi-Kyung falls to the ground and nobody is there to catch her, he quickly appears in front of her and catches her. Oh, when he wipes her tears..he must have something stirred hard in his heart! OH OH~

This is the most unexpected scene this week. Yi-Kyung being posessed by..Mr Scheduler? Okay, you are totally taking care of the host of the soul under your responsibility, even going to work in her place. LOL when he even lectures the young kids and chases them to go back home. And he even shows himself to Dr Noh! You’re stepping on the line right now…but where’s your sunbae?

The most complex character.

He’s the most complex character in this story, because we still don’t get a clear picture about what is the reason behind his wicked agenda? He’s confusing me, as in his dialog with Ji-Hyun, he says, “There’s nothing wrong with Ji-Hyun’s family she herself, it’s just he’s the bad guy here.” Aisshh..Kang Min-Ho, you makes me confused. But he himself is confused too, about his feelings towards Ji-Hyun inside Yi-Kyung. He’s one big egoistic person to admit that he’s fall hard in love with Ji-Kyung that keeps challenging and pestering him and his life. Right now, he seems to be unsure about In-Jung , and he’s started to abandon her. Oh, Min-Ho, I don’t want to hate you~

The most dangerous character..[O.o]

Pretty In-Jung is dangerous right now. She is jealous of Yi-Kyung’s relationship with Min-Ho, and it looks like she can’t take it easy anymore. I’m afraid that she’ll hurt Yi-Kyung while the latter doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on. Also, she could be the next person finding out about Ji-Hyun (I hope not) because she has the doubt about Park Jung-Eun, the identity that Ji-Hyun uses to get the tears. She starts to have suspicion as the person does not come to see her and Seo-Woo, while they are Ji-Hyun’s best friends. Hmm..actually, she’s a woman full of mystery, and looks like her family is not well-off, judging from her house in Jinan.

and Seo-Woo..

She’s one good friend to Ji-Hyun, but what will she do if she gets to know about Han Gang’s feelings towards Ji-Hyun? Is he going to be like In-Jung: hating her, or accepting it without any fuss, and stay friends with her? Also, I’m waiting when she will find out about In-Jung and Min-Ho. Kang-ah, just tell her already!

From the episodes also, we get to know the story behind the rose and the bracelet.

Ah…the rose sure goes a long way, being passed from one person to another. Produced by Ji-Hyun magically to be given to Yi-Kyung, and then Yi-Soo took it and use it to sort of propose Yi-Kyung. During that process also was where Han Gang got to know that the rose is Ji-Hyun’s favorite, and he still remembers it. That’s why it holds so much significance..it sort of linking them together! :O


The bracelet: it’s originally Ji-Hyun’s, and when they fought, it wore off her wrist. Han Gang was the one who picked it up but didn’t have the opportunity to return it to her..Kang-ah…could you just propose her using this? 😉

*one more thing: anyone else noticed about the sound that Yi-Soo made when he was choosing the ‘pervert’ tarot card? The sound was like “Hm hm hm hm hm?” and then he chose one. He still have that habit. Remember the moment when he went to ‘hunt’ for a job for Yi-Kyung and scared the Purple Coffee manager off?

His habit is still there, although he’s now in the afterlife! 😀

*and Mr Scheduler is surely a creative soul. He even made customized ringtones and caller ringtones for Ji-Hyun’s phone, although it sounds weird at times 😀

10 thoughts on “49 Days: Episodes 11 & 12

  1. Wow thanks! Really enjoyed reading your thoughts!! 😀
    I 100% agree with you!! 🙂
    I cry so much at the YK-YS flashback scenes and when YS were wiping her tears! Such beautiful scenes!
    I’m so sad for YK, really want a happy ending for her! If only YS could come back to life!
    This drama is so good!! Can’t wait for the next episodes!!!

  2. Now, now you totally got my tears that I’m trying very hard to constrain since this drama started flowing like a river. Yi Kyung, she’s the character in the drama that I most sympathized with since she came out. She’s a character who doesn’t talk much, but her facial expression says or tells you the pain & sadness she is carrying in her heart for a long time. How did such a lovely woman ended in that miserable state??? It breaks my heart every time I see her & how she spends her time so alone. And knowing how happy & adorable she was back then, it makes it all the more excruciating…

    Now, I have to get some tissue paper…

    1. *sniff* reading your comment makes me want to cry again..(T_T) her memories of Yi-Soo are so sweet yet painful. writer-nim, can you hear us? please let Yi-Kyung end her misery and let her enjoy her life again, although she’s lost Yi-Soo..I don’t think I can keep watching if her situation doesn’t change. Urgh..my tears won’t stop.

  3. Just realized that soon we will be seeing their saddest moment, so I thought just better enjoy their sweet & happy moments now & cry later.

    We only have 8 episodes left so from now on it will be very dramatic & intense I guess cause JH still has to get her two tears & our Yi-Yi couple still has to show what happened between them. And there’s YS’s death which could be the most dramatic. Now, I think we better have our tissue ready for that, oh…otoke!

    1. I totally can picture myself crying alone in the middle of the night, watching this drama. Oh, got to be prepared mentally and physically..:O oh, can’t forget a box of tissue beside myself..uh-oh..

  4. Hi^^ loved what you wrote!!! I agree if a lot of things, and my OTP won’t lie is also YK and YS.

    I get so sad everytime I see how they were in the past and how they ended. T_T

    Just one thing: I would say In Jung is one of the most complex character.

    I mean, what made she hate the adorable Ji Hyun so much? You can see how Ji Hyun treasured her. I still don’t get her. Even if she loved MH still she must have a great reason for doing it. I hope. Because if not she is just a greedy and easy controled woman. =(

    Btw, I think I won’t be able to see the flashback of Yi Soo dying and Yi Kyung being noticed by it. I think my heart won’t be able to see it… oh can’t wait for the next episodes…

    1. Oh, thanks for bringing In-Jung up! I was totally immersed about her suspicions on Park Jung-Eun (Ji-Hyun’s other name) until I forgot about how her story isn’t developed much yet ^^; We really need Min-Ho and In-Jung’s pasts so that we could see how they come together to bring the company down. At this point, Min-Ho and In-Jung are both complex characters. Now, we have Complex Couple? But I’m with you about In-Jung. I don’t want my pretty In-Jung to be a greedy woman and do this without any solid reason behind it 😥 I do love both Min-Ho and In-Jung (although they’re the bad guy and girl here) and I secretly wish that they’ll repent and end up together 🙂

      Yi-Soo and Yi-Kyung…I think I’ll shed more tears in the upcoming episodes when I watch them in the past (T.T)

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