49 Days Episodes 17 & 18 : between the Lines

Another two new episodes, and my reaction is still the same..they are so good until they sent me shouting and laughing and screaming at my computer screen like a maniac (luckily I’m alone here LOL). It’s coming to an end next week, and it’s sort of unbelievable how 18 episodes have ended and we’re left with another two. Sobs. I’m totally going to miss this drama and definitely going to watch it again. Oww..thinking about this makes me sad. Don’t make me cry like Han Gang.

*sobs* Kang-ahhh~

But then, on the other side, who could resist the cute Lee Yo-Won?

Internet connection didn’t want to do me justice from last week (I still can’t download ep 16 😦 ), so I’m resorting to the last method which have never succeed before : streaming. Luckily, it was streaming so well for ep 17 but not so good for ep 18. Anyway, I still got the chance to watch it (which is I’m so thankful for) despite so many things happening around me right now.

As it is nearly towards the end (this is the bad news. Ouch) of the story, it is clearer who will end up with who, and who will not be together with their loved ones. However, there are still unclear things between the characters and surely will be unveiled tonight and tomorrow night.

Omo~No one has any idea how I really want to grab both of them and shove them into each other’s arms. Screw all Mr Scheduler’s words; you’ve got Yi-Kyung’s permission to fully use her body, Ji-Hyun! (Although it might be quite embarrassing with your host remembering some of your feelings, but oh well, you can’t help it.)

This scene, oh, this scene..it makes my heart stops beating for a moment (while I’m still screaming) and still, it makes me nervous. Is it Yi-Kyung or Ji-Hyun? It’s enough to send me confusing all Thursday, waiting for the next episode. And it turns out to be Ji-Hyun, thank God (can’t imagine if it is Yi-Kyung who is grabbing Han Gang’s back. Everyone must be going back shipping YKxHG ). From a surprising and full of questions hug, it turns to be a sweet, sad, and a tad of angst. Kyaa~hurry up and wake up and remember the feelings you have towards him, Ji-Hyun-ah..Don’t make him wait anymore. He’s wait for almost ten years for you (that is long) Ji-Hyun!

As much as I pity both of them, Han Gang and Ji-Hyun, I really laugh out loud here. Yeah, I pity him for being unable to see her (although he really put an effort to something that he won’t be able to succeed no matter what he does) but when he goes around and accidentally lecturing Yi-Kyung without knowing it’s really her, it really cracks me up when Mr Scheduler suddenly appears and being pissed off at Han Gang for getting angry at his Yi-Kyung. But then, they look really good together, four of them, like they are going for double date. Okay, my mind is doing the extra work again..

Part of their date at the market, buying veggie while he is teaching her on “How to Choose a Better Veggie so that you’ll be Able to take care of this Handsome Man”. Hah. Kang-ah, you’re getting better day by day with your words. Ji-Hyun is also not losing to him, and they’re truly compatible with each other.

Ji-Hyun talks about how his restaurant is so suitable for a married couple life: living and eating together while carrying out the business. She’s painting some sort of picture of their future together, and he looks like he really want it to be like that, but he tries not to make it too obvious on his face. Aww..Kang-ah..:(

Double aww for him when he’s crying.. OMG, I love how he’s so strong outside, but he’s such a softie at heart. He even goes to Seo-Woo and sort of telling her to show more affection to her friend.


I’m not that satisfied with his decision to go US without telling Ji-Hyun anything, not even a single note left to her. Yes, he’s trying to ease up her remaining days by not allowing her to worry about the company, but he’s giving her another thing to worry: he himself. I feel really bad for Ji-Hyun: the only person that truly understands her condition is not going to be there during the time that might be her last. Okay, because he’s Han Gang..he’ll be able to correct himself. Go grab your girl when you’re done with the company matters, Kang-ah!

The more time they appear on screen, the more I’m wishing for them to be friends, or more, like sisters in real life. I love how Ji-Hyun is taking care of Yi-Kyung like family, and Yi-Kyung is starting to open up and have some color in her. Ji-Hyun keeps telling her to eat more rice (she even throws away Yi-Kyung’s stock of ramen although she finds it a waste. Ji-Hyun, you’re so cute!) . Yi-Kyung’s willingness to help Ji-Hyun is something to be grateful for, and it will be her outbreak to escape from the lifeless life she had for the past five years.

Really, this is one of my favorite scenes: human and soul talk, being so comfortably with each other. They are having so much impact on each other: Ji-Hyun influencing Yi-Kyung to value her life while Yi-Kyung teaching Ji-Hyun to appreciate her life with friends and family around her. I really want to suppress my tears during the scene where Yi-Kyung reads Ji-Hyun’s note, but I can’t. Their friendship is already established, and I hope they’ll be the best of friends: better than what Ji-Hyun had with In-Jung.

Talking about friendship, I guess I won’t be the same for Seo-Woo, In-Jung, and Ji-Hyun. Things would not be the same as before, with In-Jung’s scheming and betrayal and attempt to kill Ji-Hyun. Seo-Woo will still be a good friend to Ji-Hyun, judging from her words about how friends are more important than men in their lives, and In-Jung has chosen the opposite.

