Drama Scenes Investigation (DSI) [Part 2]

Phew! Can’t believe 10 episodes have ended so far. As much as I want Han Gang and Yi-Kyung to be together, I also want her to be with Min-Ho. Oh, and Yi-Soo too. I’m greedy, aren’t I? Hehe~because Ji-Hyun/Yi-Kyung makes an interesting blend when the former is in the latter’s body, sometimes I hope that it will be like that forever. Surely that will bring some problems later on, but one can dream, right? Enough of that, now, I present to you : my observations from episodes 6 – 10..Might be useful for further references^^

Yi-Kyung’s Realization

After Yi-Kyung realizes about some details about her had changed in the earlier episodes (her hair and sprained ankle), she just ignored it, but after she encounters too much changing things on her, for instance, her weird hairstyle and encountering people but she doesn’t remember about it, she decides to end her life.

That scene makes my heart stops beating. Luckily, Dr Noh comes at the right time (he’s a punctual man, I think) and saves her again. After that, when she has the weird thoughts about herself, she goes to meet him and he suggests that she undergoes brain scan and hypnosis, believing that she is sleepwalking. Humm..everyone (including me) will freak out if we feel that something (or someone else) is living inside us, right? Just thinking about that makes me shiver.

Dr Noh’s Story

A savior with a sad past too…just like Yi-Kyung. He lost his wife in an accident, too. He’s such an important figure because thanks to him, Yi-Kyung has already escaped death two times. You need to be around her, Doc. He is also the one who encouraged her to continue living and missing their loved ones although they are gone. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Ji-Hyun’s Magic Tissue

When Ji-Hyun in Yi-Kyung is performing a kind of tissue magic to calm down a crying boy at the cafe, it reminds Han Gang of Ji-Hyun.

He even sees Yi-Kyung (in front of his eyes) as Ji-Hyun. Poor man, he is one poor soul to be confused so much because of a wandering soul near him.

Seaweed Soup and Mussels

On Han Gang’s birthday, he gets an unbelievable present: seaweed soup with mussels from Yi-Kyung that again, reminds him of Ji-Hyun.

A disgruntled birthday boy Han Gang was made to eat his soup by country-bumpkin-but-so-cool Ji-Hyun and being lectured about his attitude towards his mother. I don’t know why, but I’m sure I like the young Ji-Hyun more. Because she has some kind of personality and she’s brave to speak her ideas, not just depending on others. Okay, back to the soup, Han Gang surely knows that this is so weird and no one knows his mother’s seaweed soup style except Ji-Hyun, who is right now lying on the hospital bed.

The Smile Sign

Seriously, I don’t know what to call that gesture. Or I’ll-shut-my-mouth gesture? Anyway, Ji-Hyun does this in front of Han Gang and In-Jung that sends both of them to remembrance of Ji-Hyun.

Pianist Ji-Hyun

At this point, I do think that Han Gang can’t hide his suspicion anymore. He’s surely thinks that it is impossible for this to happen, but he can’t hold it anymore after hearing Ji-Hyun-in-Yi-Kyung plays piano.

His voice when he asks “Who are you?” and “Are you…Ji-Hyun?” to her was shaking, and I feel pity of him. Being so confused with all of this, he needs something to believe, apart form this unbelievable things. Again, poor Han Gang~

Han Gang and Yi-Kyung’s Encounter(s)

(This is one of the most awaited scene by all, I think) After finding out the weird things going around his employee, being a good and caring employer, Han Gang decides to go to Yi-Kyung’s house, only to miss her so close on the first attempt.

He is lucky to run into her (but keep in mind that this is the real Yi-Kyung) but being totally ignored by her. And I freaking love her is-this-man-thinking-that-I-am-close-with-him-to-call-me-Song-? look she gives him. Hah. And he is so confused when she certainly cannot recognize him, just like they have never met before this. He is so upset about this and goes to meet Mr Manager who tells him about the 49-day thing.

Double-faced Min-Ho (a.k.a WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY PLANNING TO DO, Kang Min-Ho?)

I admit that it’s not easy to see him as villain here. I’m trying hard (Jun- Se oppa~~), so hard.

At this point, I’m not that clear of his attention towards Ji-Hyun dad’s company. I understand that at first, he wants to make the company bankrupt to get his revenge (for what reasons, it’s still unclear), but with the company now under his power, he changes his plan. And what’s the motive of him to ask Ji-Hyun’s dad to get his surgery? Does he actually care about his almost-father-in-law?