I still want In-Jung to be able to ask for forgiveness and make up with Ji-Hyun. I got this feeling that she is someone who wants to ask for forgiveness, but at some point, she seems to be distracted by Min-Ho and his evil thoughts. But after this, I expect she won’t stay there (with Ji-Hyun’s mother knowing about her relationship with Min-Ho) and she will go somewhere, far away. At least, I want her to realize her mistakes and be a good girl in the end. One can still hope, right?

Talking about In-Jung and Ji-Hyun: I remember the glares that Ji-Hyun shoots at both Min-Ho and In-Jung. Those death glares that seldom comes from a kind girl. It’s nice to see them coming once in a while: especially to those whom you resent and just want them to vanish. Sometimes, I just want Ji-Hyun to hate them forever, but forgiveness can make this world a better place, right?

These two gentlemen…unless Min-Ho retreat and admit his mistake, I don’t expect Han Gang to regard him like he used to. He even calls Min-Ho by his name only. Min-Ho, on the other side, won’t be too pleased with Han Gang too.

This is the price he has to pay for making someone fall in love with him while he doesn’t feel anything at all: he’s totally smitten with someone who doesn’t even look at him. At times, I feel sorry for him: to fall hard in love, but gets nothing in return. He has this kind of ‘going crazy or die’ fate in my head (that’s so bad of me), but I think he would end up in cell or something as things has gotten into the hands of the police and prosecutors. Anyhow, I don’t smell pleasant future for him. Hope that he’s captured before he manages to do anything to anyone.

Min-Ho is so similar with In-Jung: how come their brain waves are so parallel with each other? He even have the idea of using shaman to chase away Ji-Hyun’s soul (which I find so ridiculous if it is compared to their modern-looking lifestyle) : the very step that she has used before. I really freak out a bit when the shaman (he himself looks like he’s possessed) finds where she is in the house. Luckily, the geniuses come to rescue: Han Gang and Mr Scheduler.

Can I say that I adore this scene so much? Because they look like siblings: a hot brother taking care of his tired little sister. Hehe~


Their friendship has really blossomed: Ji-Hyun and Mr Scheduler. Although before this, I really ship them together (until now, actually) but they are fated to be friends. I love how the ruthless Mr Scheduler, who seems to be not-so-sincere in taking care of her at her, but in the end, he looks quite troubled to part with her. This might be a result of his attachment with Yi-Kyung, but still, he does have some conscience in him. Luckily, he’s turned into his old cheerful self, with some longings to be with his sweetheart Yi-Kyung in between.

Scheduler oh Scheduler~he’s decided to face the things in front of him and enjoying his time with his lover (although the other party is not aware of him at all, or not being herself). It’s frustrating sometimes, to see how he’s longing to show himself in front of Yi-Kyung, but doesn’t have the power to do so.

Honestly, I feel bad for him sigh It’s not going to be happy ending for both of them, but how pathetic of myself to wish for their lives to be happy and being together again? Like their old times…

I really want them to be together, but that wish doesn’t exceed my wish for Yi-Kyung to be alive and enjoy what she has left behind for the five years. She ought to be given some time to enjoy the life on Earth before she is given the opportunity to reunite with her lover, Yi-Soo, which also means her being gone forever from this Earth. No, if that happens, I will never watch this again. Ever. So please, Writer So Hyun-Kyung-nim, don’t make us upset, please? (I’m being quite nervous here)

Enough of my rants, I can only pray for the best for the last episodes. Hopefully it will be an ending that can satisfy everyone (which is quite impossible).

Some beautiful shots from my perspective in these episodes:

*So beautiful, with the flowers and trees*

Oh, about Yi-Kyung’s tears: she cries three times when she’s with Ji-Hyun (actually four, but that’s when she’s thinking about Yi-Soo, so I’m not counting it) and the last tear is what is being counted.

My view: for the first tear, after she hears Ji-Hyun’s plea and apology on the train, she may view Ji-Hyun as a pitiful soul to have encountered such fate and thus, it’s a tear of pity. For the second tear, at the hospital, she is watching how Ji-Hyun is there, in her soul form, but unseen by her parents. Yi-Kyung also sees the real Ji-Hyun for the first time (and she’s really shocked to see the real, stationary Ji-Hyun lying on the hospital bed) and again, I think it is a tear of pity. Finally, the third tear, which is also (might be) one of the pure tears (not sure of this yet, still need to watch the next episode to confirm this) earned by Ji-Hyun. At that point, Yi-Kyung might have develop some attachments towards her, and with her absence and her goodbye note, she could really feel her sincere feelings and thus, this mark the third tear. The tear itself might be the indication how Yi-Kyung values Ji-Hyun’s presence in her life, although so brief, but it is enough to give her some spirit to move on and keep living.

Okay, I’m really going to stop and wait patiently for the next episode. Argh, I don’t want Mr Scheduler to go away! (although it’s almost sure he’s going to disappear~ 😦 )

Edit: I hope that nobody dies, but if can contributes to a satisfying ending, I think I should accept it. Wholeheartedly or not, let’s wait until the episodes air.

Rant Out, Souls!

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