One more thing that’s still a mystery: In-Jung’s kidnap. Maybe he planned all of this beforehand, but we still couldn’t take a look inside his head. It could be that he mistook In-Jung as Ji-Hyun’s sister (remember their same surnames?) but after realizing his mistake, he dragged In-Jung into his plan.

Yi-Kyung-Yi-Soo Relationship

Another past relationship have been revealed! It’s true that the dead boyfriend is indeed our only young scheduler~ Behind his cheerful and outgoing personality, he hides a sad side of him that couldn’t remember his past but keeps doing his task as a scheduler to enable him to materialize his last wish. Ohhh~

Many of his words comes from his sad,frustrated side of him. Hmmm…his and Yi-Kyung’s sad eyes tell everything. The memory is gone, but the feelings are still lingering. So that’s why you’re not that comfortable around her, Song Yi-Soo..

(This scene makes my heart breaks into several pieces) It’s sad how he describes the humans that always change. Looks like he speaks based on his experience~ And thanks to Yi-Kyung’s brain wave scan, we can get a hold of her memories of him..

How did their perfect lives ended tragically? I’m dying to know about them…

Too much things that needs to be answered in the next episode! My questions:

1-What’s the story behind the bracelet that Han Gang keeps holding when he remembers Ji-Hyun? Is it his present to her?

2-What’s the significance of the dried rose that belongs to Yi-Kyung?

3-When is Ji-Hyun going to be successful of opening Min-Ho’s safe? (She just need the code.Someone please give her the code! )

4-What will happen to Ji-Hyun’s seal? Return to Min-Ho? You better not to do that Han Gang..

5-And…who’s the owner of the first pure tear?

Trivial but fun fact: Seo-Woo’s car is as the same as Han Gang. Similar taste or because of her crush towards him? ;D

4 thoughts on “Drama Scenes Investigation (DSI) [Part 2]

  1. I didn’t notice that Seo-Wooโ€™s car is the same as Han Gang’s…wow, you’re a good observer…

    The first encounter of Yi Kyung & Han Gang was one of the best scenes in episode 10… Lee Yowon as always is really good at portraying her role as Yi Kyung & JHJ played his part of confused guy so well too. Looking forward to their other coming encounters…

    Just a question. Does JH still need to open MH’s safe box? I thought the thing that she wanted in that safe box was already taken by MH, that’s why she cried so much after she saw him took it, right? She felt defeated… it was the saddest cry ever so far… my heart was aching watching her crying like that, whew, awesome!

    1. I was so curious about Yi-Kyung’s reaction when she meets Han Gang, and it turns out that she’s very cold towards him ๐Ÿ™‚ But I do hope that she’ll meet him more after this to find out about her other side that has met with him. Who knows, they may end up together? ๐Ÿ˜€

      Hmmm…I thought that she cries so much because she finds out about her sick father. And for the safe, if she can open it, then she’ll get hold of everything about Min-Ho’s plan and can give them as proofs to her father.

      1. Yes, really, really loved Yi Kyung’s cold reaction towards Han Gang when he approached her… & Han Gang’s reaction was very funny too…LOL! It’s what I like about them, On or Off screen whenever they are together JHJ seems awkward & LYW is kind of teasing him all the time…LOL, so adorable. Anyway, yeah I hope too that Han Gang will find out more about Yi Kyung & maybe from there he will find something that will attract him to her. Also, I am hoping for a BIG TWIST on HG’s real feelings…LOL. But I am not expecting so much. I don’t want to be so disappointed at the end.

        I think that cry was more of everything; knowing her father’s condition, plus hearing MH & IJ talking about ruining the family’s company & seeing MH took an important document from the safe leaving her feeling like all her plans to save her family had crushed. It was kind of a one blow for her in that one moment. I thought it was the toughest day for JK.

        1. Okay..right now, I know I can’t put that much hope for Han Gang and Yi-Kyung to be together. judging from the latest episodes, writer-nim wants us to snap back into reality and ship Han Gang with Ji-Hyun ๐Ÿ˜› But still, we can hope that Yi-Kyung will go to Han Gang to get to know more about Ji-Hyun. Although they are not meant to be together, they can still be friends with each other ๐Ÿ˜€ Wow, that’s so much hope I put onto them!

          Hmm..luckily, right now, she’s got the first tear, and has someone that knows and care about her, although she isn’t aware of it yet ๐Ÿ™‚

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